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    I've been wondering whether I should make a start on that. Might do it soon!
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    Urgent Update on FALCONREACH

    Mission 205121 (CODENAME: FALCONREACH) has entered the next stage. Vanessa Baup [Subject LI9S2W] has revealed her location. We must prepare an extraction plan to bring her to our safe house in Vancouver, CAN. Utilize the 34 cities unlocked in Phase 1 of this mission.

    We must execute this plan ASAP. You have until 16:00 UTC 07/22/15 to deliver the plans to HQ.

    Collaborate with your fellow agents to find the most efficient extraction plan possible. Use the following website to build your final plan and send the URL to [email protected].

    A full mission briefing can be found here:

    - Division 66
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    Where are we consolidating the plan?
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    Must say, the pictures are amazing (i've been to a photography school) some of you really got some level.
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    From Dispatch:

    Agent JantsoP reported that there is speculation on the location of Subject LI9S2W and current available resources.
    We have two teams available for deployment to the two locations mentioned.
    Please provide us with coordinates of the possible locations to search for the subject within these two locations.
    Also provide signs or signals that may help the team identify where the subject is located.
    We were told to leave a message at the information desk at the central train station in the location of the meet.
    Email details to dispatch so we may deploy both teams to recon the locations.
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