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  1. SilverByte

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    Got them both in a minute ^^
    I can't believe google didn't show me anything of this when I searched for "crown of poppies"
    The solution was like literally the first thing I thought about when I saw the fragment but when I tried forming te word i didn't find the right letter combinations so I thought it was wrong(now I feel stupid for not looking better)

    Anyway, much thanks
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  2. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    What really helps me on these visual puzzles is identifying the images. The puzzle becomes clearer if I can put a name to an image or two. It really helped me on this table.
    Image editing is no secret, here's how I do it most the time.
    * PrintScrn to put a screenshot into the copy-paste buffer
    * Paste it into paint, crop one image to a manageable size and save it
    * use to rotate and crop it close and save it
    * open the rotated & cropped image in google and do a reverse image search
  3. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    I hesitated a lot to add a "open the picture in a browser" features like we had in Black Watchmen. Initially, I felt it broke the mood too much, but when I read steps like PrintScren - Paste in into paint, Crop it, save it, upload in google search, I may have took the wrong path here.

    What's your feeling about adding such a features? Or should I focus on puzzle that do not require a reverse image search? Or maybe a hint system....
  4. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    I see your point about breaking the mood - I take puzzles perhaps too intellectually and in the process I guess I am sacrificing the mood of the game and part of the enjoyment I might get from it. I think just labeling the images would suit the mood best.

    A hint system implies levels of hints like we often do with walkthroughs in TBW. I don't see a problem with that - sometimes a player just gets stuck and needs a nudge.

    But the problem here isn't getting stuck as much as it is what does the image bring to the puzzle? When I see an image of a statue or a building, I figure the particulars of the statue and building are important (why *that statue? why *that building?) so naturally, I think naming them is what leads to the solution and so far that is the case. I expect not many people would recognize the statue and building for what they are without an image search.

    In a dream, I think their meaning would be implicitly known to the dreamer, at least subconsciously. The table where the images are labeled "The Saint, The Chief, ...." - I think that one is very good insofar as annotating their meaning within the dream and their meaning to the puzzle where in fact their image searches aren't very productive toward the answer.

    The way I figure it, dreamtime is the playground of the subconscious (or to professional psychologists - unconscious) mind. That part of our mind likes to communicate in allegory, symbolism, puns and other oblique ways of looking at and interpreting reality. So perhaps when labeling the images the labels may take on those characteristics.
  5. Tanqq

    Tanqq Active Agent

    I guessed at it based on prior clues, but this one might help more:
    If you're searching through text, try instead using your search terms to find images.
  6. Jacanata

    Jacanata Active Agent

    I don't know if I'm missing something really obvious in the Woolf and electrical fragments, but I can't for the life of me figure out what the solutions are.

    For the Woolf fragment:
    I looked into various names associated with bipolar disorder to try and find a "patron" and didn't get anything that worked. I also looked into her religious beliefs and the river she drowned herself in to no avail. I've also got no idea what the last picture actually is, so if that's where the answer is it's not helping me.

    For the electrical fragment:
    I saw pretty quickly that electrotherapy was possible within the rings but that didn't work. I've tried finding the answer to the question they present but couldn't find any electrical diagram symbol that matched and fit within the rings. The narration also leads me back to electrotherapy with the involuntary kicking.

    I'd appreciate a solid nudge in the right direction.
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  7. themadhuman

    themadhuman Division-79

    i could pray to the saint of puzzles that you will find your answer
    it is part of an early ECT machine, a certain common component of circuits
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  8. Jacanata

    Jacanata Active Agent

    Got them both now, I was looking at the wrong kind of diagrams for the electrical one and just being silly for Woolf's. Thanks for the hints :).
  9. themadhuman

    themadhuman Division-79

    No problem.
  10. tommyuzz

    tommyuzz New Agent

    Need some help
    I'm on the clue "He was the first to coin the medical term" along with all the pictures of amputees so figured it'd be the first person to use the term amputee medically Peter Lowe except his name doesn't fit the given letters, hints?
  11. themadhuman

    themadhuman Division-79

    the term is for something related to amputation... don't hurt yourself researching this one;)
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  12. jen-jen

    jen-jen Active Agent

    What I found helped was looking at all the pictures, and researching them together.

    Particularly the one with the girl in front of the lake
  13. JJBandit

    JJBandit Active Agent

    Can anyone offer a nudge on this one please. I'm not sure what i'm looking for in regards to what the answer is.

    Here is what i know so far.

    So the birds are carolina parakeets, which are extinct. I found the guy who did the painting.

    The text says about suggests something about their head, but the various colours dont seem to fit.

    Can anyone offer a couple of nudges in the right direction for thsi one please?
  14. jen-jen

    jen-jen Active Agent

    Hi JJBandit,

    Try a different bird altogether

    The way I looked at it was:
    Using the map to find the area, then search for birds in those areas with the markings
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  15. JJBandit

    JJBandit Active Agent

    I'm afraid i'm still stumped by this one.

    It doesn;t help that i'm not from the US, therefore am fairly sure i know what locations i'm supposed to be looking in.

    So i'm guessing the indicated locations are california, baha california, and what i'm guessing is south texas and mexico?

    everything i can find is too many letters, the only green bird i can find that are found in all 4 locations is either a humming bird (too long) or a wren (too short as does not use the singular letters)

    Am i looking for a type of bird? or am i looking for something about the bird, as the text suggests its something found on their heads.

    Also, this may be a silly question, but i'm looking for a green brid? the image and audio description suggests its a predominantly green bird.

    I'm going through website and nothing fits

    Any more nudges anyone can offer?
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  16. JJBandit

    JJBandit Active Agent

  17. sethloewen

    sethloewen Active Agent

    I have no clue with the Woolf puzzle. I would like some help please. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  18. Arbiter

    Arbiter Active Agent

    If you find out who Woolf is then find the cause of death.
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  19. Arbiter

    Arbiter Active Agent

    You don't need to look for any particular bird. I would suggest what regal and birds have in common.
  20. Arbiter

    Arbiter Active Agent

    Odd I found the picture with the mirror to be more useful.
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