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Discussion in 'Archived Missions' started by Santiak, May 29, 2015.

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    Go to the Archives and input the key 2018D2.
    The previous clearence levels are not a pre-requisite, as they're open to all Agents - Green is the only level that requires being chosen. :)

    The difference between each level is the degree of infraction on your day-to-day (real) life:
    Red: No infraction - everything is done on your terms, and you will not be contacted directly by HQ.

    Orange: Limited infraction - you may be contacted via text or voice (phone, etc.) by HQ with mission updates, and in some (few) cases, mission critical information.

    Yellow: Medium infraction - including the chance of being contacted as in Orange, you may receive physical objects pertaining to a mission, and these may be mission critical to varying degrees (i.e. the success of a mission may hinge on you reacting), and you may be asked to go to a real-world location near your residence.

    Green: High infraction - including both Orange and Yellow, you may be required to travel long distances (i.e. take a flight) to an unkown location, where you'll be inserted in the mission itself. In this case, it's not a question of a briefing or object being mission critical, but it being you who is a critical asset to the succesful completion of the mission.

    Changing Clearence Level: While we are more or less free to change when we please between Red and Orange, it is expected that we will give a good measure of notice before we change from Yellow to a lower clearence level, but it is acceptable if we do not react immediately (or, a couple of times, at all) to a package.
    Changing from Green level is a one-time deal, more or less, considering that you need to be hand-picked to achieve it. So if you do want to go to a lower level at some point, you'll have to wait (and/or hope) that HQ picks you again at some point.
    Additionally in regards to Green clearence level, it is expected that we're in it for the long haul, so to speak. And that we'll accept missions that we're given on that level, as only very few Green level Agents will be around. :)
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    GJ All!
  4. Jarobi

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    Well done everyone! Just to let you know, I've started a thread specifically to discuss the Green Level Application Form here.
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  5. Khalm

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    *sigh* not sure I am in a position to commit to Green at this time...
  6. Medenor

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    Great, thanks for your explanations. Like Khalm, I'm not ready for Green clearance ^^ Orange is more adequate for me, so I will wait to get the opportunity to get in as Orange agent :) Is there any procedure to gain this access, or do I have to wait another event/mission ?

    And thank you for the archives link. I had the wrong one, it explains some things xD
  7. Santiak

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    You're welcome ^^

    While you're logged in to the game client you'll be able to select your clearence level (Red, Orange or Yellow) - but it will entail giving over some personal information (depending on the clearence level you pick), so telephone number for Orange, and address for Yellow - and I assume just Agent name will suffice for Red :)
    If memory serves - and layout doesn't change too much - it should be just above where you pick your "class" (for lack of a better term)
  8. Void

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    Good job!

    That killswitch search was really stimulating (and the book is question was good too :)). I doubt I'll be able to keep up with high standards of the green clearance level though. Maybe if there are enough participants from Russia...
  9. Medenor

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    Thanks again :) Orange level selected :)
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    I'm bummed that I wasn't able to be online for the killswitch search, but I still got to play my part! I really hope TBW keeps on keeping on for a while - I'm enthralled with being able to be an agent existing in The Secret World, at least on the periphery. And the immersion, puzzle solving, and theme is just great. :)
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  11. Treble

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    Medenor, I can give you a breakdown of how the killswitch was solved if you want.

    First, we got this doc:, which was decoded into Of particular note is the 10/19, 10/one zero, and 10/japan series. We quickly figured out that 10/ one zero meant binary for encoding. After recieving this doc: and looking at the archive files, we figured out that the shape of the killswitch was a plus (as 10 meant plus in Kanji (not sure what that is btw)). Finally, in our last briefing, dispatch included this: The first four words in the table match words from the NIV version of Luke 10:19, which was the source. After that, the code was tested and confirmed
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  12. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Just to add in regards to the shape.
    The shape was proffered by Nikel - I believe? - on the basis that, in japanese, the number 10 (じゅう) is written with the kanji "十" - or roughly in the shape of a "+". :)
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  13. vigatron

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    Damn - good find guys.
  14. Greenstarfanatic

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    Not to be selfish at all, but I think I might have put that out there? I know I had mentioned it at some point when I first joined the mission. Either way, it was the rest of ya that put it all together, and I'm really impressed.
  15. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent

    Amazing work guys!
  16. Vorticity

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    Awesome to see those 0's and 1's I arranged in The Netherlands all the way in Louisville.

