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Discussion in 'Suspected Missions' started by MERCury, Apr 6, 2015.

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    I was wondering that too Agent Vigatron!
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    Up until the most recent posting I was wondering if we were over thinking, it's certainly my habit during the various sandboxes.

    We have a gentleman, Mihail Bulgakov, who volunteered with the Red Cross during WWI while in medical school. According to one source, he served in southwestern Ukraine all many just say, "on the front." He was later injured, while acting as a doctor for the White Army, and was self-treating with morphine. Mihail is from the Ukraine although he spent much of his adult, writing career in Moscow under the loose protection of Stalin. Mihail graduated from his medical university in 1916.

    Barbituates. Barbituates were first discovered to have medicinal properties in 1903. Derivatives include phenobarbital and thiopental, the "truth" serum.

    Trading Places - a movie where two men are forced to change places and live each other's lives

    The Poem Flander's Fields. Written by a Canadian doctor who joined the Canadian Expeditionary Force as a gunner and doctor. He wrote the poem Flander's Fields after the second battle of Ypres in Belgium (side note: first use of chlorine gas as a weapon, very nasty). The poem itself was written in early May of 1915.

    Neuromuscular drugs and their use as paralytics.

    Hypothesis: Something out of a spy movie really. Agent A is picked up by Agency B, given "truth" serum and questioned. Agent B takes the place of Agent A. Potentially someone is buried while paralyzed. The hypothesis would be more valid if I could link either doctor to the other but there were at least 2000 miles apart from what I can tell.

    Relating the newest link, in previous experiences that are now foggy, sites like genius were used to hide clues. If you knew the search term you could type it in and then receive a playlist or code that needed to be deciphered based on the key also obtained by looking at the webpage.

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    I spent quite a while looking through genius trying to search key terms relating to Bulgakov and that horrid pig. I didn't turn anything back, but I feel like there has to be something hidden in there somewhere...
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    For reference: This is the output of hashes from my sitroom. The times are UCT0, if I remember correctly. I anticipate there will be a change tomorrow.
    = Listing hashes =========================================
    |2015-05-27 13:25:18.330|1eba77167d403da828eff6a858c0fb7c|
    |2015-05-25 13:55:40.633|8916703831f75c0cdc04ac12a1b8ac90|
    |2015-05-23 13:21:27.543|afcbcacbd97d3ac90170bdd591acba9a|
    |2015-05-21 18:10:16.203|014fa55d92cb40b6f523ec24266f98be|
    |2015-05-21 18:09:15.853|0542c6486bca709a8780ba531b13daf2|
    |2015-05-21 18:08:30.820|6b8a15626d0159f63f7df2166a38c994|
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    As expected:

    = Listing hashes =========================================
    |2015-05-29 13:20:50.000|6410a305b5024f2539c7179b5eb3e31d|
    |2015-05-27 13:25:18.330|1eba77167d403da828eff6a858c0fb7c|
    |2015-05-25 13:55:40.633|8916703831f75c0cdc04ac12a1b8ac90|
    |2015-05-23 13:21:27.543|afcbcacbd97d3ac90170bdd591acba9a|
    |2015-05-21 18:10:16.203|014fa55d92cb40b6f523ec24266f98be|
    |2015-05-21 18:09:15.853|0542c6486bca709a8780ba531b13daf2|
    |2015-05-21 18:08:30.820|6b8a15626d0159f63f7df2166a38c994|
    |2015-05-05 01:56:19.420|c6efbdb681d4c37d428e574bf5f95a39|
    |2015-05-05 01:56:14.887|c854ac3e463bdfc6b3c0dde34b61bb96|
    |2015-05-05 01:55:36.853|2c0606e4a6f61108ab7cc0ab6fe8279c|
    The new image looks to me like bread crumbs or rocks breaking down. Or something. I'm bad with that kind of stuff.

    The link is to

    This is the World Health Organization's essential medicine list (18th edition).

    The only barbituate on this list is an anti-convulsant Phenobarbital on page 5.

    I'm currently looking for a link between Phenobarbital and our Russian friend.

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    Morphine is also on the list. In 11 places.
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    5/29 gif is from an experimental short film by Jan Svankmajer called A Game with Stones and may be found here, with the gif beginning at ~5:25.
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    Side note from the veterinary world: phenobarbital is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain in the US as there are considerably safer drugs for many of the same uses. (i.e benzodiazipines (valium) for short term seizure control, propofol and a variety of other meds for pre-anesthetic and anesthetic, overdoses of many of those same drugs for humane euthanasia)

    I'm wondering about dates. 1903 (barbituates in medical use) 1915 (WWI related), 1907 (le conchur dansue), paralytic agents (spans from the 1500s to the 1940s easily), but then a slightly spanner - the most recent short is from 1965
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    [For kiks]

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    the sitroom updated today with three new video feeds, which link to, and respectively.

    the solves for the first two are
    morphine (thanks ugly!) and lethalinjection (thanks cata!) respectively
    but we haven't solved the last one.

    however, there was another link:

    the password for this was composed of the decrypted cryptobins and was guessed successfully to be
    which leads us to a new image and website - - which is as far as we've got so far
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    The initial image for the morphomedical site had the phrase: "Fact Faith Future" written underneath, which may be a clue to the password
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    Found the 3rd row password:

    To sum up the line of thought (the times I was banging my head against a wall excluded):

    Animals, Genius, and the bet that is the driving force behind the plot of Trading Places:

    All point to (rather explicitly, actually) the debate of "Nature vs Nurture" - e.g. if geniuses are born or made.
    This, in turn, lead to eugenics, which is the attempt to marry the two (nurture a nature by selective breeding).

    Which was formulated by Francis Galton.

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    Some reading about eugenics & Morpho :

    Linked to the following book :

    I think that a subject integrating both eugenics and the name of the company may be interesting. And Morpho Eugenia is also the name of a real butterfly species:

    So maybe there is a relevance, @MERCury ^^ I don't know if it might help, we will see.

    + A hidden part in the login form (a checkbox to remember the password, no idea why it's hidden but it is desired given the HTML comments tags) :
            <p class="forgetmenot"><label for="rememberme"><input name="rememberme" type="checkbox" id="rememberme" value="forever" tabindex="90" /> Remember Me</label></p>
    Pretty sure it's useless ^^

    EDIT : topic switched to
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    As a web developer: If the feature is one line of HTML and you want to remove it, don't delete it. Comment it out. If you delete it, you'll need it in a week.
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    Okay ^^ I'm pretty sure it's useless, but I wanted to mention it anyway :)
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    No problem, best mention it and have it explained than not mention it and never know why it is :)
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    That's true :)
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