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  1. tumshie

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    Thanks Zaelong but I had got that from the message in the
    Thanks Zaelong. I think I understand the clue from the Nite Team 4 document you can view in your browser and have extracted something from the audio clip but the audio clip clue is proving too obscure for me and I am now not even sure I have the right continent let alone the right place! I have completed Ahnayro and BW Season 1 without too much difficulty but this one has got me stumped. I am now running a brute force password attack on the pdf but I don't have the Cray supercomputer to the job so I suspect that is a waste of time. Great game though.
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    Got it!!!! Blimey that was a tough one. Phew.
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    I started very late with this game and did manage Season 1 and 2 - up till this Mission: 26. Here I am totally stuck with 26.3. I cannot listen to any audio file since the special file needed cannot be found in the Internet anymore. Must have been deleted. So I am 100% missing this clue. Is the clue you get from the audio file very important? Or can I manage without? I am totally in the dark regarding part 3. It drives my mad. Is there still anyone here who can help me? Even after 2 years???
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    im not sure what program you're looking for, but here's a link to audactiy, which defenitly is able to do what you need it to do:
    if youre not sure what to do with it, i recommend you to try and look at mission 4, part 1 again
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    thanks for the audacity link. I do not need this though. What I cannot find anymore in the Internet is the actual file on https://clyp.it
    The file cannot be found anymore. This means that I do not have a file which I can work on using audacity
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    Last night I 've done it at last. I solved this mission. For me it was the hardest so far.
    For new agents who also started late with this game I would like to put some things here:

    The hints given in this thread really give you everything you need in order to solve the mission. I have to admit, without them I would not have done it, absolutely not.

    Here are my comments:


    The images gave me a hard time. I used GIMP but (since I am not an expert with that program) whatever I tried, I did not get the necessary result.
    In the end what I did is just take the "black" picture and adjust this with the drop-down-menue "colours". This alone made the picture sharp enough in order to actually read what
    you need. You just have to try out and find a way to make the image clearer.

    You are looking for an abreviation


    mgelles' hint above did the trick (with courtesy of berzerk0)

    After this, when you understand what a dark pool is, the rest is real easy.


    The hardest bit. For the password of the encryted file many hints are given in this thread. The parameters need to be put into the search engine at the right places.
    And do not forget that (as mentioned before):
    it is a city in Massachusetts
    .... so we are not looking for a place in China....
    also do not forget the "cases"

    Last hints for opening pdf:
    the sound file helps a lot! Remember that "Elton John sounds" ghostly
    the sound file gives you three letters - main paramenter for the search engine

    Due to the superb hints from berzerk0 I figured out the rest perfectly easy:

    "intelligent""command""path" - is all you need

    we are neither looking for "path-ing" nor "paths" - the correct one is "pather"

    I hope that my hints might help future agents. Have fun :)

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