Operation Silverspear

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  1. themadhuman

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    "Teams dispatched to the incident sites reported trace levels of rupture radiation from the letter and victims. Analysis of this phenomenon is ongoing, but it may be contributing to the lethality of the pathogen."

    I agree-the presence of rupture radiation suggests some level of occult activity.
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  2. VirtusVotis

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    Absolutely, Grigori. I think it's safe to say, with the rupture radiation traces detected in the letter attacks, that we're dealing with some sort of occultic (or occult-amplified) activity. It may not be a full-on Ghostbusters'-level summoning, but clearly this is something that local (hell, even federal) law enforcement will be sorely ill-equipped to handle if it happens.

    Who you gonna call?

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  3. codex-13

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  4. TheGrigori

    TheGrigori Senior Agent

    So maybe something like the Rosenburg Clinic? Maybe we should map out the hospitals and clinics in the area. Those places involved with viral treatment or experimentation. This was all I could find on a cursory google search:




    A lot of the search results turned up stem cell research. If this is a repeat on human experimentation, we might want to keep an eye on clinics.
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  5. Kakuzen

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    Also, just sayin', but it's pretty close to a full moon. You know how cliché it is, but I think it's interesting at least lol.
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  6. dcofax

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    Depending on the pathogen, it could spread using human contact via bodily fluids. Crowded area like this I hope we have good containment protocols.
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  7. NomenLuni

    NomenLuni Senior Agent

    I got another email last night with three new words...

    617437 - Pathogen
    344887 - Test
    826587 - Deliver
    ... and a string of hexidecimal numbers which, when I ran through asciitohex, turned out to be...

    Coordinates for Sydney, Australia.

    Edit: Ah I see someone else has already mention this above.
  8. Jonah3301

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    Damn I guess its now personal for me .....:mad:
  9. Atlasn

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    Just a quick tinker: I did a little information gathering about the possible deliver site and found the following:
    The drop will be made at 0400 hours local time (that's 1400h EDT and 1800h UTC).
    There is an underground subway station not to far from the suspected AO and a line that runs right underneath it.

    The last metro will depart from Martin Place station at 0147h (local) and travel southwards.
    The first metro will depart from Martin Place station at 0453h (local) and travel eastwards.
    If it is indeed the plan to plant the pathogen in a remote location where the risk of discovery is minimal, this would give our target about two and a half hours to plant the device, set it up and leave on one of the buses (that are still driving at night) or by car.

    I could also imagine that, since it is early in the morning, he probably want some coffee and arrive early to check for anything suspicious.
    Hotel Chambers is located a mere fifty meters from the station entrance and gives him a clear view. He can also check his email there, so it would be good if our NITE Team could monitor their Wi-Fi and let agents monitor the camera's - which are probably also wireless..

    But, if..
    It's turns out to be a simple dead-drop then our teams should focus on the public transportation, primarily the buses. The continue to drive throughout the night and provide excellent cover. Perhaps our NITE team can exploit the on board camera's and microphones.

    Also: if you want to get ready for the update or just want to scribble down on a piece of paper, here's an example on how to keep thing organized. Only thing you need is a transparant map and voila ;)

    Happy hunting, agents!
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  10. JantsoP

    JantsoP Division 88 Manager

    This is an live event. No need to use spoiler tags in any posts, unless it's a long one
  11. mrbanks

    mrbanks Senior Agent

    Last voice is defiantly not British either Australian or New Zealand
  12. cronkllr

    cronkllr Clearance Level: Gold & Black

    The GPS cords were in Australia, So its a good bet it is a aussy
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  13. mrbanks

    mrbanks Senior Agent

    All this information is very interesting, WARNING A LOT OF INFORMATION
    regarding the occult it seems it is quite prevalent in Australia i have found two prominent Australia followers of A. Crowley both whom are dead but may of had followers themselves? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Bennett_(occultist), https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frank_Bennett_(occultist)
    the latter had connections with an area of Sydney called kings cross which is about 8mins away from the MLC centre.
    i found an article again connected to the kings cross area for a place called the injecting room/s which was/is a temporary place meant to reduce the use of heroin/other drugs in the area but the usage had actually increased significantly could be nothing but i found it interesting possible human experiment?
    this is an indynews article stating that is 2012 (i know a long time ago now) "human sacrifice in Sydney was still alive" http://indymedia.org.au/2012/07/24/human-sacrifice-alive-well-in-sydney.html
    again all of this may be useless but i thought id post just in case
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  14. mattneutral

    mattneutral Active Agent

    Also a bit late to submit but here it is
    643534= INNER
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  15. mrbanks

    mrbanks Senior Agent

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  16. mrbanks

    mrbanks Senior Agent

    This is the best image from google street view i could get of the coordinate it seam to be the entrance to a large build like many have said the MLC perhaps there are escalators and stair leading to higher floors and traffic from both sides. maybe this will be of some use. coordinate street view.png
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  17. TheGrigori

    TheGrigori Senior Agent

    Town Hall and St. Mary's Cathedral. Both of those are pretty good targets near the AO and within the coordinates.
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  18. VirtusVotis

    VirtusVotis Senior Agent

    Hey all, Agent VirtusVotis checking in, ready for duty. o7
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  19. mrbanks

    mrbanks Senior Agent

    There is also a St James church close by and also the Sydney tower eye has a viewing platform where someone could scope the area from above
  20. Kakuzen

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