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Discussion in 'Archived Missions' started by Zerosh, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. Vorticity

    Vorticity Senior Agent

    Interesting how Shana Myrick's work was published in volume 371.... That number is also in the title of another thread here ;)
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  2. Vorticity

    Vorticity Senior Agent

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  3. Catalyst

    Catalyst Gold Member

    Quebec number, called it using one of my 651 international minutes ;) Just got an answering machine for Rosenberg Clinic.
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  4. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    Well felt frisky. Left a message at the Montreal number for information on insomnia treatment and the Neuromodulation Congress. Will let all know if I receive a reply. This makes up for being missing from action for 7 days. ;)
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  5. Ugly

    Ugly Senior Agent

    Silly attention span, gets me every time. I'm not sure if this is something that already exists, but now that we have the archive and the Oblivion letter:
    Entering the subject code for Adam Sorenberg in the archive (http://archive.blackwatchmen.com/search/LI6R5L) gives us an interesting letter on the fire and the former employees from Rosenberg clinic. I couldn't get anything from the archive on any of the other subject codes though, worth someone else trying in case I missed one :)

    Edit: Looks like pages 2 and 3 had been found in the "An Important Document" mission, http://imgur.com/a/7DL9A
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  6. dbrn

    dbrn Active Agent

    I'm trying to get in touch with someone at the clinic, but unfortunately, seems I am having no luck with that.
    I feel like the documents we have aren't enough in order to find out the answer
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  7. riningear

    riningear Division-79

    I think I fixed this issue with you?

    For future reference, for everyone... please don't try to contact Rosenberg. If the email doesn't bounce, they check it.

    And that could get messy fast.
  8. Kiefer

    Kiefer Active Agent

    A video on Youtube was found by a fellow Agent of mine, named Agent BOAZ. He stated he had Reverse Image Searched his picture from the Rosenberg Clinic staff photos.

    It is a video of Mario Nathaniel, talking about a patient named "Joshua G" and his Stress Testimonial.
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  9. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    My reaction
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  10. Kiefer

    Kiefer Active Agent

    Now i must find who Joshua G was, or is! I will read into my files. Maybe past staff has clues.
  11. unMadeMan

    unMadeMan Senior Agent

    If you look in the info, Joshua G has a fairly established following as a hypnotist (facebook with almost 2k likes, twitter with over 5k followers, and a fairly extensive website), I think hes an actual person (sorry guys) and that the man in the video is a hired actor.
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  12. unMadeMan

    unMadeMan Senior Agent

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  13. Kiefer

    Kiefer Active Agent

    It is also the same room behind him, as the picture on the Rosenberg Clinic website. Though i do suppose you could be right.
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  14. atunacat

    atunacat Senior Agent

    His first facebook post was in 2013, I think we've just stumbled upon a really fake looking youtube account with cringy testimonials...
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  15. Maurna

    Maurna Gold Member

    It's entirely possible that, post-fire, they brought in Joshua G to assist with office stress and depression. I can understand being uncomfortable moving back onto the site of a clinic that had a bad fire, several disappearances, and a murdered staff member.

    On the other hand, I think if I were a professional actively working in the field of human experimentation, I would be reluctant to allow someone else into my head.
  16. Toughtopay

    Toughtopay New Agent

    I think Joshua G's looking like a pretty good lead. All the magic tricks I've seen on his page are super tame, and his website doesn't want to take my money. Also, have you seen this advert for his services?
    I don't want to believe those are adverts a real person thought were a good idea.
  17. Phonetic

    Phonetic Gold Member

    found another few videos looks like the guy will say anything for a price :)
    here are 2 of videos

  18. Konmael

    Konmael Senior Agent

    Nothing new...
  19. Ugly

    Ugly Senior Agent

    Not a major change, but looks like they modified the default text on the intranet login to make it clear the pasword is no longer in the 4 digit format.
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  20. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    Well I received a phonecall. A man, from Malta (+356 3550 5983). In english, prerecorded, not repetable, so I managed to understand a maximum of infos. He was in a hurry and said having informations about rosenberg. Said something about a work ? Did'nt understand quite well, sorry :(
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