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  1. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    Ideally, your wifis would be a screenshot from the device used to detect the wifis, upload the image same as the PO photos. I expect if you are unable to have screenshots (device incapability, etc) a photo of written notes may suffice, uploaded with the PO photo.
  2. mattneutral

    mattneutral Active Agent

    Just uploaded my city's PO. Work has me driving around to a couple bordering towns including Cincinnati this week so if I happen to pass any more up I'll be sure to snap some intel
  3. AZTEC

    AZTEC Active Agent

    I will continue to provide intel on Vienna post offices tomorrow. Today I conducted a secret meeting with a fellow agent currently on rehab and yet unbriefed. May be able to activate him, thus raising Vienna level to 4. Will report.
  4. DeiDhena

    DeiDhena Senior Agent

    Milan is level 2 now, I just contacted friendly agent in the area, aiming at increasing defense level.
  5. DrNoodle

    DrNoodle Senior Agent

    Hello Agents. I'm new to the forums.
    Anyone here in the Boston area? I got Somerville and Cambridge on the map today. I'm hoping there's other agents in the area that can get the levels up higher.
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  6. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    Status as of 2016-08-17 21:45 UTC
    Signal Strength Reported: 46.5%
    Death Toll Reported: 0404 deaths
    Global Network Status:
    Isolated Network : 90 Cities - 60%
    Localized Defense: 41 Cities - 27%
    District Wide Protection: 11 Cities - 7%
    City Wide Shield: 8 Cities - 5%
    Total: 150 Cities

    Aachen Level 1
    Afton Level 1
    Archibald Level 1
    Au Sable Forks Level 1
    Austin Level 1
    Bakersfield Level 2
    Baltimore Level 1
    Barrie Level 2
    Bastrop Level 1
    Bay Shore Level 2
    Belfast Level 1
    Boise Level 3
    Bojkovice Level 1
    Boston Level 3
    Bournemouth Level 2
    Bratislava Level 1
    Brest Level 1
    Brisbane Level 1
    Brooklyn Level 2
    Budapest Level 3
    Burlington Level 1
    Cambridge Level 2
    Carlsborg Level 1
    Cartagena Level 2
    Charlotte Level 1
    Columbia Level 1
    Copenhagen Level 1
    Coulommiers Level 1
    Culver City Level 1
    Delano Level 1
    Drama Level 2
    Dresden Level 2
    Dublin Level 1
    Düsseldorf Level 1
    Enköping Level 4
    Essex Junction Level 2
    Falkirk Level 1
    Fort Mitchell Level 1
    Fort Worth Level 1
    Galway Level 1
    Geelong Level 4
    Giv'atayim Level 1
    Glen Eira Level 1
    Glenelg Level 2
    Glenwood Level 1
    Gliwice Level 2
    Greentown Level 1
    Hartville Level 1
    Hasselt Level 2
    Hellevoetsluis Level 2
    High Wycombe Level 2
    Hong Kong Level 3
    Hudson Level 2
    Istanbul Level 2
    Kansas City Level 1
    Karlstad Level 2
    Keeseville Level 1
    Kerrville Level 1
    Kilkenny Level 2
    Konstanz Level 1
    L'Assomption Level 1
    Lahti Level 2
    Lakeland Level 1
    Las Vegas Level 2
    Leichlingen Level 1
    Leiden Level 2
    Lenexa Level 1
    Leuven Level 1
    Lévis Level 1
    London Level 4
    Los Angeles Level 4
    Los Gatos Level 1
    Lyon Level 2
    Madrid Level 2
    Mangham Level 1
    Maple Ridge Level 1
    McFarland Level 1
    Melbourne Level 2
    Miami Beach Level 1
    Milan Level 2
    Montpellier Level 2
    Montreal Level 4
    Morgan Hill Level 1
    Moscow Level 4
    Nantwich Level 1
    Neath Level 1
    Nevele Level 1
    New York Level 3
    Northampton Level 1
    Northampton Level 2
    North Canton Level 2
    Oakland Level 2
    Oirschot Level 1
    Old Bethpage Level 1
    Oslo Level 1
    Ottawa Level 1
    Oxford Level 2
    Palma Level 2
    Paris Level 3
    Plainview Level 1
    Pleasant Hill Level 1
    Poole Level 1
    Port Angeles Level 1
    Portugalete Level 1
    Rayville Level 1
    Richmond Hill Level 1
    Roseville Level 1
    Saalfeld Level 1
    Saginaw Level 1
    Saginaw Level 1
    Sainte-Foy Level 3
    Salisbury Level 1
    San Antoino Level 4
    San Francisco Level 3
    San Jose Level 3
    Sarreguemines Level 2
    Saskatoon Level 1
    Schwabach Level 1
    Seattle Level 4
    Seguin Level 2
    Sequim Level 1
    Shawnee Mission Level 2
    Sigulda Level 1
    Singen Level 1
    Slavičín Level 1
    Smithtown Level 1
    Somerville Level 2
    South Point Level 1
    Squamish Level 1
    Stedman Level 1
    Steinkjer Level 2
    St. Gallen Level 2
    St George Level 1
    St. George Level 2
    Stillwater Level 1
    Stockholm Level 1
    Sydney Level 2
    The Hague Level 3
    Toronto Level 3
    Toulouse Level 1
    Uniontown Level 1
    Vancouver Level 1
    Vaughan Level 1
    Viana do Castelo Level 1
    Vienna Level 2
    Washington Level 1
    Welland Level 1
    Whistler Level 1
    Wolfenbüttel Level 1
    Yekaterinburg Level 1
    I've been playing with the data we have available and I've come to an aproximation of the weight of each level. It's a rough aproximation but I think it could be useful to see how far we are from 100% and act accordingly. The aproximated weights are the following:
    Level 1 = 0.2
    Level 2 = 0.4
    Level 3 = 0.6
    Level 4 = 0.8
    Using this with the last known status the signal would be:
    90x+41y+11z+8t = 47.4 (46.5+0.9)
    I have used the following equations:
    However, I'm only confident in the last one. I think the rest are not accurate. I'm also assuming that there is a linear relation between the weights.
    Following this hypothesis we could say that:
    1 Level 4 node == 4 Level 1 nodes
    1 Level 3 node == 3 Level 1 nodes
    1 Level 2 node == 2 Level 1 nodes​
    So, in order to get to 100%:
    ~263 Level 1 nodes left
    ~132 Level 2 nodes left
    ~88 Level 3 nodes left
    ~66 Level 4 nodes left​

