Operation Silverspear

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  1. Cryptometrist

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    I made an experimental automatic decoder for the AWMOG codes. I've tried it against the existing decoded words in the Google Doc and it seems to work. Please send me any AWMOG codes and I can try and decode it quickly.
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    New email just came out, here's what it says:

    Operation SILVERSPEAR is entering audio intercept analysis phase. All active agents should report in to the HQ communications channel.

    It has a link to the broadcast below. (https://www.twitch.tv/anashel)
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  5. clutterArranger

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    Well if you are here and no idea what to do go the twitch channel. Agents have decoded 3 locations of suspects and strike teams are going in one by one.
  6. Cryptometrist

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    Operation SILVERSPEAR Audio Intercept Analysis
    Archive Link

    462142:City 441357:Clinic 517278:Hospital 833227:Three 457862:Six 764778:North 485114:West 125337:Road 252472:End 832254:At 454181:Train

    684383:Mission 832254:At 784475:Five 833227:Three 457862:Six

    371482:Boat 727563:House
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  7. BPotatoes

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    Suspect in San Antonio took a suicide pill, suspect in Moscow is being interrogated, suspects in Sydney have hostages.
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  8. mrbanks

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    what was the cipher being used? for future reference
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  12. mrbanks

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    if anyone would like to post there attack plans to be view after the operation of course
    i would find them interesting and will be posting mine. later also
  13. JantsoP

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    This mission has been concluded to our victory

    That also means that Mother Russia is now available. Join in IRC to rooms #mr.1, #mr.2 and so on for detailed help

    Get the DLC from steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/397370/

    EDIT: Rooms changed. The #mr.1 is breaking the logs site so the channels are #mrx1 and so on
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  15. mrbanks

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    Congratulations Comrades we did it.
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  16. BPotatoes

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    I don't think this doc was posted previously. It contains additional information about the stream, including the successful hostage rescue plan.
  17. Steve Harvey

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    In case you missed the livestream, here is a short summary on how teams Alpha-35, Bravo-72, and Falcon Recon Team-3 tracked down the suspects. Team Alpha deployed first, then Bravo, and lastly Falcon.

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  18. Windir

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    Woohoo! Awesome Live Event :-D
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  19. Steve Harvey

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    Definitely. Extremely exciting :D
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  20. codex-13

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    Missed the 'high action' part of the mission but...

    Good work everyone! I'm extremely proud of all of the new(er) agents who cut their teeth on this one, and I hope this small taste of a live season and our community at large is enough to keep all of you coming back for Season 3 when it's eventually released. Onwards to Mother Russia!
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