Operation Winterharvest

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  1. marfish

    marfish Senior Agent

    For the people who were not in IRC, this is how it was solved:
    We have 5 pieces of info from each german businessman, 3 weird images with letters, a facebook page and a morse code message from a voicemail. Arrange them like below and take the first letter from each, then the second and go on.

    H/MCYU(from image)
    T/GO2. (first letters of quotes on facebook page)
    TIUMPJ (decoded morse code)
    P.R/ZP (from image)
    :I.YBG (from image)
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  2. Tanqq

    Tanqq Active Agent

    Update from Wheeler when informed about the church:

    Hi Agent!

    I’ve looked through the archives and we have a file on that church in Venezuela. I found a partial report from an agent several years ago [ARCHIVE NUMBER: E646A1] which concerns an investigation into the affairs of the church and its members, but there is nothing conclusive. Hopefully it can be of some help in your current investigation.


    Agent Wheeler
    Division 66 Archivist
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  3. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey Senior Agent

    [Start of Report]

    REPORT NUMBER: #28D472
    FIELD BY: Simon Mitchell
    SUBMITTED TO: Field Reports & Sightings Office​

    We have heard rumors about strange noises and lights coming from the central area of Colonia Tovar, Venezuela. Complaints from residents mention chanting and humming into late hours of the night, and we've received reports of unusual individuals gathering at the local church - La Iglesia de San Martin.

    We sent a team of agents to observe the area but they couldn't identify anything suspicious. Nevertheless, we shall keep tabs on any more sightings.

    The website for the church can be found at http://www.iglesiasanmartin.com/

    [End of Report]

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  4. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey Senior Agent

    Site Findings:

    "Upcoming Anomaly
    Our circle have recently felt a shift in the atmosphere. Something is coming.

    We have warned all members of our congregation to flee to safety to avoid the rift that'll open."
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  5. BPotatoes

    BPotatoes Senior Agent

    It was witches, apparently. Specifically witches who fled the Wurzburg witch trials. To Venezuela.

    You think you know a guy.
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  6. DeiDhena

    DeiDhena Senior Agent

  7. marfish

    marfish Senior Agent

    Check your emails people. Don't forget to enter the confirmation code in time!
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  8. Ellis

    Ellis Senior Agent

    MISSION COMPLETE. Stand down agents.


    Div66_Dispatch: "This part of the investigation was above mission parameters and all agents should be congratulated. We believe it will have an impact on future operations.
    All knowledge about the event is contained for now, the public continues to have no knowledge of the rift event.
    Excellent work."
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  9. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Greetings Agents, all high value targets are down and MARIONETTE specialists have returned to deep cover.
    Agent Wheeler has forwarded her report including intel supplied by agents on the witch group.
    We have begun a formal investigation on the group and the intel uncovered by agents will prove to be extremely useful.
    This part of the investigation was above mission parameters and all agents should be congratulated. We believe it will have an impact on future operations.
    All knowledge about the event is contained for now, the public continues to have no knowledge of the rift event.
    Excellent work.
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  10. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey Senior Agent

    Wow, what a first live mission that was. Great teamwork everyone, it was really fun working with you all.

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  11. Ellis

    Ellis Senior Agent

    No kidding. First Live Mission for me too :)
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  12. DeiDhena

    DeiDhena Senior Agent

    AGENT deidhena,

    Operation WINTERHARVEST was a success. All 5 high value targets were intercepted by our assets in the field and prevented from leaking any information regarding the rift event. Our agent network successfully alerted all German assets and coordinated their interception point. We should remain on alert for any other signs of rift event knowledge from outside the agency.


    Players incorporated an agency asset alert symbol into posters designed to blend into a street environment. Field agents across Europe disseminated posters to maximize chances of specialists reporting back. On 01/09/2016 all specialists reported in and the agent network provided Dispatch with their codewords, concluding a successful poster campaign.


    With the knowledge of specialists codewords and Twitter handles, the agent network analyzed target comms. intercepts to find their location. Each specialist was provided with a target location and reported TARGET DOWN. At the conclusion of the day, all five high value targets were neutralized and MARIONETTE specialists returned to deep cover. Meanwhile, The Angostura rift event has been successfully contained and investigations on the source of this leak are ongoing.​

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  13. trixaideka

    trixaideka Active Agent

    First live mission, first inappropriate internet graph, first cow exploitation shower photo...it was a night of firsts for everyone, Ellis.

    (all credit to omegaseven)
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  14. OmegaSeven

    OmegaSeven Senior Agent

    Also my first live mission and it was a blast. Here's what I've learned:

    - IRC moves FAST.
    - My Photoshop skills are still alright, but we have a budding community of artistic, talented agents.
    - You can easily spend literal hours of work on something obscure when you don't have to.
    - You can still have a good laugh when your work turns out nothing but Swedish comics about shower pics, and cumulative graphs.
    - Whenever Dispatch shows up for an official update, my train of thought immediately starts playing the Peace Walker theme song.
    - There is no greater thrill than trying to put up an advert for an illegal underground fight club under cover of darkness in a public place and hoping the police don't show up so you don't have to explain that it really doesn't exist, officer.
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  15. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey Senior Agent

    Haha, very true.
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  16. MidDipper

    MidDipper Division-79

    Nice work all. Glad our new agents have seemed to hit the ground running.
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  17. DeiDhena

    DeiDhena Senior Agent

    Ha ha, same feeling, I had to devise a clever story while deploying my poster in a crowded bar club!
    Thanks to all Agents who were on IRC and on this forum!
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  18. KiRa937

    KiRa937 Senior Agent

    Just like many others - first live mission. IT WAS AWESOME!!! Can't wait for the next one!
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  19. Manakias

    Manakias Senior Agent

    We won. Awesome work, everyone. :D
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  20. Ellis

    Ellis Senior Agent

    I also found out how to make what I call "BROWN" during the WINTERHARVEST mission. (1 Jar, 8 shots worth of Jagermeister, fill to halfway with ginger beer, fill the rest with Orange Juice). We've all learned new things the past three days.
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