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Discussion in 'Division-66' started by dylanamite, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Grim-Angel53

    Grim-Angel53 Senior Agent

    OOC: @dylanamite can I possible add to my inventory a small thermos that can fill itself with anything through magic? not actually to be used per say, just as flavor. I figure id have at least one coffee cup that did this, and a thermos for travel.
    can we talk IC in the waiting/break room?
  2. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Sure, why not :p Just edit your first post, that's what I'll be looking at when I introduce you to the game.
    Also yeah, you can. You should know by now there's actually not that many rules to follow aha

    (I was also thinking of adding you, zae and Baktic as the "backup" for the bearwolf situation, so you might get to join in sooner than you thought!)
  3. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey Senior Agent

    Agent Name: Steve

    • Looks somewhat like Steve Harvey.
    • About 6 feet tall
    • Has a mustache almost exactly like Steve Harvey’s
    • Has some very basic agent equipment.
    • Bald.
    • Always seen wearing some kind of formal outfit, even when undercover or on a night shift.

    Background: I’m just your average old agent. My work is mainly split between being undercover out in the field, or doing some good ol’ pencil pushing. The problem is though, a lot of my undercover work hasn’t gone so well to say the least. I’ll be trying to save the world, and then all of a sudden I’d be swarmed by strangers asking for my autograph. Time and time again, I tell them I’m not the real Steve, but they don’t believe me. I recently asked administration if I could be transferred to another field of work. They had an open spot in the Night Shift apparently, and naturally I took it. My fellow agents are used to me and my annoyingness so far, so I figured this would be a good job for now.

    Starting Items: 2 bandages, 1 Lucky “I’m your biggest fan” engraved balisong knife, Glock 42 (2 extra magazines.), ski mask, and an outdated Iphone.
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  4. Grim-Angel53

    Grim-Angel53 Senior Agent

    Alright. that's actually what I figured. and luckily, Grim knows what a bearwolf is!
  5. Grim-Angel53

    Grim-Angel53 Senior Agent

    *sounds of bearwolf howls in the distance*

    So Baktic, Zae, did either of you bring a weapon? cause that sounds like a bad time coming our way.

    Begins to prep a few defensive spells, just in case.
  6. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Just so you know, the Waiting Room isn't actually in the Agency... Imagine it as some like... idk
    Basically it's where you are until you're actually needed for the game :p You can talk in character if you want but there's not gonna be any action to take until you actually arrive at the Agency!
  7. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    "Grim, i think you are confusing me with the current head of Micro-C, I'm Gavin just an errant boy for the labs, and to get back to your question,why would i need any weapons down here? isnt it just some regular partolling to kick out any unwanted visitors or putting out lights after our buts?
    I might be able to make something explosive if i really need to though"
  8. ManyPinkHats

    ManyPinkHats Active Agent

    There comes a time in one's life that decides what person they are. Are they the sort of person that will hide in a closet when danger is approaching? Or are they the sort of person who will STAND THEIR GROUND! A PERSON WHO WILL DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE TO MAKE SURE NOBODY GETS HURT!


    I am not one of those people. Help Agent Greenstar drag me (and Agent Greenstar) into the closet.
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  9. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey Senior Agent

    "Welp, here I am. Show up to my new job and there are already people getting chased by bearwolves... Glad to be in the waiting room!"
  10. Grim-Angel53

    Grim-Angel53 Senior Agent

    "Gavin, im sorry, I've been a little...dozed off. You may want to. Lots of things prowl the halls around the agency at night. usually because someone forgot to lock a containment unit, or the demons got out of their hard drive enclosures, or the cat is getting really angry... it can throw those spines far....Simply put, its a dangerous place during the day, just think about it at night."
  11. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    "I guess i should try to stock up on some chemicals and try to learn some warding glyphs then.... (damn you zae, whyd you sign me in for this...)"
  12. Ravenhold

    Ravenhold Senior Agent

    Sets up on the side opposite the bearwolves are coming from, and aims down the corridor and waits.

    (OOC: I might not be around for each round, as I'm only able to be on here for about 8 hours at night. So i'm going to leave an order of operations for my characters actions while fighting these things, in the case that i'm not around. That way you can move forward even if i'm not available.)

    Order of Operations:
    • Safety: Keep friendlies out of line of fire. Re-position if someone steps in front of me.
    • Attacking: within 25m, 1 shot/game round, center of mass, targeting closest enemy.
    • Dodging: When enemy is within striking distance, Move out of reach as well. (Doubt i'd be able to take one of these things one on one.)
    • Reloading: Before final round fired (Keeps from having to wrack the slide.). Clip Cap: 13+1 (Didn't start with a chambered round so first clip is 13rounds)
    • Trapping: Fire before the enemy enters the trap. Move out of the way when they enter the trap. Fire at them after they've hopefully slid through the trap and ended up where ever they'll end up. If trap fails, then see above.
    • Out of ammo: Run away and try to kite the enemy away from the group. Try to think of something crafty to do to stop, capture or kill them; while running.
    • If caught: R.I.P. (I died trying to keep people safe. I'm fine with that.)
    This has no particular order, other then common sense.
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  13. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent

    ((In order to counteract the excessive seriousness of your actions, I'm going to continue being a dumbass for the rest of the game.))
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  14. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Upon hearing the bearwolf roarhowl, there was only one thing Codex knew needed to be done.

