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    I sent a email to [email protected] :
    With a corporate point of view that can be useful in order to gain access or informations.

    Automatic reply:
    And I sent another one to [email protected]:
    Fake address, of course.

    Automatic reply:
    And another one to [email protected]
    Automatic reply:
    Bad, very bad communications manners at Morpho Medical. Not business-friendly :D
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    Apparently the site was unsecured for a few minutes so a few individuals got in without providing a password. Having tried all the emails on the front page that Daedalus provided, i got this one sent as an automatic response from [email protected],LCqtz9q
    The secondary image is of the chat bot, as you can see it didn't validate the id provided in the email, and yes I tried it with the "ID#" and without, every combination feasible to my knowledge.

    Here is a "view page source" file if interested in .txt

    / NOT VALID - blinkku
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    I got a pastebin link, it was removed tho.

  5. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    Better use the codebreaking toolbox you got in the archive! (This probably shouldnt be in morpho thread though)
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    For information, videos of training missions in the early access client are related to Morpho ;) It confirmed the eugenic goal of the firm : with help of genetics, building a better human race thanks to childrens, by enhancing their purity.

    EDIT: is again open. I made an offline copy as a backup (in case it would again become protected):
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  7. Greenhead

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    There's something else in the training missions.

    The video with the numbers has different numbers in the top right corner.
    36 44 84 14 88 26 78 18 46 87 75 47 78 81 11 78 75 45 33 14 37 45 40 28 15 86 33 96
    Can't figure out what this means, assuming it means anything. Other videos have similar stuff.

    The codebreaking info sheet has some duplicate letters in the curses section.
    They form the word "stromeyer", which seems to be a relatively common last name. The most interesting person seems to be a Friedrich Stromeyer, chemist. There's also an apparent typo: "It its effects have abated", which sounds like it should be "If its effects have abated".
    Again, I don't know what to make of this.
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  8. Medenor

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    The numbers could be a cipher but I tried your sequence, no results with Decimal (didn't seem to be that anyway, not enough hundreds) or Hex (no letters or something like that)

    In the second part of the Mission 4 of Div 79 (in the client), we can obtain a valid customer ID for automated support:
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    I could have sworn I've seen the template this site uses before...

    Regardless, I've gone through all of the available products from Morpho Medical. The number codes in general are primarily randomly generated.


    Popular Products
    Boric acid - H3BO3.
    Calcium - Ca.
    Glycine - Gly, G, NH2CH2COOH, an amino acid.
    Serine - Ser, S, HO2CCH(NH2)CH2OH, an amino acid.
    Acetic acid - CH3COOH. Guess what's in your vinegar?
    Deuterium oxide - D2O, also known as heavy water. Used in heavy water reactors as a coolant. Deuterium is an isotope of hydrogen, and as such is 'heavier', hence the common name.
    Dihydrogen Monoxide - H2O. This is water. Seriously. It's just water.
    Unobtanium - Currently Unavailable.
    Isoflurane - C3H2ClF5O, a general inhalation anaesthetic.
    Scrith - A metallic that makes up the Ringworld's floor, apparently.

    New Products

    None available - Updating Inventory.

    Life Science

    Popular Products
    Aminopimelic acid - Just like this.
    Mouse serum - Used in variety of immunoassays and procedures as a blocking solution.
    Lipoic acid - C8H14O2S2, found in many foods and sometimes as a dietary supplement.
    Ammonium acetate - NH4C2H3O2, has a wide range of uses.
    Rice, Pasta, and Quinoa.​
    Bicine - A buffering agent.
    Glycine - Gly, G, NH2CH2COOH, an amino acid.

    New Products
    None available - Updating Inventory.


    Popular Products
    Lab coat
    Gas-collecting tube
    Heavy-wall powder funnel
    Microscale condenser

    New Products
    None available - Updating Inventory.

    Some things about these products baffle me. Is this a one-size-fits-all lab coat? Why can't I order any particular size of beaker, for example? What size are they selling? 150 mL? 250 mL? 50 mL? What kind of operation are they running only allowing me one kind of beaker and not even telling me the volume!? Why is it only 'carbohydrates' consisting of a bunch of plants? It's a misleading name. Sure, plants have carbohydrates, but you've put it with a bunch of biomolecules, so I'm going to assume actual carbohydrates. At least let me order glucose! Here are some examples of possible carbohydrates sold by other companies. Look, there's even a carbohydrate kit of multiple carbohydrates! And yes, Glycine is listed on Morpho Medical twice.

