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    Don't look if you don't want giant hints towards the answers. Before I totally forget myself, and what not.
    Hey you aren't supposed to look. ;)
    In any case, NatureGold held two different clue sets. The comment was meant to lead to what people found. The Location, Elevation, and name were very broad hints at the inner puzzle. Unfortunately I'd probably have been better off with an older date, as the location has been subsumed into a large town and only a few references to its original name seem findable. Elevation was the birth year of the subject, name of the file & Location were words from his poems. 'Nature's first green is gold...' and the location was meant to point at Ring's Island.
    Decoy Password is writers name.
    Date of her death formatted same as the copyright.
    Depending on the version of the NatureGold file the image you get from the previous step won't have extra info if old and will if new. This is the passcode I forgot to be able to retrieve data from the old (
    Could be the date of author's death or place or related to the first layer
    . but for the new it is
    Place of his death.
    Should have gotten a text file, obviously looks like a ciper. Well it is double encrypted, depend on version of NatureGold there may or may not be a period in it.
    There are two encryption schemes in play in this cipher. Pretty sure it would be near impossible to solve the inside without first solving the outside, but it is just a simple letter substitution for the wrapper ciper.
    Encryption after finding the plain text is a fractionated morse code cipher.
    Outer is the first something and the inner is their last.
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