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Discussion in 'General' started by Rowyne, Sep 6, 2014.

  1. CutieMcPouty

    CutieMcPouty Senior Agent

    Thats the point right there.. its what YOU perceive.. :)

    I love Psych - I live for criminal psych but i'm so surrounded by psychology and ethics daily. i could be of use to you on a deeper level im not really too much of a gamer (Id probably be more use doing something here haha) but i love this theory of reality versus online etc etc and more.. how it affects the people playing it. Obsession etc etc

    You could consider if we can work out the shallow level testing (like above) and then a deeper level for your paying troops (even though right now i'm not sure how thats going to happen cause of ethics - i'll think on it), you could create a "Psych Lab" on your site where you could have someone/a psychologist who can/could offer advice or run tests for a fee (maybe at specific times) . That way it would be individual to cater to each persons specific needs. Do an "Appointment Check-In" for in-depth game play psychological testing / DPT , etc and a "General Psych Bay' for information.. You do know you could eventually go one step further and act as a signposting service to the correct medical/psychological bodies for people that actually did need professional help.. That would bring you a ton of publicity, can you imagine "ARG The Black Watchmen Shows Compassion And Care For Its Gamers Becoming The First To Consider Mental Health Importance Within It's Game". Ok so its a bold statement, but its also a good thing to aim high and change the role of online and realtime gaming. Make the world know, with a vision anything is possible and it doesnt just take the big govenments to make things happen!
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  2. CutieMcPouty

    CutieMcPouty Senior Agent

    LAUGHS - Smiles. Interesting results there :) Love looking at psych tests :) Ooh it just gives me chills haha. Im like the equivalent of Abby out of NCIS but in a psych world.. it just rocks my world :D

    if you made it a one time test you may find that people struggle... they could go.. but i didn't mean to click that button..lol However yes, i think thats a good option. You don't want any bias if possible.

    I think, all agents should have to do a psych test before each mission thats important (would heighten senses and make people feel more submerged in the world). Aptitude testing too maybe in the right areas. You could consider a test involved each time to see if people change in an area to show a personal growth or mental management. Yes yes im getting quite serious now.. haha i'll stop.. i have a whole brain full of ideas :D

    TY for the test btw :) judders (Jokes)
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  3. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    I think it would be an interesting project. It is not easy to find volunteers that self-select into a cohort such as this. Almost by definition, we play an ARG to be involved in something that is close but different from reality. We intentionally blur the lines that define reality and inappropriate behaviours. In effect, we are looking to be moved into non-normative states. Being offered the choice of Red-Orange-Yellow involvement already spells out what we're in for - Yellow agents should expect to have their world changed.
    You want to change my normative state? Bring it on.
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  4. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Intriguing thought, to say the least! ^^
    Although I can see it have quite a few proverbial can of worms attached to it, if A&S did implement such a service.

    It would certainly blend reality and gaming to a high degree, wich is, after all, the point of ARGs.
    I do imagine, however, that such a service would fall under the Green clearence level, as it could have a very substantial impact on your everyday life, and that it would have to be explicitly stated that such repercussions would be feasible - to avoid people being "unpleasently" surprised, even if they only wanted to mainly participate in the puzzle-solving aspects with a hint of verisimilarity.

    Hehe, nothing better than people who're passionate about what they do. ^^
    But I agree, keeping track of agents in such a relatively objective way, would be a very nice and relatively low-cost way of giving Agents a feeling that they're really a part of what's going on, and not just following the story and letting it impact them.
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  5. CutieMcPouty

    CutieMcPouty Senior Agent

    NOTE - passion i got that in droves.. and ideas. and dreams.. not so much the money unfortunately haha
    I do think it would make people feel submerged at times.

    Good afternoon everyone.. Feel free to add me as friends to talk anything through.. psych based or chatter.

    I have no clue what im doing here yet.. like i said.. bricking it over exams haha

    Will let you know my score when i get it... Gulps. Last year was 86%
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  6. CutieMcPouty

    CutieMcPouty Senior Agent

    Thank you people for the support.. im here to help you but if i can find a great thesis and i love it my marks will fly high :D

    Aww your all lovely.. who says gamers are weird.. JOKES Kissussss hehe
  7. CutieMcPouty

    CutieMcPouty Senior Agent

    NOTE - Santiak - Of course, but nothing should ever be done in psych without alot of testing.. you have to run pilot schemes and make sure you have ever eventuality covered.. It would be a serious operation and not one that could happen quickly.. I thought massively of the pitfalls (as quickly as i did the pluses) if it wasn't done right, and it would be completely detrimental to the game, so yes.. i see the fears and what can go wrong but thats why you take MONTHS to get it right ;) Faliure is NOT an Option. smiles.

    Another note - i have no idea how you do that page copy stuff.. Im a brain geek not a computer geek.. laughs.. someones gonna need to teach meee. BBS
  8. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    First of all, @CutieMcPouty loving to have people like you around here

    Here you have my results although I'm not as psychopathic as I thought, it seems I'm more of a cold-blooded killer :p

    Extroversion (sociability) |||||||||||| 43%
    Neuroticism (emotionality) |||||||||| 36%
    Psychoticism (rebelliousness) |||||||||||||| 55%

    Extroversion results were moderately low which suggests you are reclusive, quiet, unassertive, and private.

