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    Actually, I opted out of trying to handle the files. I couldn't find a player for the filetype, other then some very shady ones that were stressing out my antivirus a bit too much, and the converter I managed to dig up yielded nothing. :)
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  2. Gr3ylok

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    Which is why I said you might want to join the group :p our Chat bot could've helped you ;) or the latest release will give a pointer. Eitherway, sleepy-time. Cheers.
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    Heh, silly me, that title did wonders - cheers. ;)

    *continues antivirus scan just in case*
  4. Gr3ylok

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    Probably the easiest release.

    Sadly everything ends, we hope you enjoyed solving everything as much as we enjoyed making it. Keywords will be reused later on so keep your notes ready. Connecting dots could mean treats. Kardashev out.
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  6. Gr3ylok

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    Lol quite the way to conceal potential spoilers, I like.
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    Just a heads up, for this one you need the bot which can be found in the chat of this steamgroup. Online now for the following 3/4 hour, and tomorrow during the day.

    009 ARG Final - Cloud Chamber

    . ..ys ago a ...... was intercepted by .....shev, ....leen has been sent to investigate ...... She has confirmed that the ....... date back to 01/01/.... but where does it all end?

    Well, it ends in the chat of the group below at the following time and date.
    ..:.. ...+1 9/20/2014 limited rewards so be on time and good luck!

    Cloud Bot out

    - The older releases might give problems now as we updated the bot, the reason is that people got answers from others and only those who managed to solve it themself will be rewarded.

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