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  1. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    Did somebody hack the answer verifier between the time Konmael and I worked this? I solved approx 0530 UTC this morning and "Small Rabbits" worked. It makes sense to me the short form of the name (but not initials) would be the answer as that is the common usage of the name.

    I thought some more about my problem described in previous post. Perhaps my confusion stems from my trying to learn German language which has different capitalization rules - making me used to seeing capital letters where English wouldn't use them. With strict English language rules I may not have misunderstood the meaning.

    I'm with Rohva on that. Actually, time doesn't matter much to me, either. One of the things I really like about investigation missions is all the non-relevant tangents I take just because I'm exposed to interesting information I never knew existed. I track my progress in a diary where I log all my thoughts while working a mission, where I mark my problems, and where I rate for difficulty .
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  2. Konmael

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    I never liked the "stats" even when it is not accessible to other players. Most of the time , a "stat" out of context is not significant .

    Some simple example :
    - In a team game , you have to "kill members of the opposing team". A player who has killed three opponents and has died once is not necessarily a good player : he may simply kill opponents without help its allies. Conversely, a player who helped his allies and helped to win may very well be dead without killing .
    A player will think wrongly that it is "good" and will be proud of its poor performance , and the other player will think wrongly that it is "bad " and feel guilty .

    - In a team game , you have to " capture the flag " . Having 88% of games won does not necessarily mean that the player plays correctly. It may have the chance to play in a team with his friends with Teamspeak , against opponents grouped randomly and without a strategy...

    The "stats " in Black Watchmen would be no more significant.
    And they may have a negative effect

    The percentage of correct answers ? The number of unsuccessful attempts before finding the right answer?
    This may have the effect one single thing : the players wishing to preserve their "stat" expect that other players seek clues for them. In the worst case, they expect that the complete solution is known ...
    Thus losing the whole point of the game.

    Time spent "in game" to seek an answer to a riddle? Again, this is not a good idea.
    An example of idiotic behavior that may exist :
    - The player starts the mission, saves the attachments and closes the game immediately , returning only once it has found the solution.

    To avoid seem ridiculous with endless playtime , players will avoid up to group with others or to stay connected " unnecessarily " ...

    In desperate cases , a player connects a few minutes to give answers puzzles already known then it will disconnect to preserve all his stats .

    I think the only "stat" should appear somewhere , either personally, or accessible to other players : it is the number of tasks performed by the player.

    After all ...
    A player may have taken two hours or ten hours to complete a mission. He may have tried two answers, or twenty ... What 's the difference? Nothing .
    The important thing is that the mission is accomplished.
    A player who has completed twelve assignments will necessarily be much more experienced than the new player who is in his third mission.
    But defining the efficiency of a player with "stats" ? What is the point ? (I wonder seriously because I never understood)

    "it may be worth while to poll the entire community to see what people think. It might generate some surprising ideas about how people like to measure their improvement."
    Merely resolving an investigation is already evidence of improvement, as the difficulty increases progressively. But ask the opinion of the community is a good idea.
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  3. Sonne

    Sonne Division-79

    I think Time Spent is not valuable as a performance measurement but it has value for marketing. As we do our agent thing and we get immersed in a problem the hours can slip away. Games in other genre are procedural with small incremental advancement that relates to time played (eg kill 80 pirates). Here, even though a flash of inspiration is hard won, it happens in an instant and is remembered that way. TBW marketing talks about hours of game play per season as a way to show value relative to other genre - thus I think Time Played is valuable in the interface. I think it maybe doesn't need to be so prominent but it should be there.
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  4. Rohva

    Rohva Gold Member

    Yes, "Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn" and "Golden Dawn" now both work for me too, but "The Golden Dawn" and "Order of the Golden Dawn" do not. These later two are both variations that appear in the GD wiki page. I want to be clear that I am perfectly fine with accepting only the full proper name as a valid answer (since I am an evil bastard that likes things to be difficult ;) ). However, if you think it best to give people a break I recommend allowing for all legitimate variations. I never thought I would ever invoke Wikipeadia as a source of legitimacy, but I guess there is a first for everything.
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  5. Tyryt

    Tyryt Senior Agent

    I'm with Rohva on this. Without the x's it makes it more difficult in cases like this, where there is more than one variation of the same answer that "should" be acceptable, as they really are all the same thing (well, maybe not the initials). Don't get me wrong, I approve of not having the x's (or at least in more advanced/complicated puzzles, in one's with it, I simply consider the x's as another clue) but if that's the case than the answers need to be slightly more freeform and accepting as well, IMO.

    As far as the stats, I suppose I should weigh in since I mentioned them first. I was half-joking, but I think success vs failure would be better than pure % for answers input. Granted, this is also implying that there will be failure conditions on missions, be they time limits, or a # of incorrect answers (time to get a dead-drop exceeded, or getting locked out of a database, for example), as opposed to simply unlimited tries. If there are unlimited tries, then yes, accuracy has a meaning for people who solve them themselves, but as brought up, lose any relevance if the answer is just looked up. Of course, this leads back to the question of if there will be "standard" missions, or if they are going to be generally random, with big ones being community ones. Being an ARG, and the community in which a lot of the people are, very little of most of the big ones at least, are solved by only one person, but, maybe we want to foster a more... I don't know, just more secrecy around solutions than just a thread for the puzzle and a spoiler tag.
  6. Kle

    Kle Senior Agent

    So I'm just getting to play with this mission and I have ended up at this pastebin...

    After running it through AsCII to Hex I'm almost certain it's unrelated but I got there by typing the (web address which probably isn't a web address) on picture 3 into google and getting a list of 4 results. A couple of pastebins later and this being the only one that was coded it seemed like a lead. But now I'm not so sure.

    If it is correct then I'm obviously not looking hard enough and you guys are doing your job well, otherwise it's something you may want to be aware of as new agents may be tempted to just type things into google (lord knows I do) and look for the most cryptic response, which could lead to them getting very frustrated early on.
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  7. Eternimus

    Eternimus Gold Member

    I will give you a few clues and then give you the answer so I point you in the right direction.

    The URL is encrypted. Don't use it as is.

    Think they would make it easy? The URL is encoded with two types, one for the first line and one for the second.

    ] If you run the URL (jjj.cnfgrova.pbz) through ROT13 you get and if you run the other bit through Hexadecimal you get JgW2r9Ae. So the URL ends up being which takes you to the correct page.

    But realistically, the mission was rather easy compared to some of the others, so if people get tripped up on the URL on one this low level then the harder ones are going to stop them in their tracks.
  8. Kle

    Kle Senior Agent

    In all fairness I did only get a brief chance to look at it before having to rush off to work. But you do make a good point.

    Of course it doesn't help that I was over-thinking things too much too :eek:

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