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  1. UNLorD

    UNLorD New Agent

    I combined the 4 images provided to us in the dropbox.
    It's resemblance to Long Island is uncanny.
    I'll upload the compiled image, as well as an outline of Long Island.
    I believe this is the place where we must send the broadcast!


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  2. pseudonecrosis

    pseudonecrosis Active Agent

    Hey guys, I know I am a fairly new member of this community, but I think i can really help on this one. I happen to have a good bit of training in satellite tracking and communications. I am currently looking into the satellite passes over Montauk NY, to determine the source of the broadcast and give us a sat to transmit to.

    73, Agent Pseudonecrosis
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  3. codex-13

    codex-13 Senior Agent

    Thanks pseudonecrosis, keep the date/time range in mind too.
  4. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    okay, someone has determined that the signal comes from the ISS
    i believe this might be usefull in tracking it:
    and i found this video of someone who also scanned for singals from the ISS:
  5. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    Even though it's too early to ascertain the exact nature of the sender(s) at this time, the nature of the message would suggest that, even if they're not necessarily extra-terrestials or rift entities, they consider themselves others to our world. As such, I propose looking into pre-existing Post-detection Protocols and First Contact Protocols for suggestions as to what to respond with as our original message.

    Although the message could be read as vaguely threatening in some lights (with an implicit "we want it"), I personally suggest we assume peaceful intentions untill we have reason to believe otherwise, at least with regards to formulating our replies.

    Relevant reading:



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  6. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    I can agree with the "assume" peaceful intentions, but i strongly advice to prepare for potential acts of aggression.
    I also like to point out that there is a possibility that the entity that send out the signal can be an AI with self awareness
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  7. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    Cyberspace, space, hell. We really have no way of knowing where it's from at this point, other than probably not "here", pending exact definition of here.

    Edit: Alternatively, we could go with
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  8. Goldwing

    Goldwing Active Agent

    2010 called, they want their memes back.
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  9. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

  10. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    "Hello world"
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  11. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    It's also interesting that it says "You are..." rather than "Yours is...". Could just be poetic gravitas, or it could give some hint in the nature of the sender, of the intended recipient, or how the sender percieves us.
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  12. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    This construction makes sense for someone who is a stranger to the english language; "world" can be used to describe a civilization. (Even though i wouldnt describe ours as 'perfect')
  13. dylanamite

    dylanamite Moderator

    Maybe the Moon learnt to speak and is trying to flirt with the Earth
  14. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    I've bounced radio signal off the moon for another ARG before, was kinda disappointed it turned out to be the ISS this time.
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  15. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    After reviewing what I've been able to find on pre-existing first contact and post-detection protocols, I've come up with some suggestions for reply messages.

    1. A form of fundamental encodin like the Arecibo message, or a large amount of non-random data, like the contents of the google servers, or just wikipedia. These suggestions are based on the assumptions that entities we are communication with do not have any understanding of our languages, and therefore seek to communicate in a way that does not require it, or provide them with a Rosetta stone to allow them to decode our language on their own time. Given that the entity we are attempting to communicate with appears to have an understanding oth of English and forms of encoding and concepts familiar to us, this seems redundant at current, and dangerous as worst, given that we don't know who or what we'd be sending a lot of information about humanity to.
    2. Most protocols suggest that, once alien contact has been confirmed, is to come to a reply message through means of international agreement. Given the nature of our work and the ongoing investigation, this is not an option directly, but previous studies indicate that a desirable message would be a statement of non-hostile intent, or, in the case of SETI's Earth Speaks program, simply "Help". However, these suggestions all assume that earlier parts of the protocol have been fullfilled, which brings me to my next suggestion.
    3. All protocols suggest that the first step in establishing communications should be to verify that the recipient is an extraterrestial civilization. Currently, we have no idea who we're communicating with, or who it's trying to talk to. All we know is that, from the contents of its message, it does not seem to be on earth, in any conventional sense, but that leaves many possibilities still. Aliens, rift entities, AI, other options we've yet to consider or lack the knowledge to even think of. As such, I would suggest that our first message should attempt to inquire about their identity, while maintaining a non-hostile tone untill they've expressed hostily towards us. To avoid miscommunication it might be desirable to maintain wording reminicient of the original message, such as "Thank you. What planet are you?" or "Are you a planet? Where can we find you?"
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  16. BPotatoes

    BPotatoes Senior Agent

    Keep in mind we don't actually know that these are aliens. Another hypothesis we've come up with is that they could be from another reality, but we really have no idea what we're dealing with at this point.
  17. LionOfComarre

    LionOfComarre Senior Agent

    I adressed that in my message and recommendations, and my final conclusion. First encounter protocols seem useful regardless of the exact nature of the entities, however. We seem like we might be engaging with some form of non-local intellience, be they from a parallell world, or space, or the rifts, or cyberspace, or other. And even if aren't, in any case keeping it friendly and finding out who they are seems like the best course of action before anything else.
  18. BPotatoes

    BPotatoes Senior Agent

    A lot of people have been jumping to aliens. I just want to make sure we're not assuming too much.
  19. Woozlez

    Woozlez Active Agent

    Many agents have worked together to formulate the following response:


    Please gives us any thoughts you have on these answers and let us know what else Q98A66 might need from us in order to bring about this transmission.

    Additionally we have been developing a Case File. We will share a more concise version soon, but you can find our current two separate case files here:


    and here:


    Any agents that need assistance catching up with current progress should access these case files for the time being. They will be updated as we are formulating solutions to tasks given by Q98A66.
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  20. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    sorry, but i think woozlez "forgot to mention" that there were multiple ideas for the actual content of the message, the spoken one, as well as the image.
    for some reason some asume we are speaking with aliens (and forget about all other possibilities) and instantly jump to conclusions they need our help and want to have a happy coexisting life.
    all we know is that they understand common english, our names for the mooncycle, the cardinal directions and they know some obscure color names. (and how they 'overlap' into each other) and thats it...
    we now nothing, while they seem to know a lot about us; forgive me for being cautious, but this is why i find it so important to carefully discuss are answer. and i definitely dont want to hasten our response.
    (and given how we want to broadcast from montauk, we still have until 11:36 UTC this tuesday, which is almost 33hours)
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