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Discussion in 'Archived Missions' started by ChilePete, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Ohforf

    Ohforf Active Agent

    It's not against the law to take photo's! They can't enforce you to not take photo's, in the UK at least :)
  2. Silverfox

    Silverfox Senior Agent

    Jacksonville sent. Onto charleston
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  3. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    Black Watchmen - Message #1211




    Leeds has just been unlocked! 9 cities across the world have been secured for use in the evacuation plan.

    To view community progression, visit

    [ WARNING ]
    Current success rate for escape route estimated @ 22.19%. We need your help agents.

    For support, go to the following channels for interactions with the global agent network.

    IRC Chat:
    Channel: #division66

  4. Well this is America so yah....
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  5. Valyna

    Valyna Active Agent

    Do we have someone in Munich? If not I could go there on Monday.
  6. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    Dispatch have just confirmed they have not received a Taxi photograph for London. Have contacted Agent Dylanmite to let him know, just in case it has been sent but not received. London agents feel free to snap a taxi and send to dispatch. :)
  7. left_sock

    left_sock Senior Agent

    I'll get San Francisco.
  8. ChilePete

    ChilePete Guest

    if you can then please do, no one definitely confirmed for munich yet.
  9. Koltar

    Koltar Active Agent

    Los Angeles has been sent to dispatch.
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  10. Obyrith

    Obyrith Senior Agent

    I have just sent some taxi pictures for London as well as some more train station and bus stop pictures hope that will help ^__^
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  11. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    Good work! :)
  12. Bach

    Bach Senior Agent

    Mobilizing contacts in Munich. Recon data should be available tomorrow (July 19).
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  13. Greenhead

    Greenhead Senior Agent

    In many countries, in some places, it can be illegal. Everyone should make sure they know what they're doing.
  14. Maurna

    Maurna Gold Member

    When in doubt, take tourist-like photos. Can always add a giant arrow in paint :)
  15. bljkr

    bljkr Gold Member

  16. left_sock

    left_sock Senior Agent

    Photos for San Francisco sent.
  17. Dcsmall

    Dcsmall Active Agent

    If only I seen the forums, I was in Dublin all day today.
  18. Nu Age

    Nu Age Senior Agent

    Just sent some contacts in Tokyo. Might get it before deadline.
  19. Tutsie

    Tutsie Senior Agent

    I've done a little data reconciliation between our google docs and the Falcon Reach google docs so that we can see at a glance where we have agents / contacts offering to go to location, what intel is still required for each city and what locations are still to be picked up.

    From my rough estimations we currently have 20 cities unlocked, which is approximately 50% success rate (great work!) based on 9 cities being 22.19% success rate.

    This isn't to replace the current google docs or anything as I don't want to step on toes, it's just separated in to completed cities, cities with Agents assigned through volunteering in the the thread or google docs and cities with no volunteers / intel for a quick overview of the current situation. Not sure if it will be helpful or not, but I had some spare time and as I can't contribute with photographs, I tried to be helpful!
  20. Tfir

    Tfir New Agent

    I will be taking photos for Istanbul tomorrow.

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