The Hunt For The Red September...

Discussion in 'General' started by Anashel, Aug 25, 2014.

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  2. Grim-Angel53

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    Honestly, I agree with @Anashel about the community for TSW.

    Personally, the only connection I would like seeing is one between The Gate and TBW. But that's just me once again praising the fantastic ARG thAt the 33 Gate was. It's my personal favorite, so I'd like to see the connection happen, though I know it most likely won't.

    I want this project to go well, and as such, anything that can be done to help it along in a positive way is good. I completely trust @Anashel's judgement in these matters. I'll be on the look out for opportunities on the stateside.

    My first suggestions would be looking into places like Rooster Teeth Productions, Extra Credits, Penny Arcade, or even Unfiction.
    All of these places have interests in gaming and different types of media. So why not there?
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  3. Anashel

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    @Grim-Angel53 We already on Unfiction. The other costed 5k and + for a basic advertising plan. (out of our league) It's something we will clearly consider when we hit publisher like steam or others ready to take the risk with this.
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  4. Grim-Angel53

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    @Anashel Okay! I just figured I'd suggest places that I know I personally frequent.
    Just let me know about anything else I can do!
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  5. Zodiac

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    4.400$ to go. 11 days left. Looking promising but we have to keep working on it!! So, lets start the final spurt without loosing momentum!
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