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  1. Dawn Bloom

    Dawn Bloom Special Ops

    Thank you Agents,

    Q98A66 is reviewing the data you have collected.

    We have to go through channels for anything under control of the United States or other government bodies, but it may be possible to facilitate use of assets.

    You have been an enormous help in the Operation, please continue working hard as developments happen on our end.
  2. Dawn Bloom

    Dawn Bloom Special Ops

    Q98A66 can confirm the ISS played no role in this broadcast nor any known satellite.

    We assume there is a hidden object orbiting that is broadcasting.

    The moon though is a very interesting theory, we're going to get back to you on that.
  3. acentes

    acentes Active Agent

    Ship or station. Something stealth.. wait

    Wasn't there some sort of cloak used in the past that we had to find a way to track?
  4. Dawn Bloom

    Dawn Bloom Special Ops

    If there was, we'd very much like as much data as you can provide about it!
  5. acentes

    acentes Active Agent

    Working on recovery of older case files currently. The mission in question revolved around the Nu Orb

    *edit* we used a magnetic anomaly detector to discover a target in the field will provide more later

    *final edit*
    we used a SERF magnetometer to locate baup. The tech can easily be worked to operate in a larger scale and can be adapted to work with a orbital array and land based skyward pointed Sentinel and 36 sets
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  6. pseudonecrosis

    pseudonecrosis Active Agent

    To be specific, It was a SERF magnetometer. Very sensitive, and does not require liquid helium to operate.
  7. madvillain

    madvillain Active Agent

    If a cloaking device is being used, the Philadelphia Experiment (also known as Project Rainbow) probably has some relevance. It allegedly involved the Navy testing a cloaking device on the destroyer USS Eldridge. This is interesting because the Philadelphia Experiment is very closely related to the Montauk Project - the Montauk Project book claims that "On or about August 12, 1983, the time travel project at Camp Hero interlocked in hyperspace with the original Rainbow Project back in 1943. The USS Eldridge was drawn into hyperspace and trapped there. Two men, Al Bielek and Duncan Cameron both claim to have leaped from the deck of the Eldridge while it was in hyperspace and ended up after a period of severe disorientation at Camp Hero in the year 1983. Here they claim to have met John von Neumann, a famous physicist and mathematician, even though he was known to have died in 1957. Von Neumann had supposedly worked on the original Philadelphia Experiment, but the U.S. Navy denies this." I've written more about possible links to the Montauk Project here.
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  8. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Hi Task Force,
    If you intend to use the same orbital body to bounce our signal that the initial broadcast did, and you believe that this satellite is hidden or cloaked somehow, I don't think that will work... In order to identify the satellite the initial broadcast used, we need to have enough information on it to identify it. If the satellite in question is cloaked, hidden, or otherwise inaccessible for us to research on, this portion of your request is going to be incredibly difficult for us to fulfil. Please advise.

  9. Dawn Bloom

    Dawn Bloom Special Ops

    That's on us, we have a theory that we're testing now...

    We only believe that object to be cloaked or hidden because in the seven days we have been investigating no orbital body has registered a possible match.

    A recent suggestion, although a joke, has lead us to consider a previously ignored orbital body.

    More on that to come.

    We're considering all the data currently, and should have a report on it by tomorrow night.
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  10. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    It is noticable that the day the signal first appeared was a full moon. Although it's not clear why the phases would affect its qualities as a signal transductor, we have encountered stranger things. And using the moon to redirect signals isn't exactly a new practice. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Earth–Moon–Earth_communication
  11. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    This actually makes a lot of sense, especially seeing as the cipher involved the phases of the moon. I reckon this is something we should consider when sending a signal back.
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  12. DrNoodle

    DrNoodle Senior Agent

    Hi agents. I've been trying to get up to speed today. Thanks to everyone who made the google docs, and got so much done over the holiday!

    here's my 2 cents - the sstv image of long island is made from text. It's hard to read, but looks like a description of viral replication involving both DNA and RNA. HIV is a retrovirus that is written in RNA but also uses DNA in replication. appendix b in https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3GKNCEr72suTndCU0toRmNQUGs/view mentions a conspiracy theory that HIV was invented at Camp Hero. not sure how that fits, but that's all ive got at the moment.

    also, the alternate timeline theory sounds more likely than aliens (though i was kinda hoping for aliens) good to know we aren't in the darkest timeline.
  13. Astro4545

    Astro4545 Active Agent

    I want to verify that this is when we should be finished with everything.
    02:56 Liaison We have a consensus, we're broadcasting on 12/27/2016
    05:15 Control Just got word, we're reporting on all data gathered by agents 12/27/2016 at 22:00
    05:15 Please submit anything you want us to consider on the situation before 12:00 tomorrow
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  14. Ran

    Ran New Agent

    Wrote up the text of the patched together BMP's. Doesn't appear that it's plagiarized based on a quick run through both Google, and TurnItIn.

  15. Dawn Bloom

    Dawn Bloom Special Ops

    Still reviewing Data, push to tomorrow, we are trying to configure a broadcast.
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  16. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    Has message content been decided on, then?
  17. Dawn Bloom

    Dawn Bloom Special Ops

  18. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Can we get information on which parts of the signal 'vanished' in your test?
  19. Dawn Bloom

    Dawn Bloom Special Ops

    The team can try and create an expression of that tonight.

    Without an equation or graphic, the parts missing from the wave form, vanished or dark, seem to correlate along the oscillation with the rate of transition along with the origin point.

    We have to assume that the position of the 'vanishing point' relative to distance from the moon is not certain given that when we were intercepting the signal in Montauk both recordings behaved differently.

    Q98A66 can try to correlate the data we have, but it is partial. An X missing a Y which we believe may be something the broadcast is meant to tell us. Perhaps, we need more data? It may also be an elaborate hoax, and no matter what we try the operator will shift to confound us.

    We believe there is an effect to the vanishing though, which is triggered by a specific response in the AM Frequency Spectrum of KHz...
  20. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    One thing that keeps coming up wherever I look about moon bouncing is the effect of doppler shift. I'm not sure if this is what you're after, but as the moon traverses the sky there is a doppler effect that will pitch the frequency up or down by a set amount depending on what band you're broadcasting on.
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