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  1. Wo1fsBan3

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    Thats what I'm thinking:
    I know its supposed to be a phone number, but like I said, its just spitting out letters... and I tried converting the letters to numbers. No cigar there either
  2. marfish

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    You have everything you need to solve it! Just need to put it together and dig a little deeper
    Do you think people who read braille convert letters to numbers? Seems inconvenient
  3. Otterson

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    I'm getting some letters too, I really don't get it. I checked screenshots of the business card on Youtube and they're different from the one I got in the game, which makes me wonder if they've changed the puzzle

    Edit: Nevermind I've seen a previous post saying that the clue has changed.
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    Everyone, I figured it out! I will not mark this as a spoiler, because it is literally impossible solving this mission without this knowledge. In the second half of the mission, the
    brail code
    DOES NOT follow the pattern of:
    Instead, it follows the pattern:
    I hope this helped! Good luck on future missions!

    *EDIT from Crux: These are minor spoilers because it gives direct answers regarding how to specifically solve the puzzle, for the consideration of other players seeing this post I have marked them in spoiler tags. The author may contact me if they have questions regarding this edit.
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  6. MidDipper

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    That should actually be in a spoiler... Just because the method of encryption is mentioned in your post, as well as the fact that the numbers are set up that way is part of what makes this puzzle difficult.
  7. Whitehouse

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    to other Australian agents
    the US format their phone numbers in a particular way
  8. Krazek

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    For anyone who wants hints for 16.1 that involve more than just following the XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXX and pretty much guessing the answer, here's a different angle. Because let's be honest, we've intercepted an email between a trader and a client, the client would've had to figure out the answer from the evidence alone without the XXX's.

    Don't forget about Sophia and Oh Yeah.
    What's the connection between those two?
    'Oh Yeah' by Yello appeared in the album Stella. Sophia Loren played Stella in the movie The Key. Now where can you find a key in streetview?

    It's a shaky connection, but I prefer it over assuming that the agency's supernatural department divined the answer to be X letters long and that the client just wandered around the area hoping for the best.

    Finally, one thing I noticed but didn't seem to go anywhere, and made me wonder whether someone else figured something out about it:

    The image of Sophia Loren has been altered. If you load it in Photoshop, adjust the brightness/contrast, you'll notice added details next to her face (http://i.imgur.com/FG5aYk5.jpg) looking like 5 upside-down T's and 6 O's or 0's. Those are not there in the wikipedia version. I have no idea what this means.
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  9. codex-13

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  10. Krazek

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    Oh I completely forgot about those. Thanks for reminding me.
  11. Celebrimbatch

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  12. themadhuman

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    it's in a different format, each block of binary fills, in an intuitive order, a braille digit
  13. Josh Lloyd

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    I'm totally stuck on this one.
    Everyone else seems to have 010111 as their first number, which makes sense as that signals to Braille readers that what follows is a number, but mine starts with 001111, which means absolutely nothing. Can someone help me out here?
  14. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    001111 translates to the braille symbol for #, in the format that this code uses. The original 010111 was a typo.
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  15. Josh Lloyd

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    Oh, well that solves that one. Thing is that a lot of these still code to letters and not numbers, and one codes to nothing at all.
  16. codex-13

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    Make sure you're following the format. I found it helped to imagine the 1s and 0s like colored beads on a string, that you need to arrange into a 2x3 box to create braille letters. There's really only two or three ways to do it, but one of them works with the # symbol you're given, and the others don't.
  17. Josh Lloyd

    Josh Lloyd Active Agent

    I think i've finally figured it out, a note would be that it goes a bit deeper than just plain braille, and it took me several days to figure that out.
  18. mujie

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    I look around me and all I see is "@2016 Google"
  19. zaelong

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    dont just stand there, you should try to use your eagles eye
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    Seems worth mentioning that the YouTube video has been blocked on copyright grounds.

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