Whitechapel Mission 3

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  1. Thryn

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    3.2 nudges :

    Go simple and lazy. Easiest way is the best.

    It's seems something is written on the pic. Could it be linked with this kind of road ?

    This almost look like an abandonned station that has been reconverted !

    Google is your friend.
  2. JotaESP

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    Can you answer me a few questions?:
    Is a character from this author´s novels?
    If it is, is a human? Because I had been trying names from his novels but i couldn´t find the password.
  3. kmls

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    JotaESP: you are on the wrong track, but only just.

    The password is something discussed by humans.

    I do not recommend the track you have been taking -- it will take forever.

    All the works have something is COMMON that is VERY SPECIFIC. Find something that they have in common--this is a big enough deal to fans that you can use multiple methods to find the 'common thing'.
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  4. MegaDerp

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    I will give you three things:
    It is in lowercase
    Just to
    What does the paragraphs have in common?
    You should probably stop _overthinking_ it, reset, and not overread. The paragraphs really have something in common
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  5. Thryn

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    You're looking for the name of a series of objects
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  6. JotaESP

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    Got it! I must be blind (or just stupid), but I couldn´t figured out until the last hint.
    Thank all of you.
  7. bBis

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    Still stuck at 3.1, i must be overthinking it. None of the hints are doing it for me.
  8. Thryn

    Thryn Active Agent

    Are you on Discord ? Ping @Thryn#3507 and I'll help you. Otherwise PM me on the forum.
  9. Nico813

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    I'm in the same position and am still stuck. Here are some of the things I've tried without success:

    I can't discern any pattern in the numbers. I've tried converting them to letters (e.g., A=1, B=2, etc.). I've tried converting them as a decimal-to-text code. Based on the relfection-of-the-moon theme in the rabbit and coyote story, I've tried reading them backwards and inverted . . .

    I feel there must be something obvious I'm not thinking of. Any nudge would be appreciated.
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  10. Thryn

    Thryn Active Agent

    You know were the letters are ? Insinde words, insides lines, inside the Coyote-themed letter

    Miller used this cipher during the first day were Spy Agent Riningear was in the house
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  11. zaelong

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    If you did ahnayro
    the zakarion gate did the same thing
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  12. berzerk0

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    I've tried to write this in such a way that you can get progressively stronger hints.
    Working it out yourself is the fun part, and where you really learn.
    Try the little nudges before moving on to the big ones.

    Whitechapel 3-1 Literature Review

    Technical Note: 7zip seems to work the best on Windows and 'nix.
    On Mac, 7zip takes the form of the Kekka application.

    Do you know where these sections of text come from?
    Search the first line of each section and try to devise a source.

    You will likely come up with the source pretty quickly, but we are looking for a bit of
    an obscure detail.

    Let the north star guide your way, and begin your search there.

    Mr. Whitechapel does NOT use good password discipline.
    All lowercase letters? Terrible.

    PSA: If you want to use all lowercase letters for your passwords, it's probably not a good idea.
    The best way to make a safe password is to have a length of 14+ characters.
    90% of the top 32 million most popular leaked passwords use only lowercase letters and numbers.

    Bigger Nudge:
    As mentioned in other hints, the source texts all share something in common.
    Yes, you will likely have found that they have the same author.
    But authors grow and develop throughout their careers.

    Even if you are a big fan of this author, you may find that this term is unknown to you.
    It is clearly one of his creations, however.

    Alpha Ursae Minoris is where the idea began.

    The Necromicon wasn't the first text this author referenced.

    Big Ol' Last Nudge:
    These stories reference ancient texts. Ancient, ancient texts.
    Ancient texts aren't always found in modern book form, usually they take the form of a collection
    of texts that ends up being referred to as manuscripts.

    Cryptic nudge that might do more harm than good:


    Whitechapel 3-2 Slipping Away

    Reassemble the Image, at least the part with text.

    Do you know what that acronym means?

    Time makes fools of us all. A year can represent a beginning, but it can also represent an end.

    Bigger Nudge:
    You know what the acronym stands for, what ended that year?

    Where did they fire the shot heard round the world? (On the western side of the pond, that is,)

    Big Ol' Last Nudge:
    You know the acronym, you know where the shot was fired.
    How would you get there, though?

    "a place for the storage of large quantities of equipment, food, or some other commodity."


    Whitechapel 3-3 Trapped

    LCD are sometimes broken down into 7-segments. These are, unsurprisingly, called 7-Segment Displays.
    This is a modern method of representing characters using a finite number of segments, but it is not the only way.
    Some versions date back to the 14th century.

    What was the the name of the first mission in section 3?

    Our little story is an audio transcript. It is all part of the document, every line.

    Bigger Nudge
    What type of character does a 7-segment display normally... display?
    What is a version of that word ending in "al" ?

    The agency doesn't give us material that isn't relevant.
    Those carvings in the wood aren't the only thing we are looking at.

    When you are on your second step, make sure you are reading the right way.

    We can bet the answer is going to be a recognizable word.

    Big Ol' Last Nudge
    In the middle ages, many texts were copied, kept and distributed by the same type of person.
    This type of person had taken a vow to live a bare-bones life, and usually lived with others who had done the same.
    Maybe these people can help you out with a deCIPHERing.

    This is the kind of story passed down through oral tradition, you won't find a first edition print.
    Around the time of the world-heard shot, an infamous Arnold used this kind of cipher.

    Who says letters are always read top-left -> bottom right?

    While it doesn't help us in this part of the mission,
    it was interesting to get more information about Whitechapel in that letter.

    Bonus Nudge For the desperate:
    44 61 76 69 64 20 41 2e 20 4b 69 6e 67 20 23 34

    Thanks to the team for a fun DLC and event!

    We like to chant, tell us we can't but there's no way to stop them,
    A custodia matutina usque ad noctem!

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  13. kmls

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    I'd like to warn people away from a specific wild goose chase on 3.3:

    The note does not help, in any way, you make sense of the symbols themselves. You might want to revisit the note afterwards, but the symbols actually burned into the wood are independent from the note.
  14. meerkat

    meerkat Active Agent

    i can't figure out the password for 3.1

    I am 1.5 hours in and have tried 50+ different passwords. I have read parts and summarys of all the works and have obviously found the common things which I tried and all wrong. I have read blogs and articles about his works and tried all those words, nothing. I have used a password cracker and copied hundreds of words into it from the articles I read and nothing. Please a big, sensible clue here.
  15. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent

    @meerkat - start a conversation with me if you are still having trouble
  16. meerkat

    meerkat Active Agent

    I would still like a big clue for opening the zip file.... been on it for days and my notes so far are 134 lines of text

    edit: got it. terrible, terrible puzzle imo. you need to chase down the exact correct rabbit hole and try every password with different formattings.
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  17. misstriggermortiss

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    Happy New Year everyone! I need some guidance on 3.3, please

    I figured out what the symbols are, but the end result does not equal any word that I am able to read. What am I doing wrong?


  18. berzerk0

    berzerk0 Active Agent


    Not a very big spoiler at all
    decoding the message scratched into the wood is just one part of the process
    Its result will guide you in step two.
    Look at what else you have at your disposal
  19. misstriggermortiss

    misstriggermortiss New Agent

    Please put me out of my misery...

    I found the monks, got the 6 sets of 3 numbers, but they do not spell a word based on Arnold's cipher, neither forward nor backward. I am very frustrated.
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  20. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    if that doesnt work for you, you should try another format

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