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  1. Birdseye

    Birdseye New Agent

    Notice: Some edit's have happened to the record.

    Name: Ex-Archivist Hominidae
    Age: 24
    Rank: N/A
    Position: Head archivist in occult biology
    Authorizations: level 4, all of her section.

    Appearance: 5'5, brown hair, straight body shape, native american skin, brown eyes,

    Personality: Friendly, prone to outbursts, but their usually short.

    Qualifications: Did research on items found by a local church before the agency caught her, was recruited a short time afterwords.

    History: Did research on many items for her local church, creating her own mini archive of them in the church's basement. Was raised by the church from a young age. Was abducted by the agency during a raid on the church, was recruited shortly later.

    Interpersonal relationships: Good, she was very caring of the other agent's and archivist's, even when she left.
  2. SilverSword

    SilverSword Active Agent

    Name: Natasha Jaeger.
    Nickname: Palmtop Medic, Nat.
    Mental/Previous age: [Redacted]
    Current/Physical Age: 15
    Rank: Captain
    Position: Lead Doctor of Medical.
    Authorizations: All levels when needed.

    Appearance: Nat is natural plat-blonde, with long hair,blue eyes and 150cm in height (4ft 9). She usually wears a long white lab coat. Might be seen in various t-shirts with various things printed on them.



    Qualifications: Proficient in CQC. Knowledgeable with various weapons, although prefers non-lethal take-down methods, like tranquilizers and tazers. Also prefers long range weapons. Studied and has a degree in Medicine.

    History: She is the adoptive younger sister of Agent SilverSword and Agent Absolvus
    By the time SilverSword and Absolvus left the army, she was just finishing her degree and was close to getting her doctor license. So they extended an invite to her to become their squads combat medic, which she accepted. She was trained by them and spent some time as their combat medic. One day, while on a mission they came in contact with an occult artifact which made them appear on the Agency's radar. She was not recruited due to the fact that she was not needed at the time.
    She has been recruited by SilverSword, read incident report #948D8 and assigned by the higher ups as the Doctor of the current facility, a job she has taken very seriously, leading to the rebuilding of the infirmary from scratch. In her words "The previous state of the infirmary was hideous. They had better infirmaries in the trenches of World War 1, than what this facility had"

    Incident report #948D8 to follow. Classified - Eyes only:

    Interpersonal relationships: Friendly. Easy to make friends with. Tries to get to know people and does not make assumptions.
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  3. Operator

    Operator Senior Agent

    Agent Name: Liz. Real Name: Liz Augusta von GroƟ
    Age: Actual; 23, Physical; 13-14
    Rank: First Lieutenant
    Position: Field agent
    Authorizations: Standard authorization for agents recently admitted.

    Appearance: ((See picture below, physically inspired by Tanya von Degurechaff)) Tends to wear civilian style clothing on base and standard combat gear for field work.
    Personality: Considered to act very much like a child despite their true age. Energetic at times, friendly, and sometimes clingy.
    Despite her benefits as a agent, I am strongly against her admittance. She has a hidden sadistic streak and practically seems insane when discussing battle unrestrained. I'm still having nightmares of her despite my training and having weeks without contact.

    Qualifications: Highly skilled in CQC, proficient in small firearms and certain rifles. Has an odd trait causing magical energy to be quickly drained from anything she touches (Note: Please keep her out of archives whenever possible, and do NOT let her past main floor.) However this seems to have no effect directly on people except herself, leaving her unable to have or use magic. Appears to have unnatural strength given her size, more similar to that of a above average full grown male. Speed and reflexes considered un-human. Further testing required.
    ((OOC: Oi, fair warning to ya, true spoilers be here))
    Liz is the result of Project Lictor, a offshoot program of Project Praetor. The goal of Lictor was to create Soldiers (Agents) with boosted abilities that would always be active. However due to strict conditions for subject survival, only a few living results exist. Furthermore, all subjects have been mixed results, Liz being a more successful one with only a few problems compared to some that were only useful in lab settings.
    Liz hides a palpable bloodlust at almost all times as it is very offsetting to most agents. However this has led to her being able to more easily avoid notice as to hide the bloodlust, she must hide most of her normal presence. As the word "palpable" implies, her bloodlust is strong enough to, basically, be felt in the very air around her from quite a distance away. This is the result of all her more intense training occurring at a young age of 16. Primarily involving live combat in intense situations, she developed a taste for battle, for seeing the enemies blood drain from their body. This may however be the leading cause to her mental instability/potential insanity. Luckily her training prevents her from misidentifying friends in the heat of battle, and her consideration towards others unlike herself has lead to the adoption of a childlike behavior when not fighting.
    Her speed and reflexes are no joking matter, able to keep pace or out do enhanced agents (including some who may use magic). This tends to make her appear like a blur on the battlefield (Note: Based on reports, I have reason to believe agents such as Cross, YugiDMega, Bruteforce, and even SilverSword may be able to counter her if she was to be perceived as a threat.) And on many occasions will use her speed to annoy, tease, or help others she has accepted as friends. Tests show that given a proper distance of about 15 meters, she can even dodge small arms fire. Though this, at best, seems to only be slightly better than a coin toss.
    [Data Block Encrypted]

    History: [Pending further investigation]

    Interpersonal Relationship: Only recently approved as an agent, so nothing to report to date.
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  4. Birdseye

    Birdseye New Agent

    Agent name: Narwhal
    Age: 47, physical age 32
    Rank: Captain
    Position: Soldier Field agent (see addendums)
    Authorizations: Normal for an experienced agent

    Appearance: Tall, average weight, various sailing tattoos, shaved face and head. (see addendums)

    Personality: Usually friendly unless in a high stress environment, in sed environments agent narwhal experiences an extreme adrenaline rush, he also seems to enter a "rage" state, in which he becomes lethally violent.

    Qualifications: Captain in the coast guard for 5 years. Stopped a murderous cult on the coasts of Africa, also stopped a currently unknown number of hostile marine creatures from reaching shore. (see addendums)

    History: After being in the coast guard for a 5 years, was recruited to the agency for his various actions. He happily obliged, stating "if anyone's gonna kill those bastards, it's gonna be me!".

    Interpersonal relationships: Agent narwhal is known for his jovial attitude and positive outlook among the other agents. (see addendums)

    Addendum #1: After being offered the position of soldier, he stated "If i wanted to keep murdering people i would've stayed in the coast guard, i want to help without guns sometimes"

    Addendum #2: Has chosen to remain in this fashion for the reason of "There's a reason why we do it in the military after all".

    We thought it was just another pirate case, people reporting men on ships and the like, but once we got within firing range, something changed. They were firing upon us, strange fleshy bits stuck to our ship. Of course we destroyed them afterwords, but the crew was confused about the things they fired at us. We headed away from shore to return to port, but when we did we heard scraping along the sides of the ship. We looked over and found horrifiyng beasts crawling up the ship, and a few huge ones around it. The sky turned black and the sea turned a dark blue. After a few hours we had them defeated, but with heavy casualties. Only a bakers dozen of us survived, but once we got back to the blue sky and the green waters, we noticed something had changed. Once we docked we all got picked up by the agency, who explained that we had been presumed dead, as we were apparently out at sea for 5 years.
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