    Lock the shit out of that door.
    And barricade it.
  15. Grim-Angel53

    Grim-Angel53 Senior Agent

    "im just gonna have some coffee and make sure my personal wards are still intact and enchanted into my clothing."
  16. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey Senior Agent

    I walk up to the waiting room's vending machine and buy myself a Pepsi with what remains of my pocket change. I'm starting to reconsider taking this open spot...
  17. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    (steve, as long as we're in the waiting room, we cant actually perform any actions. so writing doesnt have any meaning atm
    unless your goal is to confuse people XD)
  18. Steve Harvey

    Steve Harvey Senior Agent

    I'm not actually taking like game actions, just doing whatever while in the waiting room, lol.
  19. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator


    "Watch out guys, the bearwolves are getting closer to you. They're walking down the Eastern corridor as I'm talking. I'd give it another 10 minutes before they're on you. You must act quickly! I've called for backup as you suggested, but I don't have hopes of them showing up soon."

    [4] - Turns to face the direction.
    [3] - Gets ready to react
    [5] - Keep Agent ManyPinkHats out of line of fire.

    Agent Ravenhold is ready. He turns on the spot towards the sounds of the approaching bearwolves. Now that the lights are on he can see down the entirety of the Southern Corridor. If what Agent Dylanamite said is correct, they should be within his vision within a couple of minutes. He prepares himself for that moment as he raises his gun and aims.
    He spots a fellow Agent panicking with a wet floor sign ahead of him. Luckily, from his previous training, he knows how to aim and takes the utmost care to avoid ManyPinkHats. He's determined to not let anyone get killed tonight.

    [2] - Set a trap
    [5] - Drag Many to a closet

    [5] - Help Greenstar drag me

    Realising it's his only choice of weapon, Agent Greenstar grabs the mop! As he does so, he notices the bucket laying nearby. AHA! A perfect trap! He knocks over the bucket and... Oh, wait... The bucket had already been spilt - his damp clothes a reminder of that event. Now there's just a bucket in the middle of the puddle.
    Agent ManyPinkHats, still standing next to the puddle, seems a little irked by the bucket being in the puddle. That space should belong to his wet floor sign! Another roar from the Eastern Corridor spurs the pair into action. Agent Greenstar grabs Agent ManyPinkHats. ManyPinkHats grabs Greenstar. Greenstar holds the mop. ManyPinkHats holds the wet floor sign. Both of their clothes are damp from the puddle. They both drag each other and their items into the janitor's closet. Once inside, they realise that the mop and the wet floor sign are both glowing with a gentle yellowish aura.... Intriguing...

    [6 +1] - Lock the door
    [4] - Barricade it

    After discovering the secrets to the locking mechanisms in the Agency, Codex feels super confident that she can lock the large, metal door to the Power Room. After slamming it shut and briefly investigating the room, she got to work. Within a few seconds, the door was locked. Wait... That seemed too easy. Maybe she did something wrong?
    Nope. It's locked. Definitely locked. The only problem is... it doesn't seem to want to open again. Maybe her locking skills were a little too good.
    Either way, that wasn't the biggest problem right now. She still had bearwolves to deal with. Codex began to drag the large table over to the door to barricade it.

    Agent Greenstar
    Position: Janitor's Closet
    HP: 20/20
    Coins: 1
    • Bandages (x3)
    • iPod Shuffle (Lucky - Grants +1 to any roll)
    • Mop (possibly magical)
    Status: Alive, healthy, brandishing a mop, damp clothes (with Agent ManyPinkHats)

    Agent Ravenhold
    Position: Southern Corridor
    HP: 20/20
    Coins: 10
    • Tactical Vest
    • SD40 VE (2 clips)
    • Lock Pick set
    • Smart Phone
    • Keys
    Status: Alive, healthy, armed and loaded, ready to attack

    Agent Codex
    Position: Power Room
    HP: 20/20
    Coins: 0
    • Bandages (x5)
    • Access Terminal
    • Cup of Espresso
    Skills: +1 on "door" actions
    Status: Alive, healthy, barricading the power room. Locked in.

    Agent ManyPinkHats
    Position: Janitor's Closet
    HP: 20/20
    Coins: 10
    • A Wet Floor sign (possibly magical)
    Status: Alive, healthy, damp clothes, holding his favourite Wet Floor sign (with Agent Greenstar)

    Ravenhold, I know you put two posts for this turn so I decided to save your second one for when the bearwolves actually arrive. Also that post was very informative! This is going to be a lot of fun :)

    Also to everyone in the waiting room, you'll join in either 2 or 3 turns!
  20. Greenstarfanatic

    Greenstarfanatic Senior Agent

    "Well shit.

    So uh...how's it goin? Fancy...wet floor sign you got there"

    Make small talk. Make sure the door's locked and search for like, any kind of chemical stuff in the closet. Or an air vent.

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