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  1. TrueFu

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    !!! I am French sorry for my English !!!

    I am at the same point, But..

    I sfuzzer wmi_superterram server and i found mainframe.wmi_superterram ( I am connect at fileserver.superterram.org for search) so i scan mainframe.wmi_supertram and the name of this port is : rhopa.quantumdb (db .. like database) ) I don't no if that can help.
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  2. codex-13

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    WMI is Windows Management Instrumentation-- it's used for management of remote servers. If Unity7 has access to the Superterram WMI, they're likely monitoring that system. Who else are they monitoring? I wonder if they have access to that mainframe?
  3. TrueFu

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    .... I test and re-testing so many things i am lost.. :(
  4. codex-13

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    Try password attacking the mainframe ;)
  5. TrueFu

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    i can't attacking the mainframe.. :(
  6. codex-13

    codex-13 Moderator

    Make sure you have the URL correct. mainframe.wmi_superterram.org, and then you also need to have the correct username-- it's the full name of the individual who has a SIP line. If you've played Season 1 of TBW, you'll recognize her.
  7. TrueFu

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    I don't play TBW :oops: ...
  8. codex-13

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    That's OK! You can still find this person by
    Looking for Superterram Life Sciences on facebook, and looking for her there (she's an employee and posts to the page sometimes!)
  9. Nioreh

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    So for all who are on the password attack :

    Big spoiler!!
    1. use the url mainframe.wmi_superterram.org and the username breasetterlund
    2. for password hints go on the facebook page from superterram life sciences. There you find brea setterlunds private profile.
    3. First name: Brea, Last Name: Setterlund, Age: 25 (tried by trail and error)
    4.for additional hints try words from brea sutterlands profile

    1. garth brooks
    2. raymondville
    3. corpus christi
    4. south texas college
    5. texas
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    Stuck on this mission, but not making it as far as others in the thread. For some reason, in the 0.4 version, Mission Center gives me the pic that looks like the Unity7 Maltego files, but same spot in 0.6 gives me the Unity7-Part2 graphic. I've just now updated to 0.6, so all my previous work was done on 0.4. Here's what I've done so far.
    Portscanned every IP in the range, which gave me and .13. Those were fingerprinted, which showed 'up to date' on both for the tech, so no Foxacid possible. Osintscan, Sfuzzer, and Netscan for all known domains from this and previous missions, with all sources and extended depth/time. Tried to Google and Facebook Samantha Lizborne, and Unity7, nothing. Searched online for the IP range, but looks like it is owned by an unrelated company outside of the game.
    I'm lost on what to do next, or what I've missed. Any hints appreciated.
  11. Tyryt

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    You may want to increase your sfuzzer search, as well as be sure to use all 4 known databases. Also remember, when sfuzzing, you only need the top level domain ( xxx.com as opposed to fileserver.xxx.com ) which you should now know from the portscan.
    see if that helps.

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