    (note: adding references for curious readers!)
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    Now that the website is up and running I played around with the bot. Using the access ID we were granted in the mission
    . Picking Services and using the number we got from
    emailing [email protected] 825758
    Choosing Research gets us "You are interested in Technical Consulting or Customer Education?" I chose Technical Consulting.
    This yields:
    "Custom services or Archives?" I chose Archives. ---> "Archive A, B or C?"

    "A. Customer ID 40FH32 has already purchased these documents. For further assistance, please consult your local contact. Reference Number [827648A]. Would you like to go back to the archives?
    B. Customer ID 40FH32 has already purchased these documents. For further assistance, please consult your local contact. Reference Number [827699B]. Would you like to go back to the archives?
    C. Customer ID 40FH32 has already purchased these documents. For further assistance, please consult your local contact. Reference Number [827631C]. Would you like to go back to the archives?"

    Using these numbers in the archive,
    we get 3 PDF´s Lab Reports on BDFN - Cats, Orangutangs, Rats. ESP and Telekinesis are apparently observed here.

    Some food for thought.

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  11. blinkku

    blinkku Active Agent

    Grabbing the Image
    of morpho medical and enlarging it I see 4 numbers(or one letter and 3 numbers) B672, or 8672
    e [​IMG]

    Left side arm 8 Butterfly wing 6 Upper right arm 7 and Right Sleeve 2

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  14. Vomher

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    I'm going through these now, and I have to say: these are terribly written reports. Cats and rats seem to be the most detailed of the reports, but I am appalled that they even tested on cats! Even so, they left out vital information and I hope their internal documents are much, much better.

    What we do know is that they're beginning to get to the point where their subjects are able to develop telekinetic powers and advanced cognition thanks to these strangely quantifiable 'Fragments' that surely involves ruptures.
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  15. Vomher

    Vomher Senior Agent

    I started going through the rest of their lists.

    Custom Products
    These are the most ominous names for a custom product around. So, naturally, as the fount of curiosity I am, I tried to purchase them, and was told to email them at their specific email for custom products. I think I'll have to request some of these. I'm really liking these names. Fairblaze seems so mild-mannered and yet delightfully evil.

    Custom Services
    Analytical Services
    Contract Development
    Custom Development
    Custom Synthesis
    I was told for these to go to technical advice's email, save for Custom Development, which leads to: [email protected].

    Technical Advice
    It first asks for your region:
    North America
    Eastern Europe
    Australia/New Zealand
    All of these lead to the e-mail: [email protected], except for Eastern Europe, which gives [email protected].

    Facility Operations
    Safety and Training
    Supplier Management
    All of them lead to the same e-mail: [email protected].

    Opening an Account
    Account Management
    Shipping and Billing
    General Inquiries
    All lead to: [email protected].

    Claims and Delays
    Allocation of Goods

    All lead to: [email protected].
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    I thought I would go back and replay the earlier mission(s) and I noticed these numbers too.

    I don't know where your initial number 36 is viewed as I cant see it,. but after number 96, the sequence ends and your taken into a voice over briefing mission. The sequence is replayed, this time adding more.
    EDIT - Found the number 36 in start of the audio file on mission 2

    Thought process, the small text next to the large numbers says 'access point', and this is probably transmission source information. as the numbers seem to be the same across now at least 2 files, this may actually be nothing.

    full sequence is
    44 84 14 88 26 78 18 46 87 75 47 78 81 11 78 75 45 33 14 37 45 40 28 15 86 33 96 83 80 38 79 89 18 14 13 73 42 79 53 26 31 67 89 18 63 63 52 11 79 22 78 57

    NOTE: Sequence has 2 63's, the number seems to hang on longer than the others do so I'm presuming there are 2
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    if you are having issues with live chat , try deleting your cookies.
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    Thank you! I couldn't figure out why I was stuck, but it was a simple fix. I used Incognito instead, but same result. I was getting the chat saying "I'm sorry, I don't understand" and that my customer number was incorrect.
  20. rampagingroo

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    Ok I've tried everything and can't get automated chat to accept me. All I get is "I'm sorry I don't understand"

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