Open World Campaign: November, Mission 1

Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by Enoch52, Nov 7, 2018.

  1. Mr.Monster

    Mr.Monster Active Agent

    hey so i was working though the first part of the november live mission. I got to the part where i have the contact list and then have to use Xkeyscore. I was reading the forums and people are saying they have a whole bunch of entities. I only got 3 and when I combined them I got one document that doesnt lead to anymore entities. Is this normal?
  2. Dgray

    Dgray Active Agent

    They're talking about a later section of the mission.
  3. juxo

    juxo New Agent

    I'm stuck on finding the correct username for accessing:


    I've used the password attack software with that directory as a target and I've used the follow names as usernames for the software which I found in the letter:


    Am I missing something or not going deep enough?
  4. Robespierre

    Robespierre Active Agent

    I feel stuck since we don't really get taught the full functionality of a lot of these tools yet.

    I'm in the first part. I've successfully got a new VPN to work with. But from there I'm running out of options:

    Netscan and dig aren't turning up anything. I'm using a password attack based on linkedin with variables for name, age, and two universities but that only narrows it down to about a 10 minute attack, which I doubt I can finish within the timer.

    Am I even barking up the right tree here?
  5. juxo

    juxo New Agent

    What VPN are you running?

    Inbox me.
  6. Robespierre

    Robespierre Active Agent

    No worries. Apparently that tool doesn't require me to be on that network.
  7. juxo

    juxo New Agent

    It might help if I:
    didn't use File Browser instead of Active Directory. Kicking myself xD
  8. PojectDoom

    PojectDoom Active Agent

    This may be a long shot since this forum hasn't been active for a couple of months, but here goes nothing. I have hit a brick wall in Part 1. I have been able to gain access to the network, but from here I can't seem to find the guest list. I have tried Active Directory & File Browser but without a password, I'm stuck. Some hints would be much appreciated.
  9. Dgray

    Dgray Active Agent

    My notes on this one are pretty sparse, so not sure I can help much. (But I half remember having to google who various members of government were, to investigate them) I think in the briefing it mentions the types of people to look into.
  10. Dgray

    Dgray Active Agent

    If you need more help, consider the discord server, that's pretty hopping.

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