Kickstarter Trailer (possible Secrets?)

Discussion in 'Archived Missions' started by Santiak, Aug 18, 2014.

  1. Asariel

    Asariel Division-79

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  2. Asariel

    Asariel Division-79

    May be on to something here, the novel Dead Souls was "The first part of the novel was intended to represent a modern-day Inferno of the Divine Comedy"
  3. Zodiac

    Zodiac Senior Agent

    Well, word 1 in line 43 in the 4th chapter is "Great" in "The Divine Comedy". Does it lead to anything? Don't know!
  4. Vicarne

    Vicarne Senior Agent

    04431 is the zipcode of East Orland, Hancock County, ME

    It doesn't seem overly important though...
  5. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    Did we MISSION FAIL?
    I was listening to the Update 17 podcast. When Anashel talked about story-changing consequences I thought, oh crap, I wanna cry.
    Did we not figure out Rosenberg Clinic? No we didn't, we think we're stalled and waiting for more clues to investigate.
    But Agent Russell is missing, "Oh No, It's too late", gone over a month now, Gladys and Cap Scruffy are probably really disappointed with us.
    We have a burned out clinic and a body in the woods.

    I found that rosenberg clinic has an operating, that [email protected] is an active account (emails don't bounce) as are the four name accounts - something else to try passwords against.
    Emails to [email protected] and [email protected] do bounce back.

    I think there are at least two other accounts we haven't identified. You don't have a clinic with four researchers and no office helper and there must also be somebody in charge of the InfoTech stuff (even if they hired out their website, there's an admin account somewhere to get in to maintenance it). Unfortunately I don't have the skills to work these angles very deeply.
    I'm gonna revisit the flashy lights corridor video again.
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  6. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    I signed up for the Weekly Newsletter from the Clinic but yet to receive one. Could the office helpers have gone missing? (I have a lot of talents/information/smarts from a lot of degrees, education, knowledge hording but I also don't have the practical skill to dig very deeply into the angles Mopono just identified). Anyone checked?
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  7. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    I think Rosenber Clinic deserves a new thread. If only to investigate the aftermath. I'll open it.
    I also think at this point that we should divide in teams. One focusing Rosenberg and one focusing Barbizon.
    I'm pretty behind with Barbizon so I volunteer for the Rosenberg Team.
    @MoPono and @Rowyne, I would like you to help me. I don't have much time to investigate at full strengh, but if you give me pointers I think I could look into them.
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  8. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    AyeAye, @Zerosh, <begins re-papering a wall with Rosenberg A4s>
  9. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    *glances over her shoulder as something stirs outside her warded window, muttering under her breath she slides her chair over to a second work station and begins to work. Grabbing a new notebook she hastily scribbles the words "Rosenberg Clinic".*

    On it
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  10. Catalyst

    Catalyst Gold Member

    I will remain on Barbizon, I'm more familiar with it than Rosenberg.
  11. Asariel

    Asariel Division-79

    Barbizon for me as well, please...I am still headbanging the Dore/Inferno stuff.
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  12. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    Will be keeping my toes in here though, degrees in Art History/Literature and whatnot might prove helpful. Good thing I am an insomniac!
  13. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    I finally got around to listening to the original Dead Souls. Figured I should mention that back during the Gate 33 in the infamous Wall of Paper mission, this song was playing on a loop.

    For a long time.

    Burned into my head.

    It keeps calling me.
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  14. Catalyst

    Catalyst Gold Member

    Does that mean to imply Mr. Whitechapel is behind A4?
  15. 0kem

    0kem Active Agent

    Same. I think there's more there.
  16. 0kem

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  17. 0kem

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  18. Asariel

    Asariel Division-79

    Can someone start the Barbizon thread? I am stuck at work and I can't...
  19. Lilith

    Lilith Active Agent

    I started the thread for Barbizon.
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  20. Conartist

    Conartist Gold Member

    Just got a clue on email
    <Div66 update>

    From the Desk of:
    Mr. Patch Hewlie
    Date: 19/09/14

    Attn: Sir/Madam

    My name is Mr. Patch Hewlie, I am the auditor and a representative of a certain banking organization located in the United Kingdom.

    There is an account in this bank which has been open since my inception into office on 2nd January 2013 under the name A. Skim. Upon contacting the next of kin, I received specific instructions: If I hadn't heard any news from the concerned party as of 19th September 2014, I was to contact you and deliver this video. I have been informed that, upon finding the correct party, said party would know how to proceed..

    Enclosed you will find the video assets available

    We are now closing this account. Consider this my last transmission on the subject.

    Yours Truly,

    Mr. Patch Hewlie

    Just need password for the video

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