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  1. Tutsie

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    I just got a reply from the Rosenberg Clinic:

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  2. Draneth

    Draneth Active Agent

    Just to give it a chance I wrote to the clinic to volounteer for their experiments. Here my email and their response:


    I heard about some research you are doing in your clinic. And I heard about a conspicuous payment too.
    If you are looking for more volunteers I offer my body.

    I'm a sane caucasian male, 24 years old. I'm not affected by diseases nor serious allergies.
    I'm avaible for any question or explanation. You can write me to this email adress or call me to my personal phone number +xx3xxxxxxx6

    Best regards,
    [My Name]

    Here a response from their receptionist:

    Hello Mr. XXX,

    Thank you for your offer, but we are not looking for any volunteer
    subjects at the moment.

    Have a nice day

    Linda Moss
    Rosenberg Clinic


    They are not looking for more volunteers. Maybe they already found what they were looking for?
    Who is CEO of the Clinic now?
  3. Draneth

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  4. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    I looked into who Gerard J Pesman is:
    • Pesman is a researcher currently at Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands.
    • Is listed in 38 citations on PubMed published since 1980 working for departments as varied as Rheumatology, Neonatology, Chemical Endocrinology, Molecular Physiology, etc.
    • His LinkedIn page is with the following information:
    • He is not lead researcher in any citation, is usually in the middle of the list, and does not consistently work with any particular group of researchers.
    I conclude that he is most likely a Molecular Biology Laboratory professional who consults for many different research teams. I have not found him on a faculty list or in an employee directory. His most recent citation is 2011. It is possible he is now connected with Rosenberg Clinic as a research assistant. But, why would Vanessa Baup single him out as worthy of crucifixion? More likely it is a convenient name that would draw our attention. If her experience is not connected with this man, she must be very well read in the literature as a great majority of his work is not with BDNF. Or, it may just be a coincidence - but then somebody once said "coincidences never happen".
  5. justus

    justus Active Agent

    Shana Myrick :

    Trying the good old social Engineering to obtain her Password. I modified the Provider a bit ( i think impersonating the social media Company that really hosts their mailserver would be a littlebit OOC - especially since they advertise that they are into ARGs. Anyway, since many ISPs are resellers of resellers which resell stuff - it fits again ;-) )

    1.) First a phone call to
    well, hello
    my name is dave from
    We are managing you company webserver at
    i would like to talk to mrs shana myrick.
    our logfile analyzer noticed some unusual activities regarding her mailbox.
    Looks like a hacking attempt if you ask me.
    guess probably just a script kiddie trying a brute force attack.
    anyway - my boss ordered me to contact her - to make sure everything is ok.
    He knows that i am in my holidays and visiting my relatives in germany - but *sigh* duty comes first.
    Would you please tell her that i called and why ? I give you my german nummber - its xxxxx
    Guess i can fix the whole issue from remote - just need her permission to install a scanshield engine.

    2.) accompanied with a small email to [email protected] an hour later
    Hi There,

    my Name is Dave Parker from isp4uandme. Our Company is running your mailservers for tried to contact you already by phone. Hope your secretary informed you already why :

    Our logfile analyzer noticed that someone is trying to hack your Mailbox. Dont Panic - looks for me like if it is just a script kiddie with a word list. I already blocked the IP where the Login attempts came from - but you never know how long this lasts.

    The Problem is : I am currently in my Holidays AND in Germany - I only have limited access to our Company infrastructure from here. My Boss takes security very seriously - I even cant read my Company emails from here. As a workaround I am currently using the email-adress from my german girlfriend.

    Guess I can fix the whole issue from remote - took my Laptop with me. All I need to do is to install a scan shield engine at your Mailbox. The problem is : Due to legal reasons I am not allowed to do that without your explicit permission.
    Not sure if you can reach me at that number under the first attempt. Tomorrow I am visiting the famous large church in cologne ("K├Âlner Dom") - guess it is wise to turn of my phone there.

