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  1. Darkling

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    in part 2 I got an answer but it's wrong?

    what is going on? i used the correct method and keywords but still nothing
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  2. raul_ct

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    Try to use another decipher tool, some just doesnt works
  3. berzerk0

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    Nudges provided in this post will include hints that include information hinted at in posts before it.
    If you wish, you can look at this post and get all hints given in this thread before this post was made.


    28-1 Covert Compromise

    .gpx files can be read with online viewers

    It appears our plan was interfered with by the notorious Mr. Donut!

    I know about the famous hacker Mr. Robot, but has he teamed up with Mr. Donut? Has our advanced technology been defeated by glazed fried dough? It's worse than I thought - look at those Matcha Froggies!

    You can tell that we lost contact with our target outside of Mr. Donut (LINK)
    It makes more sense that our truck left the airport and made a stop for a snack than that they STARTED at Mr. Donut and ended up losing signal at the airport.

    Look at the prompt, we are looking for an area obscured in satellite imagery.
    Those are pretty rare - how many can there be in Taiwan?

    Bigger (and final) Nudge:
    Seriously, how many can there be?
    That information can be found - try to find a list of them.

    Do any of the places on the list match our syntax?



    If you haven't already, contact your fellow agents at Omicron.
    They will get you pretty far along.

    What is the name of the cipher in front of you?
    Well, what does the first document of this part of the mission read?
    There's a number, followed by a symbol.
    Does that correlate to the page from Omicron?

    Bigger Nudge:
    Well, our alphabets on the page aren't arranged randomly.
    In fact, they are arranged into groups that have 2 perfectly even heights and widths.
    A Rectangle with equal sides...

    Find out the name of our cipher and look it up.
    If you understand the methodology, this mission clears up quickly.

    You can also find tools online, but not all of them are good

    If you still haven't named the cipher:
    Take a break. Maybe go down to the corner and get a cup of coffee.
    Maybe "check in" on that location-based social network - they might even make you the "Mayor!"

    Biggest Nudge: Includes solver, but you'll have to do a bit of work to get it
    I've encoded the URL more than once, but don't worry I've tried to make it topical.
    You'll need to use a numerical BASE here, and your number will be (rectangle with 4 equal sides)
    ascii-to-hex.com might help


    Now, if you're going to use that solver OR EVEN IF YOU AREN'T, now that you know the name of the cipher, you can basically get right to the answer.
    No stalling, no standing around, no waiting in line.

    It's like you're just skipping the queue as the British might say.

    (Don't do that in Britain, though. Major faux pas - you going to get seriously tut-tutted for that one)

    Personal Note:
    You might need to expand your mind (and your vocabulary) to get this solution.
    In fact, here's a spoilerish personal note from my experience:
    I found a solution that was just beautiful. It was a dictionary word, it seemed to match my understanding of frequency analysis, it looked great. Yeah, it was wrong though. The actual solution was a word I had not seen before.

    Thanks to @Mooner101 for solving this one with me - truth be told, man got there before me both times.
  4. Snarkk

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    If you want something to be discovered, try to hide it
    as much as you can.

    * U.S. Army saved my brain.

    * Resolving the case gave me a huge wave of pleasure, like a Nile flood.

    Hopefully I did'nt stay stuck on 28.2 cipher. Quick mission, but nice for extended searches.
  5. Docto

    Docto New Agent

    Just managed 28.1 by looking for place that looks sensible... however:

    the area isn't obscured in the satellite images at all for google maps ? has it been updated?
  6. meerkat

    meerkat Active Agent

    yes 28.1 is outdated.

    I solved this via waybackmachine since the censorship no longer exist, making the letter state false things.
  7. mgelles

    mgelles Senior Agent

    I get an a potential answer to 28.1 following bezerk0 hints above but it doesn't fit syntax. I can't really get help at this pint without posting my answer but if someone willing to confirm or deny via pm let me know
  8. mgelles

    mgelles Senior Agent

    ok. thought of something to ask via spoiler that is not the answer that will let me know if i'm on the right track
    Is it a major military installation?
  9. Nioreh

    Nioreh Active Agent

    I think I have the code word but :
    The word I get is AHLABA but don't fit. Maybe an anagramm of this, or am I on the completely wrong track?
  10. Dgray

    Dgray Active Agent

    It's not an annagram. of that
    method hint
    Have you looked into a four square cipher?
    answer validation
    first letter is 'e'. That should help you determine if you're on the right path
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  11. Nioreh

    Nioreh Active Agent

    Got it thanks!
    The thing was:
    I used a different cipher solver, than berzerk0 mentioned in the spoilers. His recommendation don't work for me because there was only ONE square (and I don't know how to use this this way). If you have problems like I had try to find a FOUR square solver.
  12. Termi

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    I tried every possible building i could think of. Can someone tell me the solution so i can finnaly move on? Or a hint? Please
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  13. zaelong

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  14. Termi

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    Thank you so much, that did the Trick.

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