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  1. Ashielf

    Ashielf Senior Agent

    Oh, so we just have to decipher the Voynich Manuscript. Easy.
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  2. MERCury

    MERCury Senior Agent

    Mmh just deciphered the Voynich Manuscript. No use here but gave me a tasty herbal tea... Back to topic:
    I see no way how we can play hangman either with the "original" letters on the sketches as only BKQX are remaining with the 4 known hangmen. No vocal no word.
    When using the letters from the suspected "deciphered" subtitles (M, Superman, Tetris, Zero), all vocals are gone, too.
    Last chance: Imgur&Co but how could we get there? I doubt that is the way here.
    Just putting the suspected clues in sequence and taking the hyphens as positions leads us here:
    That is MUTO? which at least might be a word. Unfortunately, that does not help at all before number 5 is there. Hard for a scientist to wait for a chance to prove his hypothesis.
  3. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    I don't think this part has to be spoilered, it's not really suited to be an individual/small group puzzle but ANYWAYS.

    The problem with searching for a website is that there's just no indication what website we're looking for. Imgur/pastebin/vocaroo/tinyurl/bit.ly/goo.gl. there's really just too many for it to be possible to search through, and then the matter of capitalized/lowercase results providing different answers... I actually went through URL lengthener with bit.ly/tinyurl.com as well as imgur and did all of the combinations possible with MS40_ assuming M and S were capitalized the way they are in their original format. Came up with nothing. MS408 is the closest fit.

    But yeah, always keep searching! :D
  4. dcofax

    dcofax Active Agent

    did they change the passwords on the intranet? after reviewing Shayna Myricks credit report, I discovered a certain team she likes. when I try to log on to intranet with said team (in multiple fashions) it does not work.
  5. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    I just checked again, and the password is the same as it has been. No change there.

    The proper format is just the name without the location (e.g. if it were the Minnesota Timberwolves, the password would just be timberwolves.)
  6. dcofax

    dcofax Active Agent

    I entered the team without location, does not work access denied. I know I have the right team. am I at the right site? http://rosenbergclinic.com/intranet/

    fixed issue, copy and paste added a space I didn't see. it gave a wrong user name. thanx for the help
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  7. Steelgramps

    Steelgramps Gold Member

    This exact thing has happened to me too a couple of times. It's very frustrating when you're sure you have the right answer and still it fails.

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