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  1. ayylmoa

    ayylmoa New Agent

    I'm having a lot of trouble with this mission.
    I've found out who the rapper is and the name of the sister previously mentioned here, but I just can't seem to find her real name - can anyone help?
    I've tried Penny, Pennie and even Penlyn, but none of these work, what else should I try? Do I even have the right person?
    I've found out who the bboy is, but I can't find his real name. Any help?
    It's Spy from the Crazy Commandos, right?
    I've found out what home (shelter) they are talking about, but how do I format it?
    I don't know anything about this one. Help?
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  2. Ananke

    Ananke New Agent

    I found it by searching for his autobiography on google books, and then searching the book for the name Penny. On one of the pages it gives her actual name
    You're on the right track! Again, google books is extremely useful for finding your guy's government name - there may be other's methods but searching for the performer's name in the relevant books is the only way I found it
    The system is a little finicky here. It would only accept the answer copied and pasted from wikipedia
    Searching for the exact image on google images is a waste of time as it doesn't recognise it but the wikipedia page for 'Graffiti in New York City' will set you on the right track, if you pay attention to the bronx

    Good luck agent ;)
  3. ayylmoa

    ayylmoa New Agent

    Thank you so much, I wasn't expecting for a response :)
    EDIT: I can't access google books from my country so I can't find the sister's name...
    EDIT #2: I've tried to copy and paste the answer from Wikipedia but it still doesn't accept it. What article are you talking about?
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  4. Ananke

    Ananke New Agent

    Maybe there's a way to find the sister's name without google books (or purchasing the damn book itself) but I couldn't find it any other way, so check your inbox
  5. HapexIndustries

    HapexIndustries New Agent

    I am absolutely stuck on the third part of Mission 1, UPROCK. I am pretty certain, based on previous clues here, that I know the bboy's street name but I'll be damned if I can find his government name. I've spent about 90 minutes going through every website discussing the history of bboying and all the Google books I could find his street name in, no luck. Can anyone point me in another direction or just tell me the damn name so I can move on with my life?
  6. Zeitgeist

    Zeitgeist Active Agent

    Can you fix the issue related to the apostrophe for the home group? I wasted several hours for a ' instead of ' :/

    Otherwise, the mission was cool and the theme original.

    It reminded me The Get Down on Netflix.

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