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    Ooohhh Kay...... 30.3 is a doozy...
    Okay, so I know who the guy in the second photo is, but I have no ideas as to his relation to the words around him.
    I have no clue on what to do with the square...
    There are no sources on how to decode a Pythagorean code, if I even need that
    and yes, I talked to Wheeler... not a lot of advice there.
    What do?
  2. Watch2300

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    Pythagorean Cipher Table in your search.[\Spoiler]
  3. Wo1fsBan3

    Wo1fsBan3 Senior Agent

    Okay, Finally got it... First things first, a hint for 30.3
    Jesus lived and died here, so it is the key to the universe, right?
    and now that that's out of the way... WOAHWOAHWOAH WTFWTFWTF What did I just witness! And no explanation at all? The fact that my computer regularly stutters during briefing and debriefing videos made it all the creepier... This is huge! I can't wait until next season
  4. zaelong

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    In the previous two live missions there were hints as to what was gonna happen. but its still a very good ending (from a storytelling perspective)
  5. Jimbo9

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    Just...wow :) The whole season was amazing, and the ending put a proverbial cherry on top!

    But one thing still won't let me sleep...
    The first picture should be related to freemason codes, and iconography. I discovered that letter A and E are missing, with A,C,E,G being on first square and B,D,H,F on the second. I thought it could be a variant of freemason cipher with just 8 letters 2 squares. Anyway...the arrow in the picture probably points from A to E, is this the year we are looking for? (AE = 15? 15 BC, 15 AD?) I was not able to find any saint who was born then, and I can't see any connection to the place referred to in second picture (second picture was a breeze to solve compared to this first one...)
    Could anyone shed some light on this?
  6. Balamung

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    Completed the season a few minutes ago, and it felt just great !
    Thank you for creating this magnificent piece !
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    I have been stuck on 30.1 for months now, I feel like I'm just going round and round in circles looking for the names of curses. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful.
  8. codex-13

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    It's listed on Wikipedia. I'd start there, in their curses category, and see if you can find one that fits the clues.
  9. bynar

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    Hi, in regards to your question about the first picture:

    Think about the numerical values of the letters in the first picture (i.e., their order in the alphabet).

    Search for the masonic magic square.
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  10. bynar

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    the logo on the door brings to mind the Rosicrucian Order. What did they use to construct sigils?

    Golden Dawn Rosy Cross cipher 101

    The Golden Dawn created the Rosy Cross diagram to provide a simpler and more beautiful way of constructing sigils. Based on the Sepher Yetzirah, its letter arrangement represents the three mother letters, the seven planets, and the twelve constellations of the zodiac. It is frequently used for drawing sigils in the air with a magical weapon during a ritual, but it may be used in the construction of any generalised sigil.

    Two versions are used by the Golden Dawn to create sigils for spirits with Hebrew or Latin names. Some of the petals on the Roman cipher have more than one letter than the Latin alphabet. To create a sigil on the Rosy Cross, lay a piece of thin paper over the cipher and draw a circle around the first letter of the entities name - if that's too old skool for you, you can always use Photoshop :) Then draw a connecting line from letter to letter in spelling order until the last letter, when a short terminal stroke is added. The circle and terminal stroke mark the beginning and end of the sigil. If two letters appear on the same line, a loop is added to indicate the letters. A double hump is used if a name has a double letter or two of its letters are represented on the same petal. Once the sigil has been devised it may be mirrored or rotated.
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    Why didn't anyone write about Part 2? :mad::D

    I think, it is more difficult than Part 1. I spend my hours to find the name of that. o_O But, fortunately it was easy to find its antidote.

    Anyway, you can send me a PM for hints. Now, I am at Part 3.
  12. AgentZeus

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    Woo! Finally finished season 2 and... great ending. Really need season 3 now! :D
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  13. berzerk0

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    Nudges provided in this post will include hints that include information hinted at in posts before it.
    If you wish, you can look at this post and get all hints given in this thread before this post was made.

    Edited: 27 Dec 2017 - because honestly, this was NOT my best work.


    You're going to want to try to identify the sources of the symbols on the wall.

    Do you see symbols within any of the symbols?
    Does one jump out to you as being associated with any organizations?

    If you can't identify the organization here's another little hint
    For the symbol on the right, what do we have?
    Inside is a symbol I bet you recognize.

    What is it surrounded by, petals?
    These petals might have thorns on their stem.

    Combine those two terms in your search and you should find the organization

    Bigger Nudge:
    What are you being asked to find?
    The English name of what?
    To be fair, calling it "English" is a bit of a stretch.

    The Order you've identified the symbol of has been very secretive in the past, are they connected to the owner of this facility?
    Do you remember the name of facility's owner? Maybe they should be searched along with the owners of the Symbol.

