Say It Isn't So... Capt Patrick 32yrs Old

Discussion in 'General' started by Sonne, Sep 27, 2014.

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    So we have Red, Grandma Gladys and the Wolf. I wonder who Scruffy is playing in this little game... The Hunter? Doesn't seem likely as he is the one being hunted. Also not sure who is scarier... Red or the Wolf.
  3. Shezbeth

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    That's also how I was calling her at first, but...
    Don't you know another lady in red who like to cut hea... things? (Remember that we follow Alice&Smith's trail...)

    Nb: Yeah, not useful at all. But I now think that we'll have to wait to really know more :/
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  4. Asariel

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    I did a research paper about the Red Riding Hood tale, here is one of the modern pictures I included... :p
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  5. Zodiac

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    Just a probably not helping comment....
    Just saw The Breaking Bad / Saison 2 / Episode 7 .. wow .. Flashing moment.. The guy with the axe at the end.. That made me really remembers this video!
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  6. Grim-Angel53

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    Honestly, It wouldn't surprise me if he was dead or not. These things can happen. It's my inclination to believe he is, though in the chaotic scheme of things, this may not be true. Consult the charts, the plans, and find out about the Captain as much as possible. It is a waiting game, dear compatriots. We. Shall. Win.
  7. Sonne

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    My working theory, pending new evidence:

    Red is Gwendolyn creating a repeat circumstance of Msika's disappearance, Missing Presumed Dead. She took one of our very special agents to get back at Gladys and the Organization.

    If this is true, I expect Cap'n Scruffy is her playtoy until she sells him on the black market. We probably don't have a large window of opportunity to get him back before he takes residence at Hotel California.
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  8. Zodiac

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    I would love to see her ring more detailed. In my opinion it is the only thing in the video which might be a good placed clue.
  9. Artos

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    I agree Zodiac. I've over and over this video at least 50 times looking for one tiny thing I missed. The ring is the only thing that seems to stand out to me as well.
  10. Zargh

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    Sorry if i am starting to dissapointing you about the ring...We discussed it in IRC the same nite the video came out....its a simple stock ring you can buy in different colours, nothing special. The shape is called Pear Shape... for example: ring
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  11. Artos

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    No worries at all Zargh. Even a dead lead is still a lead!! It kept me busy for a bit at least. lol.
  12. OCDCoder

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    Is there anything to the symbol on the mailbox? That's the only other thing in the video that I thought could mean anything. Other than the obvious question of why Little Red Riding Hood. (I Googled Little Red Riding Hood and axe and came up with all kinds of things that likely aren't relevant...)
  13. Shezbeth

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    As stated before, the best link between RedRidingHood and an axe would be the hunter.

    But if I think of a lady in red, used to chop peoples, I'm still coming back to the queen of hearts (also, the ring is more likely a sign of wealth than of a poor little girl).
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  14. OCDCoder

    OCDCoder Moderator

    Agreed on the second part. On the first, I was just looking for references where it was Red doing the chopping to see if anything stood out.
  15. Vismal

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  16. Shezbeth

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  17. OCDCoder

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  18. Vorticity

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    What's this in the window?
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  19. Zodiac

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    Good catch. Don't know.
  20. Vismal

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    It almost looks like a permit for establishments...

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