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Discussion in 'Welcome Recruits' started by riningear, Jun 27, 2015.

  1. Kakuzen

    Kakuzen Gold Member

    Yup. They have the HQ in Montreal, and an outpost in Toronto, Ontario. BTW, @Jarobi, you forgot to update the Alice and Smith website regarding the locations ;)
  2. Jarobi

    Jarobi Puppet Master

    Thanks for the catch Kakuzen!
  3. raul_ct

    raul_ct Moderator

    Hola! Wellcome to the agency!

    Bienvenido! pasate por el foro en espaƱol y saluda!
  4. mgelles

    mgelles Senior Agent

    Hi, other new folks. I've had season 1 for about 3 weeks now and just finishing up mission 11. I've been using the season threads for help mostly but working through puzzles together is always fun. Feel free to give me a poke if you'd like.
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  5. Castilion

    Castilion Senior Agent

    Following Agent 13's pattern: Welcome new agents! Use her flair, she told me how it works and Im stupidly impressed. Also, HOLD ONTO YER BUTTS CAUSE MOTHER RUSSIA IS COMING!
  6. KatieChan

    KatieChan Active Agent

    Hi all, Agent Katie reporting to duty! I just get my hands on this game and I instantly know that this is for me. Look forward to learn more though the game, as well as working with other fellow agents. I have a strong mindset of problems solving and logical thinking. Which I hope it will become useful for the agency.

    Real life stuff...I'm 19, located in a island called Isle of Man. I'm studying a Engineering course in my local college which I specialize in Electrical & Electronic. I planned to go to uni to further my study in the field of Electronic&Communication Engineering after I completed my course next year.
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  7. crux

    crux Special Adviser

    Welcome Agent Katie! Those problem solving and logical thinking skills will be incredibly useful here, they're the bedrock of a good intel analyst. Good luck in your Engineering courses!
  8. scout

    scout Active Agent

    Hello, I'm Agent Scout, located in east-south-central United States! (Yes that mouthful is an actual region name. It's ridiculous.) I just joined, and my strong points are puzzle-solving and observation. Hopefully my problem solving skills can make up for my ADD and dyslexia.
    I'm honestly not too great at the whole community participation thing, or the conversing thing, or the... people thing. But I'll try!
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  9. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Welcome! If you ever feel like chatting to other agents I'd recommend jumping into the IRC! We're all very friendly people in there!
  10. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Welcome! If you ever feel like chatting to other agents I'd recommend jumping into the IRC! We're all very friendly people in there!
  11. UndeadGrumly

    UndeadGrumly Active Agent

    I am Agent UndeadGrumly, from Paris, France. I am a veteran gamer (some may say "old" gamer). I am a tabletop RPG specialist, playtester, gamemaster, writer, literature and music teacher, universitarian researcher and lecturer. I hope my experience will help when resolving cases!
    I am quite late for the live show but I have been recommanded this game so many times that I had to play. One of my all time favourite game is Call of Cthulhu and especially the Delta Green spinoff where an illegal secret group (represented by a triangle!) recruits agents to solve occult and Cthulhu Mythos related issues. I know that the setting of TBW is the same than The MMORPG The Secret World and that the lovecraftian inspiration is present.
    Well, i'm glad to join the community! :) I'll try to be active, at least several times a week, but you know, time is precious and I won't be able to be there 24/7...
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  12. Balamung

    Balamung Senior Agent

    Hello everyone,
    Freshly recruited newblood here, recruited by an agent in Montreal after solving the two briefcases test he offered me.
    I hope I'll be of assistance in the challenges ahead, and that we'll suceed together.
    Catch you guys later on IRC !
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  13. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    I think you got receuited by our puppet master Anashel

    Anyway, welcome to the agency :)
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  14. kinoss

    kinoss Active Agent

    Hello everyone,
    I got recruited too, they gave me some instructions and two briefcases as a test... I opened both of them... I hope I will be able to help the agency...
    See ya
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  15. pastelribbon

    pastelribbon Active Agent

    hey i'm agent pastelribbon,
    i'm from germany and argentina (it's complicated) and i like art, music and languages.
    currently playing season one and it's awesome so far.
    i hope that i can provide some kind of help in the future haha
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  16. TheGrigori

    TheGrigori Senior Agent

    Long time player, long time stalker. Decided to take more of a part in the community. I'm The Grigori. I specialize in demonic stuff. Go figure. Looking forward to doing my part for the agency.
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  17. StenRough

    StenRough Active Agent

    Agent StenRough reporting for duty. Specialization in Chemistry and some basics in other sciences, games and lot of other stuff. Looking forward to work in the field and on the network as well. Location: Czech republic
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  18. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Another scientist! Welcome aboard. Chemistry is proving to be useful lately. :)
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  19. StenRough

    StenRough Active Agent

    Well it was for me interesting thing to study and now I know how things can make "BOOOOOOM"! :D so not much science, but much more practical use :D
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  20. Azarhys

    Azarhys Active Agent

    Hi all of you,
    I'm Agent Azarhys, i'm from Belgium (louvain la neuve),
    i'm a (neuro)psychologist (irl yes, i just started working this year) and i like gaming, studying brain function (i like fundamental research).
    As you can imagine, english is not my mothertongue, so excuse my mistakes/ if i misundestood you/etc.... I'm also here to improve my writting skills in english. If you're wondering : i speak french, and i also learn german (but i'm really bad).

    I discover the black watchmen a few months ago, but i started playing on yesterday. I'm still trying to fully understand the game, and devloped skills in solving mission.

    I don't know anyone here, but i hope you have time to help me if necessary and to talk.
    I will come soon on the IRC if i'm welcome ;)
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