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    This is quite possibly a stretch, but the three elements identified as passphrases so far are numbers 60, 64, and 68 in order on the list of elements in earth's crust sorted by rarity. Tantalum, the element the capacitors in the Rosenburg clinic intranet image are made of, is number 52. If there is anything to this pattern it might suggest holmium, number 56, as a possibly significant phrase.

    Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abundance_of_elements_in_Earth's_crust
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    20.0276,.. or 200276
    isn't that also the password for something? :)
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    Mission 4.2
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    Continue investigating taxes mistakes. Info taken from this site: http://dor.wa.gov/Content/GetAFormOrPublication/FormBySubject/forms_LSUAlpha.aspx
    Third zone lab - 10% tax according to the receipt, 9.5% real tax, difference 0.5%
    Morpho Medical - 13% tax according to the receipt, 9.6% real tax, difference 3.4%

    Black&Forsyth - 12% tax according to the receipt, 8.7% real tax, difference 3.3%
    MarkRichardSmith - 3.5% tax according to the receipt, 0% real tax, difference 3.5%

    Still need someone to check it, because I could make mistake in taxes as I'm not from America and don't really know which info is legit.

    The sequence 5 34 33 35 may be some kind of cipher. It is SC3 converted from Hex to ASCII

    It also may refer to Bible: Mark 5:33-35 f.e. But at the moment it seems like a dead end.
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    Having researched various periodic elements extensively, and still missing the "Endurance" achievement, I decided to go make use of the good ol' exclusion method, and brute-force my way through all elements.

    As I expected, none of the periodic elements yield a result, including the latin names for elements that have a name different from what their abbreviation would indicate.

    Oh well, got an achievement out of it - and, barring any super-unlucky typo, the knowledge that the theme has indeed changed.

    On an aside, I'd be very surprised if the theme of the previous 3 pieces - and the resulting answers - weren't meant to lead us to something else; perhaps finding what they point to will help us in narrowing down what we're looking for in regards to the following three pieces?
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    Are we not looking for 3 puzzle pieces related to medicine/medical?
    Seems to me like these puzzle pieces are small clues to the next set of missions.
    First 3 were hidden in the tutorial missions and were related to chemistry, just like week 1's missions (missions 4,5 and 6).
    According to the achievements on the client, the next set of missions to be released is "medical", so I would expect that we are looking for 3 puzzle pieces to do with medicine/medical?
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    We can't really be sure right now, as that could just be a fluke. We should disregard the 'Medical' POV just for now, and if the Information Pieces (Yes that's what they're called and it's my pet peeve seeing them called 'Puzzle Pieces') happen to be related to Medicine, then we can begin assuming it's related.
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    Hmm, thought I was going somewhere with the reply from the mailing list for the Rosenberg Clinc. So I looked up Human Equation and looked for any social profiles I could find to the email [email protected] . Turns out this is dead end, Human Equation are a marketing and advertising company which lists, among with other services, 'Alternative Reality Games' on it's website. Checking the linkedin profile of adoyon, it turns out he's the chairman of 'Alice & Smith'. Ahh well :)
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    I'm following a few leads right now, maybe you can help:

    Morpho Medical was founded by Francis Galton who was one of the fathers of eugenics, coining the term

    That seems right up our alley. It's surprising to see how strongly eugenics took hold, the Nazis were in fact inspired by the work of the US. A number of countries around the world have also taken part in these practices. Here's some more info:

    One of the invoices refers to a company called Third Zone Laboratories. Third Zone is an area in Gabon, Africa.


    An interesting side note: "Local reports abound on the proliferation of witchcraft in the Third Zone District."

    Coincidentally, Gabon and the US are the only 2 countries in the world where they allow testing on chimpanzees.

    From http://www.peta.org/issues/animals-used-for-experimentation/chimpanzees-laboratories/

    "While many people believe that this practice is a shameful relic of the past, it persists today in the U.S.With a 2010 ban on great ape experimentation passed in the European Union, the U.S. holds the dishonorable distinction of being the only nation in the world, other than Gabon, that continues to conduct invasive experiments on chimpanzees."

    Related to these findings are the Morpho Medical reports on animal testing. One of them refers to the Aiwass Method. Aiwass opens the door to all kinds of rabbit holes..


    Compounded with all the numerology involved with Crowley's Thelema the possibilities are vast. It also ties back to earlier mission's references to the Golden Dawn.

