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Discussion in 'Archived Missions' started by Zerosh, Jul 31, 2015.

  1. Treble

    Treble Senior Agent

    Where are we in terms of this? Still stuck on part 3?
  2. cronkllr

    cronkllr Clearance Level: Gold & Black

    yes still stuck on step 3, a lot of us are on the IRC chat trying to figure it out.
  3. Zulu

    Zulu New Agent

    Part 3 just got completed
  4. Zankh

    Zankh Senior Agent

    New query number recieved 4499202119 currently on standby
  5. Treble

    Treble Senior Agent

    How do the query numbers work? In other words, how will we know when we can progress again?
  6. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

  7. Zankh

    Zankh Senior Agent

    I could get deep into details but the short version of things is we have no way of knowing how long we will have to wait for the next stage of the system to be available, however the gaps between stage 1, 2 and 3 were relatively brief so if they are anything to go by it shouldn't be long before things start moving again
  8. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    DIRdKXaQQMYQkE 6 has begeR6IbDoOM.
    The back-up Q6 systCvZtk63cn8w has been partips7SoOcWVw reactivatehJmi1XvZD.

    We have regainxYDQFyzJgiA commuq470qlTIons with 3 cities - ryKtXvdJZ9kyo , MontRwhiFBji2L and SeaC4op3RvXs6TxuYVMv7uB.
    All three citi2P5NiZWlH5VP are reporting oWgWvgHBZT6 amounts of data has been Mbk7w4Hx15PCGrom their Lr1KMnqystems.
    We do not 7jiTZ52IrE60 the extent of the damaCdtF0e1g.
    We have no reports since 07/jt9mKcMHp from Vancouver and we have no updMiM1xhuQNhT on the status of SubjeJrjoha200lVCSrFO.

    Last meIvGh2c49NG sent froYEgPbHK6Stouver was on 07/29/15
    incDcdjgcLS7soto of Baup in our d1gQ0pIgmQre facility.
    We have no intyzVHzbacnTVlS on her current stat6DpLLE.


    Directive 6 has begun.
    The back-up Q6 system has been partially reactivated.

    We have regained communications with 3 cities - Tokyo, Montreal and Seattle.
    All three cities are reporting ??? amounts of data has been ??? from their systems.
    We do not know the extent of the damage.
    We have no reports since 07/??/2015 from Vancouver and we have no updates on the status of Subject [??????] (Vanessa Baup)

    Last message sent from Vancouver was on 07/29/15
    Included is a photo of Baup in our secure facility.
    We have no information on her current status.
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  9. Treble

    Treble Senior Agent

    Well hopefully we'll get the rest online in time to save Vanessa. I get the feeling that if we take too long, all we'll get are a string of messages asking for help, then one last one saying security has been compromised.
  10. Climber

    Climber Active Agent

    Charlie here as well...received voicemail.
  11. Khalm

    Khalm Gold Member

    Received a call this afternoon but was in the middle of nowhere and it dropped. Hoping it was just one of these and not something new :/
  12. Baker

    Baker New Agent

    Got the same call. Heard the same names: Van Buren, Philmore, Arthur.
  13. Rowyne

    Rowyne Division-79

    August, holiday month. (8 of us play old school D&D tabletop each weekend) Got a phone call. (Yay TBW you freaked them out...I giggled) Can be in irc Tuesday through Thursday). Will do what I can to help.
  14. Treble

    Treble Senior Agent

    "Excuse me guys, I got to RP for my ARG in the middle of this TTRPG"
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  15. atunacat

    atunacat Senior Agent

    Echo string: Enterprise, Columbia, Challenger.
    Incase anyone wants to put the actual audio file in an archive anywhere. <3
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  16. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Thank you, that might be useful for the Trailer idea we have!
  17. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

  18. Treble

    Treble Senior Agent

    I have the voicemail for the Charlie string if no one else has posted it. I'm not sure how to get it off my phone, but I have it
  19. cronkllr

    cronkllr Clearance Level: Gold & Black

    you can use a Line out jack, headphone to headphone jack. and record that way.

    turn your phone on speakerphone and set it up by a speaker, and record it that way.

    there are many different tools and methods. It all depends on what quality you want to get and how easy.
  20. Medenor

    Medenor Senior Agent


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