    Neuroticism results were moderately low which suggests you are relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.

    Psychoticism results were medium medium which suggests you are moderately self interested, willful, and difficult, while still respecting the well being of others.


    Also, if you need a volunteer for anything count me in ;)
    I'm going for Level Green Agent so I welcome anything that would make my life more... exciting :p
    Oh, and best of luck with your exams :)
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  9. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Oh oh oh, niiiiice thread! We plan a low level free test to anyone (backers or not) to make it viral. We already started to test out the questions and how we compound result. Here is the 'average' community result from our test so far. (Red line)

    * I did really score 0 (zero) in paranormal... =( Also, not proofread yet!

    For the advance test (given with custom virtual mission or real life mission), so far we took some of WURS and CAARS, for the ADHD out there, and mostly the WAIS-III for our Scientist / Investigator. The rest of the test is custom so we can better evaluate CyberTech (hacker skills), Soldier (aggressiveness) and sniper (stress management) to build our own Black Watchmen Psych Eval.
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  10. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Same here, really glad we have you here. I'll pick your brain if you give me the permission. =)[/QUOTE]
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  11. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    Don't worry, @Anashel, scoring 0 in one of them isn't necessarily a bad thing... right? ;)

    Sounds good in regards to what you have planned for the "advanced" test. Only downside is, for me personally, that my wallet is already to battered and broken, that I see little hope of being able to pledge for the "Division-42" or "Cyber-mage" levels. :(

    How much would the test alone cost?
    If viable, you could add the test itself as an add-on, and include something like a title ("TBW-tested" :p), or as we touched upon earlier, entry into a unique Division, as possible bonus rewards.
    In essence, it would make the Advanced Psych Evaluation not a "dedicated (individual) mission", but something procedural; like 1 or 2 missions per season, available to everyone who were in that "unique Division" (took the Adv. Psych Eval) - and of course leave it as a possibility that an Agent who didn't pledge for the Advanced Psych Evalution, could be hand-picked, so to speak, for that unique Division later down the line.
    Essentially making the pledge a "Adv. Psych Evaluation + early access to unique division (+ title (+ TBW lab-rat))"

    Considering how popular such an in-depth test might be, it might even be financially viable to have the add-on also act as a lottery-ticket for a possible "Dedicated Virtual Mission". But now my brain is just passing gas again.

    (Damn brain-cabbage)
  12. CutieMcPouty

    CutieMcPouty Senior Agent

    Awwwww I like your results your super ace.. psst.. do you know... "its the quiet ones you gotta watch" ;) they say haha

    Squishes ya face.. *Grins*
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  13. CutieMcPouty

    CutieMcPouty Senior Agent


    Any time... Im so up for some real batshit crazy results stuff further down the line.. real indepth... "oooooh wow" stuff. Ha ha

    I have cognitive Psych Jan for 8 months so im reconning I'm gonna be good for you all then, and then i have social and its all ova.. Woooooohooooo party time .. until i go do violent and sexual crime as a PhD :D then im gonna get all excited haha.... *drools* I wanna profile ya know. So this stuff right here is great stuff for me.

    Im sooooooooo in im out the other side :p
  14. CutieMcPouty

    CutieMcPouty Senior Agent

    Where is your testing so far? Thread? Can anyone do it and do you have a copy of all results or do people have to give it to you.. how are you running this? I wanna do mine...
  15. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    He posted it to the IRC last night but it was only open for a couple hours to get ~10 results. He just wanted to get the metrics that you see down. It was posted on surveymonkey, so he gets all the results, and the yellow line is group averages. That one is closed now, the next one will be when it's ready.
  16. CutieMcPouty

    CutieMcPouty Senior Agent

    Cheers Nikel :)


    Whos "He?" haha In future can anyone hit me upside the head hard if this stuff goes down cause im pretty useless. I have twin 8 year olds .. 'nuff said haha
  17. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    Haha of course. 'He' is Anashel, puppetmaster for TBW, and he goes by division66 on the IRC. Other members of the dev team are VGG, the executive producer of the game at Alice and Smith, and Forgues, lead developer.
  18. CutieMcPouty

    CutieMcPouty Senior Agent

    Goodness its like the inner circle.. jokes.

    Nice to meet you all... People are people to me.. :) Im no glory hunter or social flyer.. just a little butterfly.. haha

    Ty Nikel - my personal interpreter ;) teehee
  19. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    It's via a simple web form, so we are missing audio and visual test. Just question and rating. I get the result via Survey Monkey and put it in excel to output the graph for each players and show the community average.

    When we are far enough, i'll send you a link. =)
  20. CutieMcPouty

    CutieMcPouty Senior Agent

    Ok, are you adding audio and visual? eventually?

    nosey. yes i know. haha

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