Operation Nightfall

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    My updates on the radio frequencies in Berlin:
    100 Mhz is in the normal range band for German radio stations (88MHZ to 108MHZ). The frequency 100MHZ is currently not used by any radio station. Additionally, you are allowed to broadcast in these frequency regions for private use.(Although with a low power output)
    So, if you want to get a message out to somebody short range, it is possible and legal to do that in Berlin.

    The 1000khz band is not used in Germany, and i could not find any information if it is legal to use it for private messages, but i highly doubt this.
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    For the Pokemon clue, "monster in your pocket" or "Pocket Monster" is exactly what Pokemon is derived from. For the forum, there is a popular (I guess) game forum site called "neoseeker." The Church of the Dark Sun contact info tells you to "seek the new." Go there, search on "sunbrother" and viola.
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    Agent Dylanamite,

    Our Technical Lab has received the radio transmission from Sydney and is currently performing analysis of the signal. We have informed the agent who sent in the spectrogram and are awaiting the final report from our lab. We expect that the report will yield the hidden cult data and the next phase of the mission will begin today.


    Division 66
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    Sent the spectro, here is my reply from Dispatch:

    Agent Kakuzen,

    Excellent work, we will send the spectrogram to our Technical Labs and
    report back to all agents with any data we can obtain from it. It is
    likely that the data has been obscured and will require additional
    investigation by our labs.


    Division 66

    MY E-MAIL:
    > Greetings, Dispatch.
    > Agent Kakuzen here, supplying you with the spectrogram and Picture
    > of the AWA Tower supplied from Agent WhoAmI. Not 100% sure if it is
    > helpful, but any input is better than no input.


    EDIT: Update to the blog at http://www.secondlookdocs.com/?p=27
    I also submitted an e-mail to dispatch, recording what Ted said on the post. Will update if I get a response.

    EDIT 2: Update from Dispatch:

    Agent Kakuzen,

    Understood, we are continuing to monitor information from the Benwall
    blog. Our strike team will be on standby for Saturday should we
    determine the location of the ritual.

    We have also been observing reports of animals going missing, it may
    be related to the ritual that the Church intends to perform. Continue
    to observe and pressure Benwall to cease his investigation.


    Division 66

    MY E-MAIL:
    > Agent Kakuzen here again
    > Brother Arvakhac reports seeing a "woman of
    > great power" and reported being handed a scroll containing a date
    > for September 19, 2015. Apparently only the New York chapter was
    > contacted regarding this doomsday prophecy. I fear Arvakhac will
    > commence the ritual with 75 of his members on Saturday, the 19th.
    > They also appear to be planning to steal and sacrifice animals to
    > fuel the ritual. Just thought that would be helpful as well.
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    Thanks to Lamp finding his email, I set about putting one of my covers to good use (particular details obfuscated for operational security). Admittedly, this is just fishing to see what he'd respond with, if anything. Will update as further responses arrive.

    Initial contact from me:
    Hi Ted,
    My name is [redacted], I work with a local paper in [redacted] as a photojournalist. There's been reports circulating of a similar nature regarding antique shops being robbed in a very meticulous manner in the [redacted] area. From what I understand, we have a local chapter of the organization you're investigating, it's too big of a coincidence for me to ignore. Unfortunately, I can't find enough on the local chapter to be informative. I'm not asking you to divulge sources, that's sacrosanct. However, would you be willing to collaborate and extend some professional courtesy? This is of course a two way street and I would be more than happy to share what I come across. What I'm looking for is a way to either identity meeting spots or potentially members (perhaps through some sort of symbol or crypto) or some sort of pseudo-introduction. Having some kind of 'in', any kind, would allow me to more doggedly pursue this.

    Thanks in advance for your time and effort.

    Ted's response:
    I don't see on what terms we could "collaborate" that would not immediately endanger both myself and you. What you can do for me is spread the proof that I am planning to obtain, that is the only way you can help me. I appreciate your desire to help, if only everyone shared your attitude. If the comments on my blog or Twitter are anything to go by, most would rather see me disappear for good.

    My response:
    Well, that's a place to start. What sort of 'proof' are you planning to obtain and how? Maybe more importantly, how do you plan to disseminate it once it's in your position? Is it something that would work with your blog/twitter account, or are you aiming it more at the media proper? If I have something more solid to work with, I could run a story. Lot harder for things to be dismissed once they're out in print and in the public's collective hands.
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    Hi !

    Just got a call from dispatch related to the honeypot.

    Here the data from the call
    99 108 121 112 105 116 51 48 109 109 105 105 121 52

    Which leads us to...
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    Possible transscript of message
    We seek title brother, there are some things which obtain virtue only while they are living, others even after death. If a live duck applied to the belly, it takes away the pain, and the duck dies.

