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Discussion in 'General' started by Anashel, Apr 2, 2015.

  1. Asariel

    Asariel Division-79

    I also agree with Kle: the mission packs are a good idea, but I do think very much that we'd get less backlash and more interest if they were released in between seasons. Personally, I would have tried to pony up the money as soon as I could afford it, but it would hurt really bad financially, especially all at once or close together. But I would have felt compelled to, or risk 'missing out' on some really fun stuff. In between seasons is affordable and keeps people going: mid season could indeed confuse storylines and turn people off because of having too much, actually. Like the old agage says: always leave them wanting more. All the mission packs right off the bat is overwhelming and pricey. While the pricing is reasonable when explained logically, logic doesn't ease the giant bite out of one's bank account.
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  2. MERCury

    MERCury Senior Agent

    Oh Santiak, we will see how you feel when you wake up one morning with a severed fluke head next to you. Immersion can be a tricky thing ;)

    As we can see already by the discussions here, offering extra missions right from the start seems to attract a lot of bad publicity. I guess, that the "between seasons" missions could be a way to go. "Special Assignments" for agents not needing holidays. Launch date for season 2 should be known at that time so everyone can easily chose between wait or pay. At least to avoid the discussions at launch date. In case we see season 2 - which we all hope - feelings might have changed...
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  3. Sluagh

    Sluagh Active Agent

    I'm a bit burned out right now, so I refuse to read the thread to see if my concern has been answered.
    The difference between "Field Agent" and "Team Edition" is $35. Does that mean that the dog tags cost over $35 since you are also losing access to the game for a friend in addition to yourself?
  4. nikel

    nikel Lab 1852 - Neurals

    I can't really answer this question, but the dogtags extra was set at $35 on the kickstarter as well.
  5. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Double side laser engrave are expensive. We could go with cheaper one like these:

    Anyone who already got their dogtag have an opinion on this?
  6. Santiak

    Santiak MIA

    I'd definitely prefer the laser engraved ones. They have nice weight to them, the text shows up clearly on them, and they are more unique.
    My experience with the pressed lettering on "standard" dog-tags is that it's rather hard to read unless you're inspecting them closely, in which case you might as well wear any set of dog-tags - so far as identifying fellow Agents of the not-dead variety, which, given our dispersed nature, is arguably also part of the reason for wearing TBW dog-tags.

    I feel that the laser engraved ones both identifies an Agent in the field, and do nicely should an Agents body need identification at some point - the standard plate versions will "only" come in handy in the latter case.
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  7. Seven

    Seven Active Agent

    The primary downsides to the cost of the laser-engraved ones (as I see it) is if an agent either loses their tags or if someone would like to change their name. As an agent in the latter camp (just sort of threw one of my rando message board names out there without thinking much about it, and was unable to get involved much until recently, way past when we were having to decide on what we wanted on our tags), the second one is a bit frustrating.

    I do like the laser-engraved tags, but would like something just slightly lighter and a bit cheaper.

    Although, having both options would be optimal, eh?

    Edit: Though, now that I think about it, the weight of the current tags does feel like I could use them in self-defense if I ever needed to, which is nice. :p
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  8. Sluagh

    Sluagh Active Agent

    I'm still wondering about the loss of the first season for a friend with the upgrade.
  9. Khalm

    Khalm Gold Member

    Got my dogtags and I have to admit I would have preferred something lighter, they are pretty weighty.
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  10. Rohva

    Rohva Gold Member

    I also agree they were weightier than I expected, but I loved them immediately. I can see how some people would view the weight as too much to serve as practical dog tags. They definitely seem like something to be worn for fashion rather than under the shirt like dog tags typically are. They look too good not be shown off! I am particularly impressed with the engraving of the TBW logo. They are also sturdy enough that I have thought of ways to weaponize them such as using them on the ends of a garrote or for mild Chinese finger torture.
  11. Sluagh

    Sluagh Active Agent

    I will ask again. Why don't the "Field Agent" or "Special Ops" bundles include the "Team Edition's" boon of access for 2 people?

    My insistence comes from my interest in purchasing "Special Ops". I simply need for it to make sense. The dogtags cost $35. The physical puzzle costs $40. These things cost as much as another season, so I think the pot should be sweetened. Since "Field Agent" is just "Season 1 Access" with dogtags, the price should be $70.
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  12. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Hey Sluagh!

    Glad to see you consider buying the game. For the dog tag, like we say for now our provider is expensive. We could simply change for another provider with a cheaper dog tag, but not for now. The Special Ops is more expensive due to the shipping cost and labor required for the physical puzzle by mail, the puzzle being unique to you.

    I know that wont make the deal sweeter for you, sorry about that, but I hope the explication can help.
  13. Ashielf

    Ashielf Senior Agent

    Will there be a chance to buy the physical puzzle separately?
  14. Anashel

    Anashel Puppet Master Staff Member

    Hum, good question. Is it something you are interested in? :)
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  15. Sluagh

    Sluagh Active Agent

    Welp. I guess if I want to see this thing succeed, I'll have to shut up and put up. As long as you are aware of my concerns. I've seen my share of video game money grabs and this doesn't really seem like that.

    I also have questions about the physical puzzle. Is there a new one each season?
  16. Ashielf

    Ashielf Senior Agent

    Yes, definitely. If you make an option to buy one, I will do it. :D
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  17. riningear

    riningear Division-79

    I agree, it'd make a nice birthday/Christmas/graduation gift for myself. C:
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  18. unMadeMan

    unMadeMan Senior Agent

    Yes this!!!
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  19. unMadeMan

    unMadeMan Senior Agent

    @Anashel If you guys are trying to raise/make money, some advice: The "add-ons" for the packages (ie. dogtags, physical puzzle, season pass, etc) could be sold separately. I know I would buy the physical puzzle in a heartbeat if I had the option to.
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  20. Sluagh

    Sluagh Active Agent

    Anashel did say that there was a "gear" section of the store coming. I wonder what other goodies will be in it.

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