    We have 2 days left so we must keep the momentum and do our best.

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  7. Sarexinae

    Sarexinae New Agent

    Anyone working on Cincinnati, OH? I am going to be uploading a P.O. later tonight. Hoping to increase defense level tomorrow.
  8. Drakhan

    Drakhan Senior Agent

    I'm in the same position. I hit five small town post offices today, all with one post office each and only one of them had more than one wifi connection and all the connections were secure.
  9. Drakhan

    Drakhan Senior Agent

    I added five small rural post offices today. Each was the only one in it's town. I may be able to do two or three more towns over the next day or two. Anyone else in northeast Louisiana? Maybe we could coordinate efforts.
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  10. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Hey! Boston proper is level 3 right now (I believe with 4 submissions) so if you go find 4 post offices in Boston we'll have a city wide (aka level 4) city! Also I'm north of Boston but considered 'Boston area'.
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  11. mattneutral

    mattneutral Active Agent

    working in Covington but I'm gonna try to hit up Cinci tomorrow if I can
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  12. DrNoodle

    DrNoodle Senior Agent

    I'll see if I can do it friday!
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  13. Jonah3301

    Jonah3301 Active Agent

    just checked the twitter, I was the first to do Syd sweet i'm some what famous ......:) :)
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  14. Kakuzen

    Kakuzen Gold Member

    I am going to probably get New Braunfels up to Level 2 as well as the surrounding cities. Hopefully that can help. Other agents that I know are going to be busy the rest of the week.
  15. StenRough

    StenRough Active Agent

    Hey guys any new intel on "CARCOSA" case?
  16. Kakuzen

    Kakuzen Gold Member

    [​IMG] Updates

    Field Intelligence continues to pour in from agents all over the world. Here is a detailed report of our current Global Alert Network:

    Isolated Network : 101 Cities
    Localized Defense: 42 Cities
    District Wide Protection: 11 Cities
    City Wide Shield: 9 Cities

    The strength of the network has allowed us to intercept 33 contaminated letters today, greatly minimizing civilian casualties. Collections from the Global Alert Network nodes have been received and processed by NITE Team 4 systems. The data repository can be found here: NT4-AlertNet-17-08-2016.csv

    [​IMG] Instructions

    All agents must work to gather recon photos of post office branches along with screencaptures showing wifi networks to create a comprehensive monitoring system of the world’s postal systems. Important details of the field work, including safety directives, can be found here: Archive 6F4FA7
    • The Global Alert Network map will be updated as the network increases in strength..
    • A broader Global Alert Network will allow more infected letters to be detected early and minimize casualties. We must reach maximum capacity no later than 00:00 UTC on 08/20/16.
    • Monitor the IRC, our Forums and the Div 66 Twitter for further details.


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  17. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    Sit room got updated.
    Current signal strength:

    Current death toll
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  18. Kargha

    Kargha New Agent

    Thing to note regarding the message. The full ASCII to Hex returned "v:Carcosa". Anyone have any idea what "v:" might signify?
  19. Croworth

    Croworth Active Agent

    Maybe we'll get a "a:<Place>", a "b:<Place>", etc. eventually.
  20. Gene6

    Gene6 Active Agent

    Just throwing some random infos I found out while looking at the CSV file... (I don't know if someone already checked it out, so forgive me if the info is already "out there"!)

    Out of the 124829-ish lines that contain what seems to be MAC addresses, only 4 of them seem to be repeated multiple times...

    - 78:fb:d9:6a:9d:ea , all in Geelon. (Which is where "that letter" got detected) : 8 times for PostalNode-ID1 to 8
    - 88:c5:48:65:55:45, all in San Antonio. : 8 times for PostalNode-ID1 to 8
    - d9:e0:2e:a9:eb:05, all in The Hague. : 5 times for PostalNode-ID1 to 5
    - fc:b8:fe:ca:8d:de, all in Hong Kong. : 5 times for PostalNode-ID1 to 5

    Wonder if it could mean anything?
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