Mission #8

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    Look for things that you can use to narrow down the choices to a specific sport and a specific team. You'll need to compare her information with something that happens repeatedly in real life.
    Look at her betting tickets. Some days she wins, other days she doesn't. Chances are she'd bet the most most money on her favorite team.
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  2. Nascid

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    Thanks for your reply!
    I solved the problem earlier with a few nudges from IRC.
  3. Joker

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    Stuck on the mission 8,
    I have got past the first step with the email password to the clinic and everything
    I have looked into what the picture is, what it does etc.

    Ive narrowed down the combo of numbers to the following following from left to right in the picture found.

    Bright red: 35V + 1
    Dark Red: 35V + 1
    Dark blue or Black: Unreadable
    Small Dark Red: V 22 + 1
    Orange: Unreadable
    Red: Unreadable

    So the numbers I have found are the 2 35's and 22.
    Thanks for your help
  4. nikel

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    Correct me if I'm mistaken, but it sounds like you've gotten into Nathaniel's account, which is not actually part of mission 8. You should be focusing on Myrick's account for now.
  5. Joker

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    Your correct, I had the whole idea that the picture of the electrical parts under Nathaniel account had something to do with the clinic's substance
  6. Joker

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    Just figured out Shana's password and completed the investigation.
    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction
  7. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    No problem. Good job completing the mission.
  8. Flash Green

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    So I've been told to break into the Rosenberg Clinics intranet.
    The only hint was a credit card bill. So I've been glancing it over, and this doctor lady has
    an abnormal taste in sports. My first guess to her password is a sports team or player.
    I'm stumped here because the teams also looked kinda fishy. Maybe it's just because I'm not French...
    Any ideas?
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    There are threads for each mission in the Ongoing Missions part of the forums.

    You're on mission 8, so you may want to refer to this thread:

    Before you make a post here I advise you check out the threads to see if one exists for the mission already. It just helps us keep the forums a little tidier :)
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    Not sure if this thread was merged or not. But if it wasn't you just linked back to this thread :p
    - I suggest checking out the old mission 8 thread that was closed down.
    It can be found here: http://forums.blackwatchmen.com/index.php?threads/mission-8.636/
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    Yeah it was merged haha
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    I'm sneaky like that for the merging.
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    I have a dirty mind. Thanks viking
  14. Sylos

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    Hey there, I'm pretty fresh here and sadly don't have much time playing at home. I just wondered if someone could tell me the archive number for Myrick's bill here again - wanna solve this in my spare time at work and forgot to upload this document for further investigation. Thanks in advance!

    Edit - got help at the IRC, so just ignore :)
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