    If you cant reach me after the first try just leave a SMS with your number - I will call back. You can reach me unter xxx or over this email. I try to get in touch with you tomorrow as well - but cant do a call attempt often (the roaming fees from Germany to the US are a pain in the a..).

    Please do not respond with any security related informations to this email. As I said it is not mine - so I can not guarantee for privacy.
    with kind regards,
    Dave Parker
    Senior System Administrator
    ISP4uandme - Infrastructure at its best

    3.) the mail bounced back - as others discovered before
    This gave my little Story even a littlebit more proof - so i forwared the bounced back mail to [email protected] with the remark :
    hmm... guess we really have a Problem now.
    The Mailbox from Mrs Myrick is totally corrupted. please forward this mail.

    4.) If I receive some sort of reaction i will improvise a bit and put more work into it.
    Option 1 : setting up a small Password changing form on some Webspace (please enter you old Password, then the new one)

    Option 2 : First sending an email with a conformation code via Telnet to the mail adress she needs to provide to my phone number (to Keep her busy a bit - busy People get stupid).
    Once she is into the Story and believes my "vacation" and my limited Access to Company tools a point will come where she is telling me her Password (perhaps for my verification that she really is shana and not someone else). As a bad and lazy Administrator i could tell her the Passwords from nathaniel and Rosenberg - to prove that i have her data anyway.

    Option 3 : Based n her reaction something totally different ;-)
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  6. ccik

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  7. Priathic

    Priathic Senior Agent

    hmm returning back to the image of capacitors. I analysed the file markers as I was having difficulty editing it in Photoshop due to 'Invalid JPEG File Markers'. Turns out it is actually a .PNG file that has been saved with a .JPG extension... interesting, but I have no idea where to go with this :)
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  9. TGR91

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  10. HeckHound

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    I don't half feel like a drunk bumbling around this game XD
  11. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    So just called the clinic and got voicemail (recording here: That got me thinking, should we do an cover story, i call them on monday and record the phone call (no matter what i get) I need a good one so any advice? Like alias, my medical condition etc
  12. Void

    Void Senior Agent

    I've just recieved a phone call from our buddy Grisha (you can remember him by such movies as "YOU IDIOT DO YOUR WORK, TELL ME WHERE TO PLANT THE BUGS" and others). He yelled at me and said that he has new info about Rosenberg case. It happened just after the update of the client. After running the client I discovered that mission 7 was unlocked. Let's get to work, I guess.
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  13. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

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  14. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    I received same call at 1504 PDT (2304 GMT)
  15. roykela

    roykela Active Agent

    Exactly the same time for the phone call here as Sonne.
  16. Cestan

    Cestan Active Agent

    Received the same call at 24:09 gmt+1
    Phone number if called back gets a "this number is not in use" message from the telephone company.
  17. Anuschka

    Anuschka Active Agent

    I just received an email from Linda Moss...
    ...after I followed her advice during mission 11 and actually contacted her over [email protected].

    Her reply to my social-engineering-template:
    Everyone else got that email as well?
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  18. ChilePete

    ChilePete Guest

    To be honest, this nor the email to her during mission 11 makes much sense, the clinic has been raided and it had already been cleared out, so who's replying to these emails and how?
    Now the email received back during mission 11 could make sense if it was an out of office auto reply, but these type of replies normally state that they are indeed auto replies.
    The reply to your email however makes less sense as it clearly is not an auto reply, so I don't understand how she is replying unless they have moved all the servers etc to a new hidden location, but if that's the case then surely she shouldn't be sending replies to emails to the Rosenberg clinic anymore?
  19. ccik

    ccik Active Agent

    I hoped for an AUTO-Reply with some clues as well, found out later what i was supposed to do.

    Nudge below, if interested

    There might be some another way of contacting her

  20. SecondMe

    SecondMe Active Agent

    Nope the only reply I got was the fairly standard one :

    Thank you for your message. Unfortunately, I do not have access to a
    list of Dr. Rosenberg's published works here at the office.

    In regards to self-help guides and treatment, if you wish to remain
    discrete about asking for help, I suggest calling a help line, where a
    trained professional can help guide you. You will remain anonymous
    this way.

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