Operation Silverspear

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  1. TheGrigori

    TheGrigori Senior Agent

    I uploaded 9 PO recon photos with signal strength. One of them had no wifi signal at the time. Does that count against it?
  2. MikolBor

    MikolBor Active Agent

    So guys in belgium leave Hasselt for me I live in Leuven and I can go there. Should I ask for any suspicious mail incoming from russia. I ll scout every post office. 1 picture of front and 3 wifis, but of every post office or only these "suspicious"?
  3. MikolBor

    MikolBor Active Agent

    Also do I have to take pics of other post offices in Belgium, or onle these in Hasselt?
  4. MarcianTobay

    MarcianTobay Active Agent

    Submitted the Culver City entry!
    This is the first ARG specifically in the Black Watchmen run I've played, and it's pretty exciting! Let's do this!
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  5. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    I suggest re-reading the mission objectives and assignment for the details. In summary - We are building a surveillance network of every postal facility we can get our 'eyes on' (Nite 4 surveillance via wifi) because any of them might transit one of these dangerous packages. Large cities and small cities are valuable to our surveillance.

    When performing your recon it is best to be discreet according to the Live Events Etiquette directive. It is best that those being protected don't know we are watching them.
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  6. Kakuzen

    Kakuzen Gold Member

    YES! Definitely be sure to follow protocol. Agent @Sonne provided an excellent point. Do not pull attention to yourself. If you ask for a suspicious package from Russia, you will be reported to the authorities probably, got that? I don't want anyone being questioned due to stupid decisions. Discretion is key, and safety is the #1 concern, here. Drive safe, don't go out in crazy weather if you don't have to, and bring a friend! The more the merrier!
  7. Lynn

    Lynn Senior Agent

    Localized surveillance network in place in Leiden (Netherlands)! Awaiting confirmation.
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  8. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    I live in a rural area between three small towns. Wifi coverage is really thin, only 4 wifi nodes between the three POs (3,1,0). Most wifis are secure but that wouldn't be a problem to the <cough,geeks> experts in Nite 4. I reported all three POs despite the lack of coverage because I am concerned that my area is a virtual surveillance dark spot. Where Sigint is lacking, Humint must fill the gaps. I'm ready.
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  9. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    Obtained recon info on Palma, Spain, through a proxy. I will send it to Nite 4 and compile an album when I receive all the data.
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  10. MikolBor

    MikolBor Active Agent

    Ok guys, thank you for the replies. It was pretty dumb of me to ask questions about the package. I will submit my photo tonight, or tomorrow early in the morning.
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  11. Kakuzen

    Kakuzen Gold Member

    Haha don't worry about it, I just don't want you getting in trouble ;) Have fun scouting!
  12. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    We have an update from Dispatch.
    <Div66_Dispatch> Agents, we have an update for Operation SILVERSPEAR
    <Div66_Dispatch> A suspicious intercept from Global Alert Network node [DODO_CAZC0E] in Geelong, Australia was found.
    <Div66_Dispatch> Materials and briefing can be found in the Archive here: http://archive.blackwatchmen.com/search/BF6C2A
    <Div66_Dispatch> Report findings to [email protected]
    <Div66_Dispatch> We will return for updates on this phase of the operation as necessary. Good luck agents o7

    I've made a GDoc for collaboration.
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  13. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    UPDATE: We think we've cracked it. A couple people have emailed Dispatch already.

    We determined the markings on the envelope to be Cyrillic numerals. A quick translation yielded this result:
    118 58 67 97 114 99 111 115 97
    By running it through asciitohex.com, we got this output:

    Carcosa has more than its fair share of mythology surrounding it. Not something we want to be finding on a letter.
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  14. Kakuzen

    Kakuzen Gold Member


    "Agents have decoded intercepted message as "CARCOSA". Unique signature has been assigned for our monitoring networks. #opSILVERSPEAR"
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  15. Bach

    Bach Senior Agent

    Gathering recon material in Konstanz (Germany) and surrounding cities.
  16. Zerosh

    Zerosh Sleeper Agent

    Status as of 2016-08-17 19:40 UTC
    Signal Strength Reported: above 40%
    Death Toll Reported: 0404 deaths
    Global Network Status:
    Isolated Network : 88 Cities
    Localized Defense: 37 Cities
    District Wide Protection: 10 Cities
    City Wide Shield: 7 Cities
    Total: 142 Cities

