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  1. Shadow_Strker

    Shadow_Strker New Agent

    Mason Brooks
    Alias: Shadow_Strker
    Age: 23
    DOB: 9/23/94
    Rank:Agent First Class
    Specialty: Demonology
    Authorization: Yellow
    Current Assignment: N/A
    Shadow was always interested in the darker side of the world. At the age of 17 he would practice the occult. Scrying, summoning, and of course banishing for when the summoning worked too well Shadow began to master the strange art. At age 20 finding himself proficient enough to be called an exorcist and was recognized as such by his local parish. The agency found him during an investigation regarding a strange pattern of rupture radiation off the coast of [REDACTED] the agency observed him flawlessly contain a rift entity without our assistance. When we approached him with a recruitment offer he was hesitant at first but later contacted us.

    Although never used, Shadow did take part in weapons training.
    Owns several various copies of the Ars Goetia.
    Hates cats.
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  2. aidenmm

    aidenmm New Agent

    Name: Brian Goodwin
    Alias: harbinger
    Age: 34
    Rank: archivist
    Specialty: mixed martial arts,weapons training, and history
    Authorization: Yellow
    Current Assignment: N/A
    Backstory: he worked for division 66 when he was 33 and has done field work for most of it until something bad happen on one of his op's and because of that he was reassigned to be an archivist.
    likes:loves cats and dogs
    loves old horror movies
    likes puzzles
    love to make new friends
    has magic color blue
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  3. Kyzsa

    Kyzsa New Agent

    Agent Kyzsa
    Name: Final Jaywren (Yes, her parents NAMED her Final. It's a stupid names but she can't bring herself to change it)

    Alias: Kyzsa

    Age: 19

    Place of Birth: On a Qantas Jet travelling from America to Australia over the North Pacific Ocean (Technically she's Australian though)

    Rank: Scientist

    Position: Acting-Head of the Psychology Department

    Authorisations: Yellow, however she is on a need-to-know basis for patients above her own clearance level.

    HT/WT: 166cm, 68kg

    Physical appearance: Dyed red hair (naturally brown), Caucasian with blue-green eyes. Even in her resting face her two lips don't touch at the middle, showing her two front teeth, so she gets called "Rabbit" quite a lot.

    Personality: Well-mannered and calm to most people that she meets, but to the people she knows on a more personal level outside of the clinic she becomes more loud mouthed and sarcastic. She trusts easily and therefor, is able to be trusted easily too.

    (As a Field Agent)
    Basic Training in Martial Arts
    Cryptography Training
    Crime Scene Investigation Training
    StingerOS Training Course [Div 66]
    (As a Scientist/Psychologist)
    Studies in the Occult, Arcane, Mythological, and Theological
    Basics of Neurology
    Undergraduate in Psychology - Bachelor of Science (Completed in under 2.5 years, she's quite proud of that)
    Master of Suicidology (Was NOT fun, but was required for the position)

    History: Joined the Agency when she was 16 through her involvement in the Copley case in Australia. Wanted and succeeded in becoming a Field Agent however 6 months into her position she, and a unit of other agents, were dispatched onto a mission involving the mothers of children aged from 2 months to 12 years old becoming so enraged that they killed their partners and they children. Their emotions were heavily influenced by an occult outside party.

    Very much traumatised by this, as any 16 year old would even with her training, Kyzsa stepped down from her position in the field and began her work in the Science Division, focusing on Psychology and specialising in Pathokinesis and EFT in the occult community.

    She joined the Agency Psychology department where the only other member was the Head of the department. Therefore, whenever he is away, Kyzsa is elected Acting-Head of the department.

    Interpersonal Relationships: As basically everyone's psychologist she consciously attempts to keep a positive relationship with everyone she happens to meet, however many agents are put off by her because of her position.
  4. Ryan Jaeger

    Ryan Jaeger New Agent


    Vasiliy Zimov [Agent Winther]
    Age: 36
    IT-Specialist (Div 88)


    Darkbrown medium-length hair. Green eyes. Medium physical build and tall height. Caucasian, pale. Glasses. Clothes described as “casual formal”.


    Calm, confident, introvert personality.


    · Graduation - Computer and Systems Sciences
    · Graduation - History
    · Training - Federal Security Service (FSB) (Rank at Discharge: Major)

    · Information Technology
    · History
    · StingerOS
    · OSINT
    · CYBINT
    · SIGINT

    Other Information: Agent Winther has a notable interest for history, art and culture. Winther has collaborated with Div 73 in the past and continues to do so on an “on demand”-basis. Winther also knows the languages polish, english, german and russian.

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