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    Grancher's tomb is not adjacent - it is a little ways a way on his left. However, Dispatch's communique seems a big nudge that the clue is referring to Grancher. We'll see what works when that part of the puzzle comes into play.
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    If you want a complete (ish) summary of what happened over the last 12 hours, click the spoiler below.

    Agent NuAge arrived in Paris and found the locker noted in the World Numbers Instagram with it associated combination. Inside he found a pink bag. Upon opening it he found a large number of advertisements for Paris locations, but one of them was a clearly fake pizza advertisement for a Manhattan pizzeria. Upon examination of the flyer, it was noted that the prices and names of pizza made no sense. It was found that the prices for each pizza correlated with the dates of WWII battles (and the names of the pizza were also a clue to the battle). Based on this and the prior World Numbers instagram communique to 'Build Your Own Big Four', etc, it was found that this could correlate to the Big Four of the Allies in WW II - USA, UK, USSR and China. It was then noted that the toppings under each pizza (each battle) correlated with countries. The countries were turned into toppings based on this (olives, grilled chicken, provolone and spinach respectively) and a pizza was called in at the number on the flyer. The person on the other end relayed a message (noted in above posts) that mention an operation in Eastern Canada on August 15. They also noted that another coded message would be sent tomorrow and the key (cipher key or pass) would be the 'Special Notice' regarding the sale of the crown jewels of Queen Margherita (her pic was on the flyer). This was found by Dylan and is noted above.

    Nuage also went to the Montematre (sp?) cemetery and took pictures of the inscriptions and graves of the two graves adjacent to Charles Fourier. An intercepted message earlier in the night suggested that the inscription to the 'left of the father of attractive labour' would be some sort of password or key in the future by the enemy. Fourier is the father of attractive labor. Dispatch, however, heavily insinuated that Jacques Grancher was the gravestone to the left of Fourier to be examined (he is not directly adjacent, but a bit farther away). His gravestone inscription is known ("il sauva les enfants par la science et par l'amour" on the plaque and "SCIENTIA ET AMORE PUEROS SALVAVIT" across the top). The importance of the inscription is not yet known.

    Nuage has stated he will post up more pictures of everything once he gets home.
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    quite the whirlwind of events, I have been keeping a mental record of the breadcrumbs up until now but its nice to have a written history to refer to, many thanks
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    1st Update Received from Dispatch regarding the inscription:

    Hi Dispatch
    There is a Latin inscription on the top of the tomb. As follows:


    I believe this is the mentioned inscription in call from dispatch

    Agent Priathic


    Agent Priathic,

    Understood. We have taken note of the inscriptions on the tomb.

    Division 66
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    We have identified key intel from Johnny's Pizza.

    The following message was recieved:

    We need personel to guard an important transfer in Eastern Canada on august 15th. Details released tommorow. Use the special notice on the sale of the crown of the queen you now hold in your hand as the one time key

    The special notice is as follows:
    "Prospective purchasers are advised that several countries prohibit the importation of property containing materials from endangered species, including but not limited to coral, ivory and tortoiseshell. Accordingly, prospective purchasers should familiarize themselves with relevant customs regulations prior to bidding if they intend to import this lot into another country."

    We will monitor the instagram WorldNumbers to see for any new messages pasted

    Agent Priathic


    Agent Priathic,

    This important transfer mentioned may involve Subject LI9S2W. Once we have determined the location of the transfer, we must ensure we have boots on the ground to intercept. For now, we will set our network intrusion team against Morpho Medical to obtain more intel. Stand by for updates.

    Division 66
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    so who do we have in eastern canada?
  8. Priathic

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    I might be wrong, but I believe Daedelus is in that area.
  9. 4tre

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    Daed is in Ottawa and I'm in Montreal. :)
  10. thatangryviking

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    Depending on where in Eastern Canada ( we are a huge nation ) I am in Halifax.
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    Our Green Agent @Daedalus resides in that area.
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    Ok, I've got a loooong report incoming for the Paris Mission. But for those who don't want to wait, here are the totality of the documents found in the bag in the locker in Paris in 4 archives : https://www.mediafire.com/#gvquv5e5z1779 . Long scanning was LONG. I wouldn't bet on finding anything more on those, I've looked them quite closely (even used a UV flashlight just in case), but hey, maybe someone will see what I couldn't.
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  13. Priathic

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    I think you are right Nu Age, I can't see there being anything else we need from there, but thanks for the upload of the documents :)
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    At 17:48 GMT+1 @4tre recived an phone call saying "This is Dispatch. We thank you and the other agents for your diligence in the mission". We looking into the meaning of this call. If someone else gets the call and has recording software, please share it here (i know i will)
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  15. Nu Age

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    Full Mission Report available.

    Attached Files:

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  16. Bach

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    Maybe Dispatch just wanted to be polite? ;):p
  17. thatangryviking

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    amazing report. thumbs up and stuff!
  18. Priathic

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    Maybe, they're trying to make sure that she is on-board for the Eastern Canada transfer part of the live mission :)
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  19. Nu Age

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    Or maybe Dispatch just realized how cute she is.
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    I recieved a call from distpatch. But when I answered the cell. It was in a bad reception area , and I was unable to understand any of the conversation after I heard this is dispatch

    Damn I do apologize to other agents. , especially since it might have let us have a clue earlier. But at my work I have horrid cell reception.

    I am hoping for another callback , but I am not hopeful . They don't know I was not hearing it properly. damn.

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