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Discussion in 'Missions Center' started by PapaD, Apr 18, 2016.

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    hi xaviefox, welcome to the community ^^
    the form youve uploaded is dubbed the 'numbers' form if you pair up the colored characters you can make them spell out the japanese numers 1 - 8.
    i believe the order in which they are found is; 6-8-7-1-4-2-3-5

    you can find more info on this in:

    also; we believe we have collected all unique flyers.
    right now we are looking into how all pieces fit together
  3. XavierFox

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    Oh very good. Thank you.
  4. zaelong

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    okay, call me crazy, but im wondering about the stamp on the envelope...
    i heard there was some or mission were something was hidden behind it as well, what if we are supposed to look at this as well?
    im not sure but i believe everyone received the same stamp; a green rambelier (aka aries)
    what if this gives us a clue as to the starting point for the transformations?
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    Hey fam, nothing like a little mail to get my attention. :)


    EDIT: Someone told me it's been seen, I just kinda skimmed, but I say it never hurts. See you all when I'm not as busy, haha.
  6. cronkllr

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    Did anyone NOTE that "FORTUNE" in English, May be a hint on what else is needed as it is different from the rest of the letters I have seen so far.
  7. PapaD

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    Has Jarobi's forum pic always been a stamp?
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  9. cronkllr

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    Yes it always has been. And I am at work now. But looking at the clues you all have found. And that one part saying fortune in english. I belive it might relate to "fortunes" as this was the only thing in english.

    And the 4 colors , numbers you have found and letters. It sounds so familiar.
    Especially since it matches 2 colors a piece to the numbers.

    Reminds me of something I did as a kid. I just can't think of the name.
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  11. marfish

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    That is a very good point. I was stumbling over the "open" instruction. How would you open a color? But with the paper fortune teller, you have to open it to see the result.
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  12. zaelong

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    okay, so i just made one where the starting position shows me the numbers 5-8
    (i filled in the other numbers according to the color: pair 6 with 1, 5 with 2...)

    im trying to figure out where the letters are supposed to be put
    edit; i meant letters, not numbers... i dont know how i messed that up..

    i made some pics btw:
    since i cant use more than one img/post: here are the other two images
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  13. marfish

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    Made one as well. Matched the numbers to the colors from the fortune flyer: Red flap has 3 and 8 - Purple has 4 an 7 and so on. Also put the letters we got from binary on the inside: So under the red side if you fold it open it has G and L.
    Not sure how to follow the instructions though. I tried moving the number of letters in a colour: Green = G-R-E-E-N, so open and close the thingy 5 times. But then what should we do with the numbers we see in the paper fortune?
    And how do we hold it in the first place, because the outcome will change if you change the orientation of the paper fortune in your hand.
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  14. Zankh

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  15. Zankh

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    my stamp was also interesting but very different from yours I was also considering the stamp as a source of potential clues so I will get a image of mine up for you ASAP (updated with image)
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  16. zaelong

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    okey i cant really explain my method, but i got the password for the file:

    apparantly SIGIL is up to some rift experiments right now...

    ● Rift energy extraction cables
    ● Reinforced blast doors
    ● Site THETA Entity Containment Team
    ● Rift Analytical Machine software package
    ● Equipment delivery trucks for route CN78TW
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  17. zaelong

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    "Agent Zaelong,

    Excellent work, we have a highly sensitive intercept message in our hands. Looks like SIGIL is attempting to advance their rift technology even further. This message will be forwarded to our SIGIL investigative team for additional analysis."

    cool, we have a special SIGIL division ^^
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  18. cronkllr

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    The last thing we need is Vanessa Baup showing back up out of the rift.

    And I wonder if they can manipulate the rift to work Both ways ( DIRECTIONALLY)

    AND DAmn,, ● Site THETA Entity Containment Team
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  19. zaelong

    zaelong Moderator

    oh god..
    what if subject THETA actually is baup.... that would explain why they have to keep her sedated at all time
    and if theres one person who has a connection with the rift, its her
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  20. cronkllr

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