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  1. Priathic

    Priathic Senior Agent

    IRC update:
    New intel has been intercepted by our intrusion team.
    The nature of the intel is unknown, and fragmented, but we have reason to believe it may be related to the strategic drop in Paris.
    Once drop is secure, all agents in Paris are advised to investigate any possible leads.
    Intercepted message will follow:
    [...]se the inscription of he who lies forever on the left of the father of attractive labor [...]
    We believe this message may lead to an important key to deciphering future communications.
  2. Treble

    Treble Senior Agent

    Oh crap more ABS guys
  3. Priathic

    Priathic Senior Agent

    We believe this to be the inscription on the grave to the left of the grave of Charles Fourier at Montmartre Cemetery
  4. Silverfox

    Silverfox Senior Agent

    The grave on the left of Fourier (HIS left which means our right facing the grave) is Jacques Grancher. The inscription is il sauva les enfants par la science et par l'amour.

    he saved the children by science and love

    If you go by the other grave, that is Mary Marquet. That one says "to our mother"

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  5. Nu Age

    Nu Age Senior Agent

    Ok that cemetery isn't far from the station so I'll check that tombstone just to be sure. I also plan to go and have a coffee at the Nord Express, see if I can find "Leo".
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  6. Maurna

    Maurna Gold Member

    When figuring out the number associated with city, did you go by row or column? We should probably have a list of possible numbers from Order ready for Agent Nuage, he lands in Paris in less than two hours

    And then it occurs to me that we know the possible pattern of unlock for what they used in Paris previously, assuming it's still at the station and not the graveyard which would make things significantly easier. And also potentially line up with the matching done previously.

    Which means that the most recent is 87/06 32527
  7. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    I went by row, Maurna :)

    Which means if we go by column and the latest post from the @worldnumbers instagram the code for paris would be 33-719691 but that doesn't fit with the locker set up and code format at the Paris station. The 87/06 - 32527 does fit with the format so I think the row presumption was correct. I think...
  8. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    Update from the field:

    Agent Nuage has successfully retrieved the package from locker 87/06 with combination 32527 from Gare du Nord. He has yet to open the contents and hopes to be able to share this with us during a live stream.

    Nice job agent Fynn for uncovering the code and station, good job agent Nuage for suceesful* retrieval and good job all agents on a fun and exciting collaboration! :)

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  9. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

  10. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    Okay so the stream revealed an orange bag, it was filled with pamphlets of tourist attractions and lots of menus for fast food places / restaurants. Nuage had to cut the stream unexpectedly due to suspicious movements. He plans to send us photographs of all the documents so that we can investigate further.

    During the stream there was only leaflet that stood out as it was an American Menu and not a French one.
  11. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Okay, it seems like we've been given a lot of flyers for various places in Paris. I recall seeing a Hard Rock Cafe, Asterix Park, and a lot of food places.

    EDIT; Nuage has been to Le Nord Express. There's no Leo who works there and the receipts are a completely different style to the one the enemy had on him. Agent Nuage is now having a beer.
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  12. cowbie

    cowbie Senior Agent


    This is what we have so far. A clearly fake pizza advertisement was found in the package. A picture of it can be found below:

    A pattern in the advertisement was found. It was collated as noted in Google document below:

    Agent Nuage is still nursing his beer.

    There is no answer at the pizza establishment now but it is currently about 7am EST. There are plans to call again at noon EST when the pizzeria should be open.

    At around 1145 GMT Nuage reached Fourier's grave (after stopping for Starbucks). He took some pictures of the surrounding graves which he will also upload.
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  13. Nu Age

    Nu Age Senior Agent

    That Starbucks was really for phone charging. On the train home right now. When I get home I'll scan all the pamphlets, try some more uv light, and the pencil-on-the-notepad trick on every one of then.
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  14. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    Agent Tutsie,

    Understood. We commend both Agent Nuage for their field work, and all
    other active agents for their support roles. Once the inscription on
    Jacques Grancher's grave is found, report it at once. As for the fake
    pamphlet, is there any means of communicating with 'Johnny's Pizza'?
    This may be an important lead.

    Well done agent.

    Division 66

    Dispatch have said the number on the pamphlet may be a lead, so I guess we need to check that out. Looks like it is a New York number?


    They also want it reported immediately when we have the correct inscription from the grave, initially we thought it was Jacques Grancher's grave, but apparently that isn’t the grave directly next to Charles - we need to wait for Nuage to return home to upload the photographs.
  15. Fynn Main

    Fynn Main Active Agent

    We got battles from WW2 in this pizza flyer. And in the last 2 worldnumbers pictures the headlines are "Build Your Own Big Four" and "Order The Four Policemen Together", both refering to the 4 major allied powers in WW2.
    Did they mean it litteraly? That we have to order the pizzas that corespond to these 4 powers?
    Pizzas fines Hour for Britain for example?

    The four policemen were the US, UK, Russia and China.

    pizza’s finest hour for the UK
    The volga special for Russia
    Tropical cactus for the US
    The mountain song for China.

    All were defining battles for these powers in WW2, but im not entirely sure with the chinese one.
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  16. Silverfox

    Silverfox Senior Agent

    Was the inscription I found wrong? I got it straight off the plaque
  17. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    I dunno Silverfox, that's the inscription that I initially reported in with, however Nuage went to the cemetery and someone later said that it wasn't Jacques Grancher in the grave to his left (our right) (after I had sent dispatch a progress report). I guess we need to wait for Nuage to come home with clarification though. He did get recon of both the left and right graves.
  18. Silverfox

    Silverfox Senior Agent

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  19. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    Yeah, they did specifically ask for that, however I specifically told them that so it's kind of a "chicken and egg" situation if you see what I mean. :)

    "Agent Nuage is currently at the Montmare cemetery based on the Intercepted Message that you gave us last night. “[...]se the inscription of he who lies forever on the left of the father of attractive labor [...]”, we have just found the grave of Charles Fourier, we believe that we need the inscription from Jacques Grancher." and later I said "A message of “he saved the children by science and love” has been left as a message by Agent Zekh."

    So they have the inscription that you gave us and are still asking for the correct inscription.
  20. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    I don't think the grave you posted was next to Charles' grave.
    When I searched his grave I found the one to the left was a smaller, black marble grave.

    But yeah it's best to wait for Nuage to get back.

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