    EDIT: Thanks to @Santiak clear audio for pointing the one unclear part
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    I've brought the speed of the audio up to normal and it appears to be 'live duck,' not 'white duck.' This tracks with a line from Encyclopedia of Superstitions where the line reads: "If one has a severe colic, and holds a live duck to the belly, the colic will immediately remove, but the duck dies."
  10. JantsoP

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    ~Div66_Dispatch | We are requesting an update on the current mission
    ~Div66_Dispatch | Understood, we will include this new intelligence in the ongoing investigation into the cult
    ~Div66_Dispatch | Our technical report on the radio transmission from Sydney will be released today, we expect it to contain actionable intelligence.
    ~Div66_Dispatch | That is an accurate assumption, Berlin is not needed at this time.
    ~Div66_Dispatch | We are also aware of the Saturday ritual, we expect that the cult is attempting to organize members to attend. We need a location for our strike team before the ritual occurs.
    ~Div66_Dispatch | We suggest all agents monitor the cult website disclosed by Benwall for updates and watch for any information that may lead to the meeting location.
    ~Div66_Dispatch | Further updates will follow as needed.
  11. JantsoP

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  12. JantsoP

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    MISSION No: 207055 [Operation NIGHTFALL]

    1. Action required:
    Black Watchmen Technical Labs has provided us with a thorough inspection of the captured audio signal from the Church of the Dark Sun banishment ritual broadcast location. Agent WhoAmI was deployed to Sydney and improvised on site to obtain a recording of the transmission. Agent Kakuzen then sent in the photos and spectrogram to our labs. The data found within seems to be encrypted using a Church cipher wheel. The bulk of the encrypted signal data has been split up and divided among our agents for decryption.

    You may find the portion selected for you to decrypt here:CDCC357

    We must uncover the key the Church is using to encrypt their signal and then submit the decrypted text to our Data Composition Service here:

    2. Background:
    Church of the Dark Sun is a U.S. based cult with chapters all around the country. We have been aware of them for some time, however there has never been a need to target them with any action. The cult was relatively benign and we did not see hostile intent from them. Ted Benwall was also investigating the cult, intending to create a film about their New York chapter. The latest postings from his blog suggest that the cult is getting ready to undertake some kind of ritual.

    3. Recommendation:
    (a) Read the prepared guide for Cipher Wheel Encryption/Decryption here:

    (b) Work with the Global Agent Network to find the key the Church is using to encrypt/decrypt their signal data and submit your decrypted text to the Black Watchmen Data Composition Service

    (d) Send any major developments to Dispatch [[email protected]] and await further instructions once Data Composition Service has received all decrypted data.

    (e) Continue the smear campaign against Ted Benwall (http://www.secondlookdocs.com, Twitter: TedBenwall)

    (f) Be prepared to give mission updates daily to Dispatch on IRC at 8:30 PM UTC until mission conclusion
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    We need a key to decode our fragments. This post contains how I found and used the key.

    The key is hidden here: http://darksundawn.com/signs.html

    The webpage is a list of seven "signs." Each sign links to a newspaper headline with a number in its title along with the word "left" or "right." In order, they are:

    SIGN 1: 2 RIGHT
    SIGN 2: 5 LEFT
    SIGN 3: 3 LEFT
    SIGN 4: 1 RIGHT
    SIGN 5: 4 RIGHT
    SIGN 6: 2 LEFT
    SIGN 7: 4 LEFT

    We each have seven characters of hex to decode. Mine are 4D00316. I used the cipher wheel provided by Dispatch to decrypt them. A rotation of 2 RIGHT shows that the ciphertext 4 corresponds to plaintext 2. A subsequent rotation of 5 LEFT (that's a net of three to the left) shows that ciphertext D corresponds to plaintext 0. Continuing in this way, I decrypt my ciphertext to the plaintext 206544D. I can confirm that cryptography.blackwatchmen.com accepts this answer.

    Does that sound right to others? This is my first time trying to help the Black Watchmen in realtime, so I'm sorry if this is in the wrong place!
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    Yes, I this is indeed correct.

    I would advise you to spoiler the contents, because other players would probably want to figure it out themselves.

    As for my part:
    I had a BC7D88B sequence, which (after a few minutes of ring rotation) resulted in 9FD29B2 when decoded.

    Recieved a second message to my kickstarter e-mail. 2E11A02 to 0176B39, easy enough. From now on, I'm going to write all of my e-mails using code rings.
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    Spoiler text -- smaaart. I wasn't sure if that was right for a live event or not. Thanks for the pointer! Fixed.
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    Generally speaking, Live-Events are so fast-moving that we won't enforce spoiler-tags, as it can seriously hamper the progression when things get further down, and everyone (hypothetically) have to sift through endless amounts of spoiler tags.
    That being said, we (the mods) of course do not discourage the use either - it's up to the poster. :)
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    That is...a lot of codes to be solved. To speed things up, here's sort of a condensed version in case using a number wheel isn't an option for some people, like myself.
    2L 3R 6R 5R 1R 3R 7R
    With the sequence going 0123456789ABCDEF0123...etc, and each step being FROM the original letter TO the new one.
    So, my 5014BD1 would become 3379C08.
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    Just to correct a(n important) typo:
    The first instruction, which you have as 3L, should be 2L.
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