[sandbox] Operation Violet Sunrise

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  1. dawed1999

    dawed1999 Active Agent

    Still nothing and I'm starting to go nuts so lets try this. This is the text I've received from the library, please tell me that this part is fine.
    afternoon, or whatever time it is where you are. first of all, thanks
    for the help before. now we have enough information to be able to move for
    ward. now we have a small issue, however one of our analysts has spotted something
    important in one of our field agents, and should he get near to the shroud, it
    may cause problems. he wants you to independently verify his assumption and see
    if it is as obvious as he thinks it is. we have a couple of documents,
    profiles, that will help you identify the issue. honestly, im not really sure..
    it could be where theyre from, what they do, who they are, i dont really get your
    job. you keep cracking the codes, and ill keep cracking skulls. thats how it
    works in this business. remember your work will save lives down the road.
    we cant allow this stuff to stay in the hands of these terrorists. the call codes
    are ow niner eight niner eight, ow niner eight niner niner, and ow niner niner zero zero.
    Sorry for the spoilers everybody, I just feel so lost trying to figure out this damn puzzle.
  2. codex-13

    codex-13 Archivist

    Do you notice how the start of the call numbers is 'ow', and there's also one that ends in 'zero'? Those have to be different characters, right?
  3. dawed1999

    dawed1999 Active Agent

    YESSSSS. finally figured it out. Thanks for all the help codex and zealong. Also:
    tristano's first comment was kinda misleading me
  4. zaelong

    zaelong Division-79

    The fact that the maker used an url shortener at all, for an archive thing, didnt make things easier

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