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Discussion in 'Technical Support' started by Anders, Feb 25, 2017.

  1. Anders

    Anders Active Agent


    first of all I am really sorry if my questions are rather dumb.
    But I'm a bit insecure about some points.

    I preordered the Quantum Suite Game Package and added the Backstory Bonus.
    After that I was led to the payment process via Paypal.
    Now after paying I got the regular "Thank you" E-Mail but no further Information about how to get the Package, the Steam Keys for TBW.
    There was a download link for the Alpha 0.3 but when I start it i get to an GUI which is completely diffrent from what is seen at the youtube videos.

    Also i'm wondering where to create an game acount so i can define a agent-id or something like that.
    The alpha 0.3 that I downloaded has some missions and all of that works.
    Just what wonders me is that it is so diffrent from what the guy on the youtube video is using.
    But what is more confusing for me is that i have no idea where to create my account and all that stuff.

    Maybe I'm asking to early and will get everything after the weekend or something like that,
    but if that's the case I'd like to suggest that you change your "Thank you for purchasing" mail a bit so these things are explained. (Also whether it usually takes some time until a seperate mail with the steam keys arrives).

    Right now I paid and right afterwards feel a bit lost.

    I don't want to come across in an unfriendly manner, as I said i'm just a bit insecure and want some clearification.

    I'm looking forward to some great experience and giving feedback for the alpha.

    Thank you and all the best,
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  2. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Hi there!

    Youtube video has Alpha 0.1, a vertical slice of all three stage of the game. (Recon, intrusion and raid) Right now Alpha 0.4 is specifically focusing on the Recon and Intrusion part of the game. Raid will be added during the Closed beta.

    Account creation will be added during the closed beta also. For now you don't need an account to try the Alpha.

    I just sent an Alpha 0.4 newsletter update with some insight on the upcoming new module and features. Feel free to reach me on discord if you have any questions!
  3. Ghost Moth

    Ghost Moth New Agent

    I have Pre-Ordered Quantum Suite with the Backstory Package aswell, and did also not recieve any information on how to get my Key´s for TBW ,Etc.
    When can i espect to get the Keys since im Planing on qworking myself throught all the Games / Dlc´s befor NT4.
  4. Aran

    Aran New Agent

    I have another problem...
    I have pre-ordered without logging in my account, and after the payment I only received a Paypal mail, nothing else.
    So i wonder how can i get my stuffs?

    Sorry for this noob question
  5. Ghost Moth

    Ghost Moth New Agent

    U should recieve a Thank u Message from the same Email ur PayPal runs over, and as far as i know there is even no possibility to register or sign in on NT4´s Site.
    Would be nice if Staff would show up, to clearify things.

    But i too didnt get my Stuff yet, only the Automated Message.
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  6. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    NT4 runs on the same registration system as The Black Watchmen. The most recent Alpha (0.5) has integrated the signin system. I'm fairly sure you can register from within that client.
    You should have received the keys via email. The email that they were sent in is from '[email protected]' and is titled 'NT4 - Your Alice and Smith Bundle'. If you can't find it, please contact Anashel-- all keys should have been sent out.
    You should be receiving email updates from the devs related to NITE Team 4. The most recent Alpha email went out on March 31, titled 'NITE Team 4 - Alpha 0.5'. The email that sends them is '[email protected]', make sure you whitelist it. If you didn't receive the email, please contact Anashel.
  7. Ghost Moth

    Ghost Moth New Agent

    Started a Conversation with Anashel, hope this Issue gets resolved fast....
    Whole thing already gave me a headache.
  8. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Hi everyone!

    1) Keys
    If you order TBW backstory, keys are normally sent in 2 to 3 days after the order. If you didn't receive it, let me know and I'll look into it!

    2) Alpha
    You can register an account when you start the alpha 0.5. All alpha version before that do not required an account.

    I'll be on discord later tonight and all weekend if you have any issues, let me know and i'll fix it.
  9. Ghost Moth

    Ghost Moth New Agent

    Already wrote you in a Conversation with all my Info ( at least what i reckon u would need if u need more let me know.)
    Today markes the Third ( Brought at the 04.04.17) Day, if u got time and could look into it i would really appreciate that.
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  10. JackTyme

    JackTyme Active Agent

    I just pre-ordered about 15 mins ago. The Quantum package for 60$ CAD.
    I have one issue, I don't want to use my paypal email as the means of contact with NiteTeam 4 developers.
    I already registered an account when playing the Alpha 0.5 version, I'm hoping I can tie that account in with the purchase I made.

    I will try and make it on discord this weekend to fix things up.
  11. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Will do, i'll get on discord @ 3h00 EST. Thank you for your patience, we will sort this out!
  12. JackTyme

    JackTyme Active Agent

    Ok ill be there.

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  13. cubscout61

    cubscout61 Active Agent

    I preordered the quantum package and I didn't recive any form of authentication other than the puzzlehunt
  14. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

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