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  1. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    the solution how to get to all of them has been found, some time ago, but dylanamite never put the answers in here (and since its his initiative, he should do it ^^ )
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  2. Watch2300

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    Puzzle Pieces 24 to 26
    This became almost a nightmare.

    After checking the PNG files I noticed that some had one or two numbers at the end of the file.
    Thinking about this gave me the idea, that this has maybe something to do with coordinates.
    So I searched for a tool to check this.
    Google Earth
    Venus Addon
    Pity, this did not work with the numbers.
    But the method gave me something else instead:
    A list of possible "Mons"
    So here are the answers for 24 - 26 by trial and error;
    24 - Api
    25 - Chloris
    26 - Theia
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  3. Watch2300

    Watch2300 New Agent

    Not really, tried some questions though.
    I have found the puzze pieces for 28-30 thanks to your 29 nudge.
    I was thinking in the same direction.;)
    Anyone made the origami link?:confused:
  4. Steelgramps

    Steelgramps Gold Member

    @dylanamite so, about that update you were gooing to do shortly?
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  5. Goldwing

    Goldwing Active Agent

    Because it seems these did get solved, just not updated, I need to ask: did they ever lead to any secret missions or something? There's no achievement or anything.
  6. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    theres a new set of missions, giving some new lore on a certain target ^_^
    its really interesting
  7. Techn1k

    Techn1k Active Agent

    @zaelong you wrote that you found pieces for 28-30. Trying to figure out #28 for few hours now. Could you please share? Pulling my hair out already.
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  8. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    i forgot...
    i only have the actual answers and the clue for 29....
    the overall theme is something on mars
    this time its not a natural phenomena
  9. Watch2300

    Watch2300 New Agent

    I found some notes;

    origami, the art of paperfolding
    Mars; Picture is Ennead Ring
    - Guard #3321
    Mars black? projects special access program
    Where is origami, in this aspect, used for in global?
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  10. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    Follow up on the PP guide

    MISSION SET 5 - Scorched Earth
    Theme for Mission Set 5
    Moons of Uranus
    Mission 19:
    When in trouble; call the helpdesk
    In the STINGER manuel, you can find a ticket id to ask for help; when converting the hex to test, it spells out sycorax
    Mission 20:
    what a lovely wife he has
    his wife has the same name as a character from shakespears works; yes the moons of uranus are named after shakespears characters.
    Mission 21:
    Could this be a typo? or is it just another language
    portia; another word for port or harbor
    Mission 22:
    great roman numerals again
    Release order IX --> label IX/9th discovered moon of uranus; Cressida
    Mission 23:
    this key is only spoken
    The agent we're all swooning for; agent Mab we miss you :(

    MISSION SET 6 - Worthy Opponents
    Theme for Mission Set 6
    mountains/volcanos on Venus
    Mission 24:
    weve seen this before in mission 9
    When reading the specifications for your vehicle, the first letters spell out API
    Mission 25:
    hows your knowledge of languages
    you need the lover, not the name
    the greek letters spell out Neleus; his lover was chloris, and she has her volcano on venus
    Mission 26:
    time for a scavengerhunt
    you need all the numbers
    look for the numbers hidden over the documents; when converting them from dec to text they spell out theia
    Mission 27:
    look for the dots
    the dots in the corner are braille spelling out ushas

    Theme for Mission Set 7
    landers/rovers on Mars
    Mission 28:
    look for the sender of the omicron reply
    when looking for "Harriet" and "mars rover" you get a hit for the sojourner
    Mission 29:
    the success code looks like an archive file...
    try converting the error codes to utf
    when converting the numbers to utf something; youll get the kanji spelling out nozomi

    Mission 30:
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  11. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    UPDATE: LogThatData just found the real solution for the puzzle piece from mission 28
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  12. Curiosity Kitten

    Curiosity Kitten Active Agent

    Any chance for help on #30? I've tried everything logical I can think of and quite a few illogical things as well.

    Edit: Well, I got the answer for #30, but I just did that by:
    Trying everything on this page until one of them worked. (I thought I did that before, must have missed that one.)

    Now I'm just trying to figure out WHY.
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  13. Agent Sperrymonster

    Agent Sperrymonster Active Agent

    You were probably entering your answer into the agent map rather than in the mission itself. Still working on the why though. I was figuring something with the evidence file names.
  14. Agent K

    Agent K Active Agent

    Got the answer for #30, not sure if it was as intended or dumb luck:
    Cartographer= maps= Atlas- the link to the mars missions being "Atlas"
    Further hint :
  15. fathamburger

    fathamburger Active Agent

    not sure how agent K go the first spoiler but for those who just want the quick thing to enter like me , here you go

    maven and you get there from other hints i.e its an atlas related mission, atlas being the rocket hence propulsion but why Atlas to begin with? havent got the time or patience to go redo the mission to dig around. Chop chop, lots of backlog and game content to chew through

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