    Edit: fixed typo
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  10. Priathic

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    I have also noticed that two molecules appear in the debriefing video for mission 6. They are bit hard to read initially, but i get the following:

    HOCH2OH -> CH4O2 -> Methylene Glycol (Methanediol) - [Antifreeze]
    COH6HOOHOH2 -> CO4H10 -> Deoxyribose

    So two organic sugars, one very simple the other which is a component in DNA, not sure if either are relevant but I thought I'd share what i found
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  11. Third

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    there is something about Church of Christ in mission 4.1.
    MarkRichardSmith: Mark Smith - Senior Minister in Laurel Church of Christ; Richard Smith - elder in Northwest Church of Christ
    Black&Forsythe: Forsythe Church of Christ www.facoc.org/; and there are many Black Churches in USA
    Maybe piece of puzzle connected with religion

    p.s. Shana Myrick's husband - Daniel Spencer (this name also connected with Church of Christ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Spencer_(Mormon))
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  12. ChilePete

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    ok, so ive been looking for mission 4's puzzle piece, could be nothing but the items ordered from Third Zone Labs, when combined, can make soaps, soaps that look different because they are see through, like a green turtle maybe?

    oh and MarkRichardSmith, company doesn't exist but the address was burned down 9 days after the invoice.

    ccik on the irc also pointed out that the items ordered from morpho are combined to make a solvent for nuclear magnetic spectroscopy.
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  13. Chymist

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    You really only need one of those deuterated solvents. Combining them would give a slightly complicated H NMR spectrum with extra peaks. I run NMRs in only deuterated chloroform, though deuterated DMSO is also used. Heavy water is the lock solvent placed in the instrument when data is not being taken.
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  14. Third

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    Maybe it's so delusional ... but i need to inform you just in case. Mission 4.1: invoice 43789. That number lead me to that http://www.ebi.ac.uk/QuickGO/GProtein?ac=O43789. Protein of human olfactory receptor (if i understand right). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Olfactory_receptor This article has interesting paragraph: "It should be noted, however, that deuteration changes the heats of adsorption and the boiling and freezing points of molecules (boiling points: 100.0 °C for H2O vs. 101.42 °C for D2O; melting points: 0.0 °C for H2O, 3.82 °C for D2O), pKa (i.e., dissociation constant: 9.71x10−15 for H20 vs. 1.95x10−15 for D2O, cf. heavy water) and the strength of hydrogen bonding. Such isotope effects are exceedingly common, and so it is well known that deuterium substitution will indeed change the binding constants of molecules to protein receptors". D2O again. Coincidence? Church of Christ vs Medical knowledge. Creation vs Evolution. Religion vs Science. Endless battle in our world. Medical theme for puzzle, it can be true.

    update: other invoices has id 347248 and 373278. http://www.informatics.jax.org/allele/MGI:4288795. http://www.informatics.jax.org/allele/MGI:4298084. Maybe someone can explain exactly what it means? Is it mutation experiments with mice? Human = mouse?
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  15. Zekh

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    Knowing Anashel's fondness for In Dominae Satanis and heaven/hell(s) lore, that's more than plausible.
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    Link one is for a gene in fruit flies, the second for mice.

    It looks like they use gene trapping to do cancer research, at least in mice. And as far as what they admit to :)

    The original invoice number leading to the information on the human gene: comes from a paper on a gene that effects the olfactory receptors, specifically a membrane. OR13H1 on wikipedia

    Both the drosophila and mouse gene traps come from a paper about a gene that, present in both mice and humans, deals with blood pressure. Article here.

    When searching for information about the drosophila gene, Thomas Hunt Morgan came up. He's effectively the father of the use of the word "gene" and looking at sex-linked mutations on the chromosomes.

    All of the studies have G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCR) or G protein-coupled receptors (GPR) wikipedia

    Someone with game access (not me sadly) may want to give those a try in Mission 4.

    More on GPCR http://blogs.scientificamerican.com...tors-gpcrs-win-2012-nobel-prize-in-chemistry/
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  17. Armadeo

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    "Dihydrogen Monoxide unavailable dangerous substance"
    Anyone else pick up on this? Dont think its been brought up. :p
  18. Zekh

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  19. Armadeo

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    Greetings all,
    I thought it would be a good idea to focus work on the puzzle pieces. I will update the OP with any leads that we stumble across. Let me know if anyone catches a decent lead in the IRC and I will update as I see them also.

    Current Theories-Unconfirmed
    Medical related - The achievements may indicate that the theme for this block of three are medical related in some shape or form.
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  20. Zekh

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    I went into investigations towards the Morpho Medical history, looking for leads or the name of a substence or drug that might be odd enough or creepy to fit in the answer box.
    Why did they choose a butterfly, those things are sometimes a symbol of rebirth, coming back as something better and evolved. I also have a weird feeling they're somehow connected to Patient Alpha.

    But yeah, we're totally looking for the scientific name of a medical product. (those -yn names)

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