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    Hey, I'm having some troubles with Door 3... I tried this
    # 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
    0 Q A * Z W E * O K U
    2 J C E R B P X V O T
    6 Y S I H L G N M / .

    the solution I got from this was MRRVZRZRVZ
    Is there something wrong with my table?
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    Nudges provided in this post will include hints that include information hinted at in posts before it.
    If you wish, you can look at this post and get all hints given in this thread before this post was made.


    The key to opening these doors is understanding what cipher is being used.

    Door #1

    Stinger has given you some clues - can you make out any key words?
    Try to find a cipher that is related to what is on the page.

    Bigger Nudge:
    Can you make out a direction in the Stinger output?
    Do you notice how the ciphertext is divided into parts?

    It's like we have 3 tracks to consider

    Biggest Nudge:
    If only you could take the train to the answer.

    The fanciest trains have multi-level cars, but careful climbing those steps.
    If it got bumpy you'd need something to grab on to so you wouldn't fall.

    Foil, rapier, epee.
    Good ______ make good neighbors.

    Door #2

    What has Stinger given you?
    Don't get codeNAME and codeWORD mixed up.

    Remember, you are looking first for a kind of cipher.

    Bigger Nudge:
    Consider adding "cipher" to your search terms.
    Let your recon feed your recon.

    Use newly discovered terms in conjunction with the ones you started with.

    Final Nudge:
    maybe these guys can help you -
    You don't NEED to get the reference to get the hint


    Door #3

    The Stinger output gives one very useful term that sets this cipher apart.
    Your first step should always be to identify the cipher.

    Bigger Nudge:
    I didn't knock down all the pins with my first throw, but the second time I threw the ball, I knocked down the remaining pins.

    I know you can solve this because you aren't a loser. Victory holds the secret!

    Make sure you understand everything the door implant is telling you. Some of the information looks like it will help, and might not. My brain actually tuned out the information I was trying so hard to find because "it couldn't be in front of me!"

    Final Nudge:
    I made this for you. I hope it helps.


    Okay, it wasn't until after I posted that link did I realize it was not actually 100% accurate...

    HOWEVER, with a little imagination, some rhyming and Googles "did you mean ___?" feature you should get it.

    After you've figured out the cipher, give the stinger output another look.
    Everything you need will be given, and will now make sense.
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    Shorter mission than I first assumed. Door 3 took me most of the time, because of two mistakes :

    * I was stuck like ten minutes, nearly desperate - feeling like I was in a terrible need of more data - before I see all my data written in the notepad, just hidden a "roll mouse" away. What I mean is :
    you're in position to have all the data and the pieces of info with a good usage of Stinger commands. With few extrapolations, you will be able to solve all the ciphers.

    * If you already know the kind of cipher used to lock door 3,
    then don't forget to do all the operations to decipher it. That was another "costing-time" moment for me.

    Deeper is better.

    Don't care about Ted, Gary or Bob position. Just be strict.

    Now, I just hope last mission will not be an atomic-difficulty burst in my face.
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    Ok for 29.1 I'm a bit confused as to what is being asked for. You seem to be being asked for a password. However.
    attemping to use a the cipher on the data for 1 appears to yeild 3 first names. does this have something to do with the password?

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