    Great job!
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  17. Greenhead

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    Curiosity: what clearance did Vigatron and the agent in Rotterdam have? I.e. were the two specific cities picked because Yellow agents were available?
  18. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    I believe Agency-wide missions are largely unrelated to clearence level - as in, no specific task is designed specifically for a given clearence level.

    You may, for example, have a nearby Agent with Red Clearence, who just so happens to be in the neighbourhood and up for the task, or you might have a Yellow cleared Agent living a few hours away - neither are obligated to go to the site, it just happens to be in their vicinity.

    If only the Yellow cleared Agent (or a handful of them) had received the Naming Convention documents, then you could point to a part of the mission that was reliant on the Agents clearence level, and by extension, their participation.
    Or, alternatively, if it had been an Orange cleared Agent, it may have been a phone call, with someone reciting the archive key to retrieve the documents.

    To give it a more direct link - the clearence level would only have been a component of where the mission took place, if Agents of a specific clearence were explicitly instructed to go somewhere - which is unlikely (except, perhaps, for the start of the missions) to happen in an Agency wide mission, where part of the fun is planning and cooperationg among ourselves, all on equal terms (in my opinion). :)

    Of course, that leaves the question "What was the deciding factor, then?".
    I'm prone to assume it was number of agents and feasibility. I am, for example, the only active Agent in Denmark - and Denmark does not engage in public surveillance, whereas the Netherlands have a relatively bigger concentration of Agents (2nd, 3rd? - UK being 1st) - so it could be a case of it being in the vicinity of more agents, than just what clearence those Agents had.

    Of course, it is also likely that this was the first possible solution to the mission, and had we failed to get any Agents to either location, the virus would've "jumped" to a different one (etc.) untill the killswitch could be engaged - with the result that the repercussions of the late completion of the mission would've been far worse (i.e. increased spread of MERS-CoV, Virus adaptability, or eventually losing trace of it all together)
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  19. Greenhead

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    Yes, that's exactly the question I'm curious about. What I was thinking is - I don't know exactly how many people were where, but the IRC channel wasn't that full; sure, the in-game map shows lots of agents, but only a relative few participated in Blue Crush. I don't think there were lots of agents near either Louisville or The Hague. In fact, it seems possible (if not likely) that Vigatron and the agent in Rotterdam (who was that? credit where credit is due!) were the only ones who could reasonably complete the mission, short of long-distance travel.

    So the choice is pretty important; agent dedication is a big part of feasibility. It'd be very easy to pick two cities where there's only one or two agents within a reasonable range, but none are willing to get active. But if they picked cities that had nearby agents at high clearance, that would make sure that the mission didn't fizzle because the only agent that's close enough prefers to watch Game of Thrones instead; I assume that if someone is Yellow, he's eager to get out and do stuff. So, I'm wondering if the clearance had an effect on the choice.
  20. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    While I can't really give a proper answer as I don't know why either, I think it's also important to keep in mind the other (arguably distinguishing) feature of ARGs, insofar that the narrative(s) are never "set in stone".

    If they placed the mission in an area with a high concentration of Agents, or a few highly active, yellow to (potentially) green clearence Agents, they could be reasonably sure the mission would be completed at that step.
    If they start inversely, by placing it in an area with a relatively low concentration, there's a higher chance that step of the mission will not be completed - as well as giving the opportunity for those few agents in that area to shine, giving them a big motivator for involving themselves a bit more (think "luring them out of their comfort zones").

    Because ARGs rely on the organic (or at the least unpredictable) narrative as a driving component, the important bit isn't necessarily to place events near the highest concentration of Agents, but to place them in locations that have a more even ratio in terms of whether or not the mission is completed versus not completed.
    Other times this could be in obscuring the possible outcomes of a specific choice (poor cheerleaders) - making the story unpredictable, and thus more enthralling.

    Or, as Adam Savage likes to say:
    "Failure is always an option."

    On a side-note, in the past quite a few (if not the majority) of Agents have been observing by the sidelines - albeit this was most pronounced during the TSW ARGs, and the "active" ones you saw in chat, posting on forums, and so on, were only a subset.
    Of course, this time IRC was were we got all the updates, but the traffic on the forums also picked up immensely during the event. :)
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