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    Im sorry if im appearing to be hoarding all the stuff; im just very enthousiatic about about it and want to keep things moving....
    also, just because i made the last signal we send to moonman, doesnt mean i have exclusive rights to decide what to send.
    if someone else wants to do this they are free to do so, but please speak up so we can coordinate on things.
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    I have been following this operation mostly from the sidelines, due to reasons. It seems to me that you have only been steering this operation to where it is now. A big ship has alot of parts that needs to work together, every ship needs a rudder and every rudder needs a helmsman! In my humble opinion you are doing a great job at the helm, please stay there!
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  3. Dawn Bloom

    Dawn Bloom Special Ops

    Tracker One
    Latitude: 42.361783 | Longitude: -71.094291

    Tracker Two
    Latitude: 42.361783 | Longitude: -71.094291
    30mins ~ 3hr20min

    Tracker Three
    Latitude: 42.361783 | Longitude: -71.094291
    50mins ~ 1hr10mins

    Tracker Four
    Latitude: 42.361783 | Longitude: -71.094291
    30mins ~ 8hr43mins

    Tracker Five
    Latitude: 42.361783 | Longitude: -71.094291
    50mins ~ 1Hr30mins

    This is the data we got from Control before she vanished, it represents objects or vehicles or people moving from one place. The time listed is how long it stayed in motion before reaching it's destination. All began moving on 1/16/17 at about 12:30pm

    Please message [email protected] if you believe you know where these ended up!

    Control is missing and we need help! She may have mission critical info!
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    @Dawn Bloom
    What do the times with ~s mean? Is it the first time is a margin of error and the second is travel time? And why is Tracker One the only one without a time before a ~?
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    The coordinates points to Pfizer Research Technology Center at address: 610 Main St, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA
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    The wiki is updated. Sorry I kinda fell off the boat a bit lately, this past weekend has been crazy and I haven't been able to archive as aggressively as I have in the past. Gaps like this shouldn't occur again until mid-March, at which point I'll make a point to name a primary point of contact for updating the wiki and forums in my absence.
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    Ill have to take a look at that.
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    If you start here, that's basically a recap of the past few days (since about the 16/17th).
  12. codex-13

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    Message from Dispatch when asked for a status report on Q98A66:

    We are attempting to reestablish reach Q98A66 on a secure channel, but have yet to make contact. They failed to report in this morning, and we are monitoring the situation closely. Stand by for updates.
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    Timetable of events

    jan 18th:
    8AM liaison, tactical and brain found homeless women in New Haven (presumely send by Control); the women drew something in hobo code, and brain wrote something in enochian and ogham; said "i dont speak this" and then became unconcious. (thats about a 4hour gap... btw; wtf happened in between)
    1:50PM; liaison came here with updates on the trackers found in new haven.
    2:30PM we started tracnig liaisons phone, to get doggynostic
    3:00 PM we finally decided to split up; tactical going to pensilvania to get control, and liaison going to diagnostic
    [4:30 PM Tactical supposedly has arrived in Pennsylvania, to search for Control]
    4:30 PM liaison arrived in brooklyn and met up with doggynostic (being buddy/buddy again)
    7:00 PM SIGIL involvement gets more realistic (based on brains message); envelope got opened; liaison refuses to share content of the letter
    8:30 PM Liaison & co arrive at the dock, Brain appears to be finally awake (after 12hrs...)
    9:00 PM Liaison & co break contact after going on open water (last reported contact)

    jan 19th
    6:30 AM moonwave collapses/transmission ends
    9:00 PM Liaison shoudlve reported in by now

    jan 20th
    9:15 AM message send to dispatch and dawnbloom asking for a status report on q98a66
    10:15 AM dispatch replied they dont have contact with q98a66 either

    [present] - Still no information on any of the members of Q98A66; presumebly Control died before Liaison went out. Liaison, Diagnostic and Brain possibly got ambushed again by the underwaterdrone.
    Tactical's status is curious; he went after Control but has at least some combat training; he wouldnt go out without taking the place with him.

    new update:
    jan 20th
    10:20 PM - Liaison reported in, the team is alive :D
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    Wiki updated. :)
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    Updates (realtime ish)

    Brain has brain damage (initially reported as lesions) caused by ionizing radiation (Liaison says from the 'stuff' he does).
    Diagnostic got blown up, and apparently rather than Lycanthropy he has some sort of rift heartworm from the triassic era (not actually from that era for sure)?
    And, the biggest update:
    Lphabeta is a front for SIGIL's field operations. They're expected to emerge as a company (a la Aconite) soon. This operation is expected to result in the death of everyone exposed (so, the entire field team, and if any of us were to be exposed...)
    The letter that Liaison opened indicated that we need to infiltrate Lphabeta. Control and Tactical are working on it currently, and a method of sending leaked information from Lphabeta has been set up. If you want Lphabeta mail, email dawnbloom with your address (and a codename if you like!)

    Update: I handwrite most of my notes etc just out of habit and preference. Here's my (rewritten for appearances) notes.
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    So, Diagnostic is KIA or still active even after having been "blown up"?
  17. codex-13

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    He's very much alive.
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    Wiki is now updated.
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    Vaguely related but not super related... I've started drawing stuff related to this op as a way to destress and 'get the crazy out'. I'm taking scans of the pictures before I color them in so I can share them and other folks can color them too. The first (and only) one I've finished at this point is Adjective Alpha (the barn cat that Q98A66 half-adopted in their barn safehouse). If anyone wants the image to color in, it's here:
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    Sorry for being so un-updatey lately. Wiki is up to date once again. We're expecting Liaison to show up in the discord soon, and work in the field is expected to begin around 6pm EST.
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