    Aachen Level 1
    Afton Level 1
    Au Sable Forks Level 1
    Austin Level 1
    Bakersfield Level 2
    Baltimore Level 1
    Barrie Level 2
    Bastrop Level 1
    Bay Shore Level 2
    Belfast Level 1
    Boise Level 3
    Bojkovice Level 1
    Boston Level 3
    Bournemouth Level 2
    Brest Level 1
    Brisbane Level 1
    Brooklyn Level 2
    Budapest Level 3
    Burlington Level 1
    Cambridge Level 2
    Carlsborg Level 1
    Cartagena Level 2
    Charlotte Level 1
    Columbia Level 1
    Copenhagen Level 1
    Coulommiers Level 1
    Culver City Level 1
    Delano Level 1
    Drama Level 1
    Dresden Level 2
    Dublin Level 1
    Düsseldorf Level 1
    Enköping Level 4
    Essex Junction Level 2
    Falkirk Level 1
    Fort Mitchell Level 1
    Fort Worth Level 1
    Galway Level 1
    Geelong Level 4
    Giv'atayim Level 1
    Glen Eira Level 1
    Glenelg Level 2
    Glenwood Level 1
    Gliwice Level 2
    Greentown Level 1
    Hartville Level 1
    Hasselt Level 2
    Hellevoetsluis Level 2
    High Wycombe Level 2
    Hong Kong Level 3
    Hudson Level 2
    Istanbul Level 2
    Kansas City Level 1
    Keeseville Level 1
    Kerrville Level 1
    Kilkenny Level 2
    Konstanz Level 1
    L'Assomption Level 1
    Lahti Level 2
    Lakeland Level 1
    Las Vegas Level 2
    Leichlingen Level 1
    Leiden Level 2
    Lenexa Level 1
    Lévis Level 1
    London Level 3
    Los Angeles Level 4
    Los Gatos Level 1
    Lyon Level 2
    Madrid Level 2
    Maple Ridge Level 1
    McFarland Level 1
    Melbourne Level 2
    Miami Beach Level 1
    Milan Level 2
    Montpellier Level 2
    Montreal Level 4
    Morgan Hill Level 1
    Moscow Level 4
    Nantwich Level 1
    Neath Level 1
    Nevele Level 1
    New York Level 3
    Northampton Level 1
    Northampton Level 2
    North Canton Level 2
    Oakland Level 2
    Oirschot Level 1
    Old Bethpage Level 1
    Oslo Level 1
    Oxford Level 2
    Palma Level 2
    Paris Level 3
    Plainview Level 1
    Pleasant Hill Level 1
    Poole Level 1
    Port Angeles Level 1
    Portugalete Level 1
    Rayville Level 1
    Richmond Hill Level 1
    Roseville Level 1
    Saalfeld Level 1
    Saginaw Level 1
    Saginaw Level 1
    Sainte-Foy Level 1
    Salisbury Level 1
    San Antoino Level 4
    San Francisco Level 3
    San Jose Level 3
    Saskatoon Level 1
    Schwabach Level 1
    Seattle Level 4
    Seguin Level 2
    Sequim Level 1
    Shawnee Mission Level 2
    Sigulda Level 1
    Singen Level 1
    Slavičín Level 1
    Smithtown Level 1
    South Point Level 1
    Squamish Level 1
    Stedman Level 1
    St. Gallen Level 2
    St George Level 1
    St. George Level 2
    Stillwater Level 1
    Stockholm Level 1
    Sydney Level 2
    The Hague Level 2
    Toronto Level 3
    Toulouse Level 1
    Uniontown Level 1
    Vancouver Level 1
    Vaughan Level 1
    Viana do Castelo Level 1
    Vienna Level 2
    Washington Level 1
    Welland Level 1
    Whistler Level 1
    Wolfenbüttel Level 1
    Yekaterinburg Level 1
  17. AZTEC

    AZTEC Active Agent

    So the King in Yellow is upon us. Who woulda thought
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  18. MikolBor

    MikolBor Active Agent

    The BPost PO in Leuven, Belgium is now under surveillance, tomorrow the surrounding cities will follow.
    Where do I submit my Wi-Fi's by the way?
  19. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Same place you submit the photo of the post office!
  20. Icework

    Icework Active Agent

    Sainte-foy is now in District Wide Protection. I took care of 5 post office, but I was only able to upload 2 (because my phone corrupted my pictures or something...). If someone could maybe help me with this problem, it will be nice. Other than that, I think level 3 protection is okay ^^
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