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    Charlotte Perkins Gilman Top Left Additional Clue:
    The Women you mentioned aren't the whole picture, as I'm sure you've realized. They were part of a movement held together by a core belief that something was possible. You probably already know things associated with this belief, seances, ouija boards, psychic mediums - all of these things were used for one particular purpose. What is that purpose?

    Now this is really obtuse and not related to the hints given - just how my brain works I guess.
    A final, purely grammatical word entry hint is as follows:
    Worshippers of Hailie Selassie find it offensive when a word containing this word-part is used to describe them.
    Some of this demographic believe using this word part can "cause schisms"
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    Despite your clues, I somehow still am completely incapable of finding the answers.
    The Marie Laveau Top, I know what it's about but can't find the word, nor any fitting that which is to be in the sigil.
    The Charlotte Perkins ones, I am completely lost on.
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    For Madame Laveau - Clue Part 3:
    If you have found the words associated with Deimos' twin, then you'll need to search a list of them. A BIG list of them - this one is pretty specific.

    Perkins Top Left Clue part 4:
    What is a word that can refer to both liquor and ghosts? Look at my last hint as well

    Perkins Top Right Clue Part 3:
    Sometimes if we work for no pay, we call it "pro bono." Descartes decided "Cogito Ergo Sum." Cesar declared "Veni Vidi Vici." A drunk may think "In vino veritas."

    So far, through hints given to you by the game and myself, you have been given two hints that when googled (that includes images) take you right to the free encyclopedia page where you answer can VERY easily be found
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    Then I somehow mustn't be getting the same results as you, for I've searched the hints and yet not come up with naught but confusion.
    I have/had solved the Marie Laveau one. I just didn't have the correct form/type of the word.
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    Perkins Top Left Final Clue:
    Look at the purely word-based hints I have given you, combine them and you have your answer minus just ual ittle bit - all the parts are there (this counts a purely word based hint)

    Perkins Top Right Clue Part 4:
    I imagine you've figured out what language the answer must be in. Look at my previous clues - some contain phrases that can be searched for directly
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    Thank you so much! I have managed to solve them now
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    Could I get another nudge on the Perkins Top Left fragment please other than what has been mentioned? I can see part of the answer in the sigil itself..I have no idea what word it is looking for.

    Thanks in advance!
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    About Perkins top left puzzle

    Focus on the written notes more
    Seriously, you dont need anything else.
    What it 'prefaced' by 'Arthur' about 'those women' with some mysterious ability.
    See if you can find and read the preface of that particular book that is mentioned and find 'where'

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    Goodness it. And this one shouldn't have been as hard as I made it out to be. Thanks for all the tips! You were right, I got it by "Actual Hint 1" =)
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    Can someone help me with the final Marie Laveau puzzle? I unlocked all hints but still can't find anything.
    All I know so far is that it has something to do with being possessed/controlled by a spirit or demon. Is it a mental illness or something?
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    Take a look at 'Actual Hint 1'. That should be all you need to get it. Looks like your on the right track...this one I was overthinking, perhaps you are too!
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    @[KZK] sammi, where exactly are you stuck?
    Send me a PM and I'll be happy to help
  13. [KZK] sammi

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    I figured it out :)..


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