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    Hi ChilePete,

    I just got an update on the matter from Anashel, so let me give you the facts:

    Packages costs between 3 - 5 CAD per person on average.
    Phonecalls costs between 0,5 - 1 CAD per person on average.

    There is a rotational limit on about 5 CAD per person, so once a person receives 1 Package and perhaps 1 Phonecall, for example, they are taken out of the rotation, and won't receive further interactions.
    Likewise, if they receive 4 -5 phonecalls, they will not receive a Package, nor any further interactions.

    So far, a rough estimate is that there's been conducted 600 phonecalls in total.

    So, considering there is - the last time I checked - 3892 Active Agents, and there were 300 opt-ins for Orange Clearence or above just in the last 2 weeks, you can see that you are, statistically, far from the only one who hasn't received an interaction outside verification yet - and the ones who have received quite a few, will receive no further interactions; they've been taken out of the rotation.

    In addition to these facts, there are 3 things worth keeping in mind:

    1) The distribution.

    Out of the 3892 Agents, only 1478 are registered on these forums, and out of those, even fewer (I don't have the exact number) actively participate, and fewer still do so outside of Live-Events.
    If we tally the number of interactions reported here, I'd say it would roughly be about 50 - 70, all-in-all? (I actually feel that's being generous, but let's go with that assumption)
    That means that the vast majority, 550 - 530, of the interactions made thus far in the Season, have been to people who haven't participated actively on the forums nor on IRC.

    For this reason, one can not look at what is reported on the forums and conclude that it's a sign of preferential treatment (since everyone has a set limit, and due to the fact that the majority of calls has been to people not active on here nor on IRC).

    In addition, the ones who have received quite a few calls will, as mentioned, receive no further interactions, nor any packages.
    Those who haven't received any calls - such as you and me - have a higher chance than they do for receiving packages or phonecalls - they have 0% for either.

    2) Interactions are not guaranteed.
    As I've mentioned elsewhere, the vast majority of the revenue is spent on developing, constructing, and producing the various Missions - with everything that entails.
    It is not funneled into the Interactions - for the very reason you yourself mention; so others don't end up paying for other players' enjoyment.
    As such, Interactions are not guaranteed - they are, as you know, optional for you to opt in for; to say "I'd like to be able to receive this at some point".
    What the majority of your money has gone to, has been the construction of Missions - to the game itself; not the optional parts of it.

    3) Early buyers:
    Early buyers and supporters received access to 5 "Early Access" missions during the beta, these of course cost money to produce, but they are nevertheless extra content that they (the early buyers) exclusively had access to, so in essence, those of us who were "early birds" have also gotten our share of extra material already.

    Having said all that, to come back to your point of "paying for other peoples enjoyment", keep in mind that the rough estimate was 600 phonecalls total at this point.
    Thats 300 - 600 CAD; very far from the majority of revenue.

    Thus - to add my own thoughts - it also boils down to a logistical issue, and I think this, because I know they've been looking for someone to handle these interactions specifically - because had I not been in a different country, it would have been my responsibility.

    Either way, the ones who've been "lucky" enough to receive 4 - 5 calls, are no longer in the rotation. They'll receive nothing further, for which reason they are, in my opinion, the most unlucky ones.
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