Recruiting New Agents

Discussion in 'Fan & Sandbox Missions' started by vigatron, May 14, 2015.

  1. Santiak

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    Be sure to review the Culper code sheet carefully. :)
  2. Gaudin

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    stuck because it's so early - found the part, but did it the wrong way round *head-table"

    pastebin actually under heavy load haha

    thanks anyway, nice puzzle

    edit: checked the spoilers, bit confused now...

    after finding the alphabet in the culper code book, I got bzcwpcsj instead of bz3WP3Sj - nearly correct, is there some thought process error in my brianiac? lower, upper case, confused now even more!
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  3. Zekh

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    As a flyer, advertising game, like something we can put in mailboxes and such, if you are likely to need hints to solve it, it's too hard already.
    We are talking about an independant (meaning self-contained) puzzle that won't require a lot of research elsewhere than what's on the paper.
    Then you can end the flyer with one of those auto-responding mail adresses (like the one we saw in the beta) to give back the black watchmen forum/website link.

    I think it's lighter than using QR code, that doesn't always work and require coding.

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