    The Order is a bit syncretic and takes inspiration from older mysticism.
    Do you see another alphabet besides the Latin one used in the symbology of the Order?
    What kind of ancient mysticism uses that alphabet?
    Did they have their own versions of the things you are being asked to name?

    Even Bigger Nudge:
    The symbol on the left looks almost like a map.
    If you look closely, you can follow along two individual paths from a starting round end to a finishing flat end.

    Imagine each one of the changes in direction is a stopping point - do you see a correlation between the number of stopping points and the syntax of our answer?

    Even BiggerER Nudge:
    Imagine you wanted to pass me a secret message: AWDRGYJILP

    Draw a map between letters on your keyboard, in that order, and you'll get a zigzag pattern.

    If I knew what "letter map" image to use (in this case my QWERTY keyboard),
    you could send me JUST that zigzag pattern and I could overlay it on my keyboard and read that message.

    You need to find the letter map the Order would use.

    Final Nudge:
    This letter map might share the name of the owners of this Facility.



    Once you have identified the agent, a quick search for its antidote will come up with an answer.

    You are good at organic chemistry, right? Take the molecule drawing and turn it into a nice string of letters and numbers instead. Unfortunately, I am not good at organic chemistry, so we are going a different route.

    See, what we are looking at is a type of chemical warfare agent.

    What symptoms does our ally describe?
    Are they physical?
    Does it cause blisters? Is it a blister agent?
    Is it a lachrymatory agent like OC Spray, also known as pepper spray?

    Our team has been taken out of action - what type of chemical agent would do that?

    The chemical agent is odorless. Of course it would be, or else it would be too easy to detect.

    Bigger Nudge:
    You could say our team has been incapacitated. Normally, this would be quite difficult.

    It was very surprising for me to hear that the agent was originally designed by a Swiss pharmaceutical company to treat gastro-intestinal ailments. Ask what it is called and you won't get a single answer. This is because NATO has a name for it, the US Gov't has another, and the Soviets had a third.

    Adrian Lyne alluded to it, and gave it a name I think is very poetic.

    The chemical agent is non-irritating. If you get exposed to it, you don't even notice.

    Even Bigger Nudge:
    Lyne referred to it as "Sulam Yaakov"

    Look for information about testing of agents like this at

    Big Ol' Final Nudge:
    You noticed that I've been making certain words in this section into italics, right?
    You should be on that like white on rice.


    CORE (is this video about us?)

    You've been given a picture of the door entry pad - what does that lead to conclude about the solution?

    Don't fall for that "if you need additional assistance" line - go ahead and contact Wheeler right away.

    The NITE Team has sent you an email. It contains a mathematical formula - who wrote it?

    Bigger Nudge:
    The second image contains an individual who Wheeler explains is related to cartography
    It's been awhile since our gassed soldiers had practiced their fingerpainting, so their image isn't particularly clear.
    here's a clearer version:


    Read about this individual and their work - try to connect it to other words you have bouncing around in this mission.

    What is the first step to decoding the message in the email?
    Finding the correct cipher!
    Based on the mathematical formula, have you found a cipher - perhaps in a handy chart - that could fit our needs?

    Final Nudge:
    Our cartographer is a revolutionary since he changed the way we see the world. He changed our perspective.
    Our vision used to be centered on one point, but he placed it elsewhere.

    Have you found a chart from our lovers of a^2 + b^2 = c^2 that matches the ciphertext given by the NITE Team message?

    If you still are having trouble, I have a meta-puzzle that will help you:
    Down right diagonal: iuorkp mrmYzn gcnW1g
    cAsE MaTtErs

    EDIT: 11 July 2017 - 2 of these numbers were wrong for a few weeks - I've fixed them now.

    64 16 83 28 33 46 27 16 39
    Subtract (and wrap around as needed, not as long as the message): ALQUDS

    A =1, M = 13, Z=26

    Congratulations on finishing season 2!
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    Yipee, I have been promoted to Corporal rank !

    That was a great ending season mission. An easy start, then a trap door to avoid, and the final struggle (a matter of hours, wasn't friendly at all) to resolve the last part, then... shocking !

    I hope season 3 is under construction, I had great moments with that game. Thanks a lot to the team and to all members who provided nudges.
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    I think you're overthinking it.

    The masonic square is a bit of a red herring, it's just supposed to help point to what type of cipher is being used. Try just putting your location name through the cipher
  16. Gilgamesh0306

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  17. dawed1999

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    I have been trying to figure this one out but I can't make much sense of the letters in the method section:(
    A nudge would be appreciated.
  18. berzerk0

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    I provided some nudges above, but if you need some more just send me a pm/start a conversation.
  19. Loki Martin Farbaute

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    If anyone can help me out with 30.1 feel free to do so

    Overlaying the paths on left of the disclosed photo gives me names that doesn't match: dnoche and phvlsa, i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong, I start at the circle and follow the line to the end
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  20. zaelong

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    youre actually very close with your answer

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